PRINCESS OF THE LIGHT: Book Trailer, Cover and Blurb


Book Cover

Book Cover

Miriam Miller likes the simple things in life: a good book, close friends, and a healthy relationship with God. But, destiny comes calling, and her neat, little life turns upside down.

Ethanial, an angel of God, has been sent to reveal Miriam’s true calling -– she is the Princess of the Light, the woman chosen by God Himself to vanquish the demons intent on infusing the world with evil. And her first assignment: restore the soul of a homeless man known only as the Walking Man.

Enter Joe Deacons, a man intent on stealing her heart. But as Miriam embarks on her journey to save the Walking Man and fulfill her calling, it becomes clear that Joe isn’t what he appears to be. Miriam must decide: Is she willing to risk her soul to save those she loves?

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UPDATE: The Official Blog Tour has been announced!!! It runs from August 12th through September 9th!!! I’m so excited! If you would like to be a part of the blog tour, please sign up HERE!!! :-D

Blog Hiatus: I’m on Vacation

Summer Vacation

Hey everyone!  After three years of hard work, I am finally going on summer vacation!!

I will be away from Sunday, July 27th through Monday, August 4th.

All comments will be moderated when I return.

Have a great week or so!

Spread the Light!!!


Discard Perfection for Excellence and Fly


We live in a society that thrives on perfection.  We have to have the perfect clothes, careers, houses, cars, spouses, children, friends, etc. The pursuit of perfection stifles the Light and we wind up exhausted.

Instead, let us pursue excellence.  Let us try new things, help others and strive to be the best we can be.  This is healthy and internal.  It is not about competing with the Jones so to speak.  It is about unleashing our dreams and achieving what we thought was impossible.

If you had come up to me three years ago and told me that in thirty-two days my debut novel would be published, I would’ve laughed at you and called you crazy.  Yet here I am, achieving a life-long dream. :)

Anything is possible and the world is just waiting for you to pursue your dreams!!!

Here’s a fun Friday exercise:

Take a pen and paper numbering from one to five.  Ask yourself, “If I didn’t have to be perfect I’d do…” and write down your answers.  When you are finished, look at what you wrote down.  This is the first step to achieving your dreams.  I think you’ll be surprised at what you wrote down.

The pursuit of excellence is gratifying and the pursuit of perfection is a waste of time.

Discard perfection for excellence and spread your wings!!!

MRS N, Creative Dreamer

#Writer’s Anxiety: A New Perspective

Writers Anxiety

I love this cartoon!!! Each writer has their own anxiety and it is not necessarily greener on the other side of the fence.

How do you deal with anxiety?

Comment below as you know how much I love to hear from you!

MRS N, the Writer

Today, Celebrate Love in All Forms

Love Train

Today is a very special day!!! Ten years ago, I stood before family, friends and God uttering the words, “I do” to my wonderful MR N.  I promised to love, honor and obey today, tomorrow and in Heaven with a transfer. :-)

Today, I am celebrating not only soul mate love but all forms of love.  Love is amazing and has the ability to heal hearts, bring hope and restore faith.  Love is patient, kind and doesn’t keep tabs on what was done wrong.  This includes self-love. :)

I love this picture because it speaks to how much I love MR N (and he loves me in return)!!! Plus, it has a train in it and we both adore trains! :D

When was the last time you told the people you love just how much they mean to you?

This morning, yesterday, last week, last month?  Can’t remember?

Don’t wait!!! Go now and tell them how much they mean to you!  You never know what will happen in the next minute and spreading love is another way to spread the Light!

<3 MRS N, Blissfully Happy Wife to MR N <3

Miriam’s Blog: Pierce the Darkness with Light


Hello world, I know I haven’t posted in a long time. Truthfully, I have been very busy spreading the Light to every continent on this wondrous planet called Earth.  There is so much darkness that I have had to enlist some human angels to help me!!

Planes shot out of the sky, wars, genocide, murder, drowning, car accidents… so much darkness and I hear the pleas for help.  Spreading the Light is a full-time job and I still need your help.

Many of you have seen the first few pages of my story and I thank you for your kind words.  The same indecision I felt that day lies within each of you.

Can I make a difference?  What if I fail?  Will God punish me?

You are filled with the same Light as me!  You have the ability to help me! All you have to do is decide to spread your Light in your corner of the world!!

Will you help me?  Will you flood your corner of the world with Light?

Together we can make this world a better place for all!

I must go now. More people need me. I thank you for listening and for spreading the Light!

Peace and Love,

Miriam, the Princess of the Light

#Writers: Say Good-Bye to Your Inner Critic

Inner Critic


Welcome to this week’s installment of Writing Wednesday Workshop.  Today we are going to talk about inner critics.  As writers, we are very familiar with our own inner critic.  It’s that constant voice in your head that berates you and your work.  It shakes its finger at you and rolls its eyes.  Some writers give their critic a name and others just call it annoying.

For me, my inner critic looks a little like this:



Scary, right? He’s been with me for a long time.  He breaths fire and uses his claws to rip apart my writing.  I try to drown him out but he is still there, hiding in the shadows.

I saw above quote and I really could relate to it.  So listen up, demon critic!  I’m tired of you and I think we should break-up!  I am a writer and my writing is filled with the Light!  See you later and never come back!

I suggest that we all do something similar.  We don’t need that inner critic.  We are filled with creative ideas and thoughts.  We are gifted and are storytellers.  Stomp out that negativity and embrace the writer within!

Need some help breaking up with your inner critic?  Here are some tips for being strong and saying good-bye to your inner critic:

- Write a Dear John letter to your inner critic and list ten reasons why you don’t need it.

- Write down some of the things that your inner critic says to you about your writing.  Then go outside and set it on fire.  You will be cleansed.

- Make a list of ten positive affirmations about your writing.  Read it aloud and the next time your inner critic whispers in your ear, recite the affirmations.

- Look at yourself in the mirror and say at least five things that are positive about yourself and your writing.

- Go for a walk and while walking, break up with your inner demon.  Tell it all the reasons why you are through.  Then take a few deep breaths.

Your inner critic will tell you that you need it, want, crave it.  Those are lies.  You don’t need it and it only brings you down.  Release yourself from the chains of negativity and let your true Light shine!!!!

Have you broken up with your inner critic?  Any tips on how to be creative without your inner critic?  Please share!  I’d love to hear from you!

Be strong and free, writers!  You can do it!!!

Until next time,

MRS N, the Writer