Book Spotlight: Stormee Waters by @LyndaCoker #Romance #TexasRomance #Diamonds


Title: Stormee Waters

Author: Lynda J. Coker

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Genre: Contemporary Sweet Romance

Book Blurb:

Dirk Savage never fails to acquire what he wants until he encounters Stormee Waters and a backwash of trouble…

Stormee Waters knows about hard times. Needing to care for her aging grandmother and teenage brother, she moves to Houston, Texas and takes a writing job for a popular magazine. Her first assignment is to interview a successful business man for a series of articles entitled, Make My Man Texas-Sized. Her target, Dirk Savage, appears to have the right criteria. He’s adventurous with the air of a conqueror. Admired by his peers and coveted by beauty queens and debutantes, he’s just the type of man that Stormee needs to make her first article sizzle and sell. But can she handle the heat when she catches his attention?

Dirk Savage is used to acquiring what he wants, except in the illusive quest for the one woman who can fill his heart. The shock of discovering her in the naive young woman assigned to interview him sets his jaded emotions on high alert. Can he convince her that his pursuit is genuine?


He studied her in silence before making a blunt reply. “I’ll pick you up at 7:30 this evening.”

Had he extended an invitation or a command?  “Well—ah.” She shrugged to hide her confusion.

“Surely, you eat dinner?” he quizzed through lips curved with humor.

“I suppose it’s okay.” She fiddled with the edge of her collar and contemplated the hint of challenge

underlying his playful smile.

“Dress casually but bring a wrap. We’ll be dining by the river.” He dismissed her with a short command to

leave her phone number and address with the receptionist.

Why do I feel as though I’ve been ordered to show up for duty call? Did alpha males assume that women

in general deferred to their decisions, or was she just a simple-minded exception?

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Author Biography:

Lynda is an author of contemporary romance that lingers in a reader’s mind long after they’ve closed the book. She lives in Northeast Texas with her husband of fifty years. They enjoy traveling, trying new foods, spending time with family and friends, and doing community service work together. When she feels the need to take a break from writing, she enjoys creating fabric art.  She offers an open invitation to view both her writing and fabric art on her blog.

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My Once and Future Love Revisited Series by @carlakrae #NA #RockFiction #Romance

new Kissed cover

Book Title – Kissed (My Once and Future Love Revisited #1)

Author Name – Carla Krae

Genre – New adult contemporary romance

Book Blurb:

One kiss ignites chemistry and passion they can’t ignore, but is this only a summer fling?

Neighbors. Best friends. It was only a crush Beth harbored for Jacob until she was eighteen. Until London.

Neighbors. Best friends. That was all Jacob thought of her until London. Until she kissed him and stole his heart.

It’s funny what Geometry class and a shared backyard wall can bring about. With a two-year age difference, Beth and Jacob were firmly in the Friend Zone during high school, but a pre-college trip to London will change their lives forever.

KISSED is the first of five books in the MY ONCE AND FUTURE LOVE REVISITED series exploring Beth and Jacob’s relationship with all its joys, flaws, and heartache.

New Adult Contemporary Romance saga. This story is intended for readers over the age of 18 due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations.


At twenty now, Jacob’s body had matured since Beth last saw him two years ago.  His shoulders were broader and he was no longer adolescently skinny.  The bleach had grown out to only being on the tips of his hair.

“Ah, there you are,” his mother said.

He turned around.  “Bethie!”  The biggest smile she’d ever seen spread across his face.  With two strides, he wrapped his arms around her and twirled her around.  “What are you doing here, love?”

“Surprising you.”

He set her down and backed up to arms-length to look at her.  “Bloody hell, you changed in two years.”

Her cheeks turned crimson.  “A little bit.”

“Little! You barely fit under my chin now. How was graduation?”

“Salutatorian. Got beaten out for first in class by a tenth of a grade point.”

“Aww,” he teased.  “Want me to beat ‘im up?”

“It was a her, and no, but thanks for the offer. Should I ask about your grades?”

He coughed.  “Maybe later.”  Same ol’ Jacob.

God, he looked good.  His face had matured a bit, too, bringing out his cheekbones.  His skin was paler than in California, but no less attractive.  Today was Saturday, and he wore a tee and low-slung jeans with a studded belt through the loops.  Only man she knew who refused to wear shorts unless at the beach.

“Come eat, kids.”

He took her hand and led her into the dining room.  What Vivian called “brunch” was no simple spread.  The polished table probably sat twelve and was set with china and sterling silver flatware.

“Is this what they mean by an English breakfast?”  Several serving dishes were spread before us.

“That you can stuff yourself silly on a good fry-up? Pretty much,” he said.

“A little variety never hurt anyone,” his mother said.  She sat at the head of the table, her plate already filled.

He handed Beth a plate and asked, “How long do I get to keep you?”

Forever, her heart answered, but her rational side said, “Uh, I’m not sure? I have to be at UCLA in September, but your mom made the travel arrangements.”

“Well, any mother that brings me a Bethie present earns my everlasting devotion.”

She shook her head, but said, “You’re welcome, dear, though this is just as much for Elizabeth, if not more so. Traveling abroad diversifies a young woman’s education.”

He sat down with his pile of food.  “On that note, you have to come see us play tonight.”

Beth smiled.  “I’d love to. I brought the t-shirt.”  She sat to his right since he’d chosen the corner seat next to his mother.

Her internal clock thought it was three in the morning.  Mrs. Lindsey, on the other hand, was still bushy-tailed.  Beth didn’t know how she did it.  With eggs, fruit, pastries, and sausage in my belly, she felt like another nap.  A yawn escaped her mouth while they caught up.  Embarrassed, her hand flew up to her lips to hide it.

He poked her side.  “I heard that.”

“I’m sorry. My body thinks it’s the middle of the night.”

“Aww, past Bethie’s bed time?” he teased.

“Shut up. You’ve had jet lag before.”

“Not my fault you didn’t plan your flight around your natural schedule.”

“In the same room thirty minutes and you’re picking on me.”  She propped her chin on her hand.  “Hmm, why did I miss you again?”

He leaned closer, blue eyes sparkling.  “’Cause I’m irresistible. A magnet for females young and old.”

“Watch it,” his mother and Beth said in unison.

He laughed, and stretched in his chair.  “So easy.”

Beth hit him with her napkin and stood to take her empty plate into the kitchen.

“Elizabeth. Someone will take care of that for you,” Vivian said.

“Pffft, nonsense. No offense, but I carry my own weight.”

She brought the dirty dishes into the kitchen and set them by the sink, then looked for the dishwasher.  All she saw were drawers.  Well, fine, guess she’d do it by hand.  Yeah, she had a bit of guilt over the cost of bringing her here.  Even though it was obvious now Mrs. Lindsey could afford it and then some, she still didn’t feel right letting her staff wait on her hand and foot.  She didn’t incur debts.

“Love, what are you doing?” Jacob asked behind her, amused.

“Washing my dishes, duh.”

“Looks like you’re puttin’ someone out of work.”


He took the glass from her hand.  “They’re paid to do a job, Bethie. They’re not slaves.”

“I know that.”

“Then remember you’re on vacation and relax.”

Hard to do when he smelled so good.  “You haven’t called in a long time.”

“Keep me busy, school and the band. Lose track of the days.”

She glanced down at his wrist.  “It’d help if you wore a watch.”

He nodded once, conceding her point.  “Probably. Wanna see my world, or do you need that nap?”

“I can make do with caffeine.”  After two years away, he wasn’t getting out of her sight.

He grinned.  “Brilliant. See you out front.”  He walked out.

She found a Coke in the refrigerator, took it up to her room, and freshened up, slammed the soft drink, belched (oops), and grabbed her purse/camera bag.  Mrs. Lindsey wished her a good time on the way out.

Beth stopped short when she saw his mode of transportation.  “Nuh-uh.”

“It’s perfectly safe,” he said from the bike.

“It’s a motorcycle. And I remember how you drive.”

He held up a second helmet.  “Don’t you trust me, Bethie?”

Oh, not the pout…damn him.  She took the helmet and stuck it on her head.  “If you kill me, I’m haunting you forever.”

He rolled his eyes.  “Hold on tight and you’ll be fine.”

Hold on tight, eh?  To what?  He climbed on the bike and looked back at her expectantly.  She straddled the bike behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Put your feet on those little pegs,” he said.  She did.  He pulled her arms further around his middle.  “Tighter. You’ll fly backward when I accelerate with a grip that loose.”


He started the motorcycle.  She had a death grip.  Oh-god-oh-god

When he made it roll forward, she hid her face between his shoulder blades.  Air started moving very fast past her body.

Sorry, Mom and Dad

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new Betrayed cover

Book Title – Betrayed (My Once and Future Love Revisited #2)

Book Blurb:

When Beth’s life falls apart, the only way she can bear the pain is by constructing walls of anger and bitterness to shield her broken heart. Five years later, Jacob is the world’s newest, hottest rock star and running into him in a twenty-four-hour market is the last thing she wanted or expected. The biggest surprise? He has an offer she can’t refuse.

Betrayed is the second book in the My Once and Future Love Revisited series exploring Beth and Jacob’s relationship with all its joys, flaws, and heartache.

New Adult Contemporary Romance saga. This story is intended for readers over the age of 18 due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations.


Chapter One


Bright light hit Jacob’s face.  He squeezed his eyes shut tighter and rolled over to hide from the sun.  Long hair tickled his nose.  What the…?

Beth.  As the haze of sleep cleared from his mind, he remembered the night before, and falling asleep sated and holding her.  She’d rolled onto her side away from him, the sheet tucked under her chin.  He reached up and pulled the drapes closed above his bed, shutting out the offending light, and cuddled up to her back.

“Mmm…what time is it?” she mumbled.

“Don’t know. Sun’s up.”

She squirmed her hips forward an inch.  “Quit poking me.”

“Morning wood. Can’t help it.”


He grinned and snuggled closer again.  Holding her was really comfortable.  He could get used to this.  “Will you be missed?”

“Nah. It’s Saturday.”  She rolled partially onto her back.  “We do our own thing in the morning.”

He kissed her nose.  “Good. Rather sleep in.”

She smiled.  “We were up late.”

“Mmm.”  He put his head down on his pillow.  “Starting to like this weekend trend, Miss Lawson.”

She rolled to face him.  “Me, too.”

If she let him, he’d keep her in bed until their stomachs made too much noise to ignore.  They’d christened his bed in a hell of a fashion, only stopping when she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer.  He pulled the sheet over their bodies, wrapped his arms around her with her head on his shoulder, and that was the last thing he remembered.  Fell right to sleep for the first time in days.

Her eyes were closed again.

“You asleep, love?”

“No,” she said, and yawned.  “Sorry. Probably have morning breath.”


She opened her eyes.  “How long are you here?”

“Long as it takes to box everything up.”

“Are you going to miss the house?”

A fair question.  He’d lived here more years than he hadn’t.  “Some. I’ll miss climbin’ over your wall more.”

She smiled.  “A lot of memories in two years. I’ll miss your mom being next door, too. You’ll both be so far away.”

He kissed her pout.  “I’ll miss comin’ back to the ol’ place, no question. When I left for uni, I thought I missed England…and I did, but L.A. might tip the scale of home a bit more.”  He laced their fingers together.  “And now there’s you.”


He kissed her before she started crying, before he laid his heart out too soon, and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer.  She moaned into his mouth, her hand clutching his shoulder.  He loved her soft skin, especially when there was so much of it available to his fingers, and stroked her back, over her ass, and down her thigh.  She curled her leg over his hip.

She broke away from the kiss.  “Do you have any more…?”  Her brows rose, and he caught her meaning.

“Don’t know.”  He grinned.  “Last night was intense.”

She smiled back, but her cheeks turned pink.  “Uh-huh.”

“You okay?”

“Yeah. Sleepy. And hungry.”

He brushed her hair behind her ear.  “Could see what’s around for breakfast.”

Her nose wrinkled up.  “You can move.”

“I spend eleven hours on a plane and you want to be waited on?” he teased.

“Yup.”  She popped the “p” at the end.

Now he was thinking about food, his stomach started gurgling.  “Fine…but don’t think this’ll be a habit, missy.”  He got out of bed and grabbed his jeans.

She watched him pull them on, her hand propping her head up on the pillow.  Though he knew he was a good-looking bloke, it thrilled him to see her admire him so blatantly.  Put a bit more cock into his walk.  He left the jeans unbuttoned.

The refrigerator was mostly bare, his mother making sure she didn’t come back to a rotting kitchen.  Too bad there was no milk for cereal…

Beth never thought she’d be naked in this bed listening to Jacob hum in the kitchen.  Even through all the years of wanting him to kiss her, she never thought further than I’d trust him to be my first.  Now, she was thoroughly twitterpated, and had sex over two nights with her best friend, the change in their relationship just hours shy of two weeks old.


But awesome.  This week would’ve been a lot harder without him answering her calls.

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new Forgiven cover

Book Title – Forgiven (My Once and Future Love Revisited #3)

Book Blurb:

Five years after their attempt at dating crashed and burned, a struggling Beth went to work for rock-star Jacob as his personal assistant. At first, they’re almost friends, but as Jacob becomes the stereotypical hard-partying musician, a wedge builds between them that could be permanent.

When a car accident sidelines Beth with weeks of recovery, she takes it as a sign to change her life and resigns, but Jacob has other plans. He’s still in love with her and won’t give up until she gives him a second chance.

Can Beth and Jacob forgive all the pain they caused each other in the past?

FORGIVEN is the third book in the My Once and Future Love Revisited series exploring Beth and Jacob’s relationship with all its joys, flaws, and heartache.

New Adult Contemporary Romance saga. This story is intended for readers over the age of 18 due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations.


Beth came back out to run face-first into Jacob’s chest.  “Sorry.”  Oh, God…he still smells like Obsession.

He shrugged.  “How’d you sleep?”

“It’s a strange bed, but I’m okay. You?”

“I can sleep on a rock, remember?”

Vividly.  “A lot can change in five years.”

“Not everything.”  There was a strange light in his eyes that made her shiver.

“I guess.”  Her lust for things Jacob-shaped certainly hadn’t gone away.  “Well, I left my plate, so…”

“Of course.”  He pressed his body flat against the wall to let her by.

Lesson the second: the guys didn’t care if they ate breakfast in their underwear in front of her.  Jacob wore sweatpants and Dylan had a t-shirt on, but the other three were only in boxers.  Guess she should be grateful no one slept in the nude.

They had showers at the venues, so at least they wouldn’t have to deal with that awkwardness.  She didn’t care where she had to go—she wasn’t going to bathe in earshot of six men.


“Huh?”  Caught with my mind wandering again.

“How much longer are we stuck on this thing?” Jacob asked.

“’Til noon, maybe.”  They groaned.  “Watch TV or something. This thing came with entertainment.”

They split between watching a DVD and playing Playstation 3, Jacob taking his guitar to the back.

She followed and checked her laptop for e-mails.  “Working on something new?” she asked.

“Kinda. There’s pressure, you know, after a debut. Everybody asks when the next album will come as soon as the first is on the shelves.”


“Eh, goes with the territory. But they won’t push unless we take a year to start recording demos again.”

She looked up from her screen.  “You like all this?”

He nodded right away.  “Hell yeah. Livin’ the dream.”

“I just wondered if it’s what you hoped for.”

“I know. I think it helped that it didn’t come instantly. I wasn’t ready for the commitment at eighteen.”

Or twenty.  But she wasn’t going to touch that subject.

Once they got inside the venue, it was go-go-go.  Sacramento was the first gig.  The band did some press while the tech guys set up, then sound checks started.  They dialed it in some, did a half-hour rehearsal, tweaked it some more, and broke for lunch.  She got their stage clothes in the dressing rooms and made sure Jacob’s rider was adhered to.  The show would start at seven o’clock, no warm-up act.

If she’d forgotten how kinetic Jacob was before, she’d never forget again.  Her feet hurt by six from staying at his side.  She finally got to sit while he showered, then watched him get ready.  He wore leather pants and a sleeveless vintage tee.  Concentrating on his image in the mirror, he applied black eyeliner, then spiked his hair straight up.

“Crunchy,” she teased.

“Hey, they like it.”

“Whatever sells tickets.”

Once he was finally satisfied, he stood and turned to face her.  “Well?”

Gorgeous as ever.  Not trusting her voice, she gave a thumb’s up.

He kissed her cheek on the way out.  “Thanks, love.”

She felt his breath on her skin more than his lips, but it still left her stunned.  Shaking her head clear, she ran after him to watch from the wings.

The band played their intro to his hit single.  He waited, bouncing on his toes, until a second before the lyrics started, then ran out, grabbed the microphone, and instantly had the crowd in his hand.

My god

He’d always been a good performer, but now…the confidence, the control, the charisma.  They ate him up.  Women screamed and tried to grab his feet when he neared the stage’s edge.

It was the first time Beth heard the whole album.

You know how women think it’d be sweet or romantic to have a song written about them?  Not so much in real life.  Not when she was the villain of half the set.  Her body debated between throwing up and fleeing in tears.  If any of his fans found out she was the girl in those break-up songs, she couldn’t show her face in public again.

He sang for over an hour and they demanded an encore.  He ran off the stage and grabbed her in a sweaty hug.  “Do you hear that?”

“It’s deafening. Go! Give them what they want.”  What was with all the touching?

They screamed when he came back.  She watched him say something to Bob, then he approached the audience.  “Okay, okay. Two more songs.”  They groaned en masse.  “I’m outta songs, guys! Seriously, you’ve been beautiful. Goodnight, Sacramento. Thank you!”

The band left after the encore, running for the dressing rooms whooping and hollering over their success.

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new Loved cover

Book Title – Loved (My Once and Future Love Revisited #4)

Book Blurb:

After Beth’s car accident, the truth came out about why she pushed Jacob out of her life and she realized she made a terrible mistake. Jacob declared his love, Beth agreed to date, but this relationship has to be on her terms.

Beth witnessed Jacob’s bad side first-hand while working for him and trust needs to be rebuilt. Add to that the pressure of paparazzi, and she’s understandably gun-shy.

Jacob told Beth he loves her, but her feelings are still a mystery. Building a relationship requires something he’s never been good at—patience. Can he give her the time she needs to see he has changed, or will he push too hard for those three little words and drive her away?

Loved is the fourth book in the My Once and Future Love Revisited series exploring Beth and Jacob’s relationship with all its joys, flaws, and heartache.

New Adult Contemporary Romance saga. This story is intended for readers over the age of 18 due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations.


There were voices in the hall.

Beth ignored them.  It was only her sister-in-law Darcy, and Dad.  Darcy got up with the baby, and Daddy never slept past 6:00AM unless he was deathly ill.  She wished they’d move further away from her room, though.  She wasn’t a deep sleeper.

Managing to drift off again, she didn’t notice when someone opened the door a couple hours later.  They crept in, leaving the door ajar, and sat down by the side of the bed near her face, waiting for her to sense their presence.

Patience must’ve been short.  “Buh! Buh, Buh!”

Beth yawned.  “Hey, munchkin…how’d you get in here?”  Baby Sarah smiled a toothless grin and gurgled happily.  “Hey, somebody? Escapee baby in here!”

She didn’t have her glasses on and rolled over when a male figure came in to get Sarah.  The door closed a second later.  “Too early for Christmas,” she mumbled in the darkness.

“It’s nearing nine, lazy bones,” a voice softly said.

Can’t be…  “I’m dreaming…”

“In Rudolph pajamas?” the voice countered.

Her eyes shot open.  “It’s possible.”

“Is it possible to dream with you, love?”


Beth rolled over and came face-to-face with the source.  Only one person in the world called her “love” like that!  “Are you here?” she whispered, afraid she really was dreaming.

“You tell me,” he said, then kissed her.  A kiss of two months’ pent-up passion.

She felt tears running down her face, but she wasn’t going to let him go for a second to wipe them away.  He seemed to read her thought, his hands coming up to her face, his thumbs brushing the tracks away under her eyes.  She slid off the bed into his lap, wrapping her body around his.  “How?” she gasped into his mouth.

Jacob only pulled back far enough to break the kiss.  “I had to come. We’re on traveling days, and I finally said screw it—we’re going to see our families one damn bloody day out of the year. You have me for twenty-four hours.”

“I’ll take it! God, I’ve missed you!”

He kissed her again.  “Missed you, too…so much. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Bethie…”  He said her name with enough reverence to break her heart.  “Again?”

“I love you, Jacob.”  Huh, not so scary the second time.  “I have for so long. I just didn’t have the words.”

“Think your dad would kill me if I shagged you right now?”

She giggled.  “Save it for later, big boy. I don’t want an audience.”

He sighed, then she felt him smile as wide as his face would go.  “Happy Christmas, sweetheart.”

“Mmm. Best Christmas ever.”

They would’ve stayed wrapped around each other on the guest bedroom floor indefinitely, but it was only a few minutes later when someone coughed very loudly outside the door.  Point taken, they reluctantly parted.

Beth opened the door to find her whole family eavesdropping in the hall.  “Something I can help you with?”

“Nope, just passing by,” Darcy said, then winked.

Dad looked very relieved to find them both still fully clothed.  Beth stifled a laugh as they went back to the living room.  Jacob glanced at her and snickered, just as amused.

“Get dressed, woman. I have presents.”

She pouted.  “But yours is at home.”

“Correction, I already got mine.”

She blushed.  “Oh. Yeah. Gee, if I’d known you were that easy to please…”

“Hush, vixen, or I withhold your gifts until next Christmas.”

Miming zipping her lips shut, she batted her eyelashes, trying to look innocent.  He rolled his eyes and wagged his finger at her.  She stepped back in the bedroom and closed the door before he could tickle her into submission.

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New Dylan and Jen cover

Book Title – Dylan and Jen (a My Once and Future Love Revisited story)

Book Blurb:

Dylan is the bassist for Jake Lindsey’s band, but not when he’s in his hometown. It’s Christmas Eve and a sudden, strong blizzard has left the mountain submerged in snow, wrecking his plan to drive back to Los Angeles in time to attend Jake and Beth’s party Christmas Day.

Jennifer’s family was coming to spend the holiday at her cabin, but the storm is keeping them off the mountain. Resigned to entertaining herself for the night, she’s startled by someone pounding on her front door–a handsome man needing shelter from the storm. Dylan is sweet, funny, and so damn hot she can’t resist learning what he has to offer.

Was this a single night of passion, or the beginning of lasting love?

This story is intended for readers over the age of 18 due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations.

My Once and Future Love Revisited series stand-alone story.


Dylan plucked his thumb on the strings, checking their tune, then started playing a combination of embellished scales.  At least to Jennifer’s knowledge, he was really good.  He pushed his sleeves up a bit, revealing toned forearms with corded muscles that twitched and flexed when he played.  Then he started humming something she didn’t know and switched melodies.  Soft words escaped his lips, like he couldn’t help singing it instead of merely humming along.  A smooth pretty baritone that made her tummy flutter.

She stared as he lost himself in the music, his eyes closed and head bobbing in time.  It had turned into an intimate moment.  She was sure he’d forgotten he had an audience and…wow, was it hot in here?  “I’m glad your guitar wasn’t damaged.”

He stopped playing and cleared his throat.  “Yeah. Seems okay. Thanks.”  He grinned, then.  “Any requests, milady?”

“Oh, um, I wouldn’t know what… I mean, I don’t listen to much, so… My knowledge is pretty much limited to boy bands and pop princesses of the ‘90s.”

“You really haven’t been a fan of something since high school?”  He looked at her like the concept didn’t compute.

She shrugged and turned away to the cookies.  “I had other things to do.”  She heard him put the guitar away.

“Like write books.”

“Uh-huh. Crafting a story is…engrossing. Or it used to be.”

He joined her for a cookie.  “Muse run off?”

“Like it couldn’t escape fast enough.”

He leaned his forearms on the kitchen counter.  “Maybe you need a change of scenery. Or experience. Shake things up. When I get stuck on a song, I try something I’ve never done before.”

She looked up and met his eyes.  They were prairie sky blue.  “What did you do?”

“The first thing that crossed my mind. Sometimes it got me in trouble, but it was still worth it.”

She propped her chin up with her hand.  “What kind of trouble?”

He grinned, showing off sexy dimples.  “Anything from women to getting arrested. Did some stupid shit at nineteen.”

She giggled.  “Doesn’t everybody?”

He leaned closer.  “I sense a story there, Ms. Donovan.”

Jennifer dropped her gaze and peeked at him through her lashes.  “Well, I did the sorority thing, right? And there are dares, you know, to get in.”  She shook her head.  “I can’t, it’s too embarrassing.”

“Would I find pictures on the Web?” he teased.

“Oh, god, no…nothing that scandalous. Forget it… I’ve just met you! Oh, gee, that fire’s getting pretty low.”  She darted around him to go get more firewood, only to be stopped when he grabbed her hand.  The contact sent a jolt up her arm like an electric zap.

“I’ll share if you will.”

“Share what?”  Her breath came out in a breathy whisper.

“Something old.”  He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.  “Or something new.”

Distance would be good. 

Moving away any time now. 

This was me, moving. 

Why weren’t my feet working, dammit?

She hadn’t shared chemistry with anyone since Lee, and he’d stopped wanting her in bed months before his death.  This close to Dylan, she couldn’t deny his looks were, well…gorgeous.  What was this man doing to her?  He stood there, still holding her hand, eyes locked with hers.  Was he waiting for something?


A kind smile graced his face, and he let her off the hook.  “You’re right. The fire is almost out. Do you have more wood handy?”

“I-in the snow room.”

He nodded and left to get it.  Her hand started to cool immediately and felt empty.  He rushed back inside with a couple logs in his arms and shut the door, hopping on his toes.


She laughed.  “Serves you right for going out there barefoot.”

He crossed the living room to the hearth.

The movie was almost over.  Had they really been talking that long?

“I should check on your clothes.”

“Okay.”  He kept poking the fire.

The dryer probably buzzed while he was playing.  His jeans and socks were dry.  She left his sweater draped flat on top of the machine.

“Here you go. Nice and warm.”

He grabbed the socks and pulled them on.  “Ahhh…now that’s a beautiful thing.”

Still sitting on the floor, he leaned back on his elbows and stretched his legs out.  She sat on the hearth rug Indian-style and stared into the flames.  This Christmas Eve wasn’t so bad so far.

She didn’t look at him, though.  That would mean seeing how his tight tee showed the definition in his torso and biceps, and the sliver of tummy revealed between his shirt and the low-riding sweatpants.  It meant noticing the twinkle of his eyes, the modelesque cheekbones, and the lower lip just waiting to be bitten.  Any writer would ascribe his looks to one of her heroes.

Buy Links:

Barnes and Noble.

Author Biography:

Fiction writer. Sci-fi lover. Trained vocalist. Cat mom. Debuting in 2011, Carla Krae lives in California with two crazy cats and a tech guy.

Connect with Carla Krae:


Twitter: Carla Krae

Facebook: Carla Krae Author Page

The Fairy Wren by @Ash_Capes #bookreview #fantasy #books

the fairy wren

Title: The Fairy Wren

Author: Ashley Capes

Genre: Fantasy

Book Blurb:

The Fairy Wren is a contemporary fantasy set in Australia, where Paul, a bookseller, struggles to juggle attention from a strange bird, a shady best friend, an Italian runaway and a missing ex-wife, all the while struggling to cling to a long-buried dream.

From the moment a fairy wren drops his lost wedding ring at his feet, Paul realises there’s more magic to the world than he thought…

When Paul Fischer receives a strange phone call asking for help, from a woman who might be his estranged wife Rachel, he’s drawn into a mysterious search that threatens not only his struggling bookstore, but long-buried dreams too…

Unfortunately, the only help comes from a shady best friend, an Italian runaway and a strange blue fairy wren that seems to be trying to tell him something – yet the further he follows the clues it leaves the less sense the very world seems to make. Is he on the verge of a magical, beautiful discovery or at the point of total disaster?

My Review:

There’s a book I come across once in a blue moon that stirs my soul. This is such a book. I was intrigued by the blurb and the cover is beautiful. I kept asking myself while reading it, why have I never heard of this author before? Why hasn’t the Big 5 picked him up?

Paul Fischer owns a small bookstore in Australia. He’s struggling to make ends meet while trying very hard not to think about his ex-wife Rachel. A strange phone call by a woman piques Paul’s curiosity. Could it be Rachel? Is she in trouble? A fairy wren pops up at the most unusual times and after a few mishaps, Paul starts to pay attention. Maybe there is something magical about this bird?

I loved this book! Have I mentioned that yet? I loved the storytelling abilities of the author, Ashley Capes. I loved being immersed in Australia and his descriptive narration propelled me there without having to book a flight.

The author created rich, well-developed characters with problems just like me. They were incredibly relatable with captivating dialogue. The journey of Paul as he tries to find out what this blue bird is trying to tell him touched me in a deep way.

If you’re looking for a little magic, read this book! You’ll love the fantasy aspect while chuckling your way through the messes Paul gets himself into. I can’t reveal more… you have to read it for yourself!

Favorite Character:

Paul. I loved Paul. He’s your typical old-school bookseller (totally relate) trying to figure his life out. He’s not your typical fantasy protagonist and that is one of the reasons why I love him. He’s insecure, still in love with his ex-wife and makes poor choices now and again. In the end, he’s a lot like you and me.

Favorite Quote: “I want to be part of her life.”


My Rating: 5+ stars

Buy Links:

Print – Amazon (US)
Print – Barnes & Noble (US)
E-book – Amazon (US)
E-book – Barnes & Noble (US)
E-book – Kobo (US)

Print – Amazon (UK)

E-book – Amazon (UK)

Print – Readings (AU)
Print – Angus & Robertson (AU)
Print – Bookworld (AU)
Print – Fishpond (AU)
E-Book – Amazon (AU)
E-Book – Booktopia (AU)

E-Book – Collins (AU)

a capes

Author Biography:

Ashley Capes is an Australian writer of fiction, poetry and very occasional non-fiction.

His first novel is City of Masks, was released July 1st 2014. He is also the author of six poetry collections.

When not writing, Ashley dabbles in film and plays volleyball and soccer. He loves travel and is also a big Studio Ghibli fan.

Be a Kindness Superhero! #inspiration #kindness #motivation

Hero Batman

Be a Kindness Superhero in your neighborhood!

:) MRS N :)

The Importance of Friendship and Family in the Elfyverse and Beyond @BarbCaffrey #SFF #books #ASMSG

“The Importance of Friendship and Family in the Elfyverse…and Beyond”
by Barb Caffrey

Family is important. We all say that. But not everyone has a biological family. Much less a family that understands them, or why they do anything they do at all.

What about those people? Don’t their lives matter?

My late husband Michael B. Caffrey and I believed strongly that they did, and do. Perhaps that’s why, in my solo works, my late husband Michael B. Caffrey’s solo works, and the work we did jointly, the nature of what a family is—much less the importance of good, solid friends—was incredibly important. And has remained so.
Why was it so important to us that we kept writing characters that didn’t exactly have traditional family backgrounds to call upon?

Maybe I should start at the beginning.

When I first started writing ELFY back in 2002 (later split into two books, AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE, and the forthcoming A LITTLE ELFY IN BIG TROUBLE), I didn’t know yet that my hero, Bruno the Elfy, would find love, friendship, and a new family in the course of his adventures. All I knew was that he was an orphan—a ward of the state. He was young, a teenager by Elfy standards, but he had been lied to his entire life and actually thought he was much younger.

So what do you do when you don’t really have a family?

What Bruno did, as I found out over the course of writing ELFY, was to find friends who became his family. First, he met Sarah, whose parents were so worthless, they forced him to do tricks for their friends until he escaped. (She became his friend, then his girlfriend.) Next, his favorite teacher, Roberto the Wise, became involved in trying to help both Bruno and Sarah escape from Sarah’s parents…but failed, and instead was captured and tortured.

This, of course, led Bruno to contact Lady Keisha Madhrogan, Roberto’s formidable sister—and the foremost cleric in the Elfy Realm (the equivalent of the Pope, if you like). And, surprisingly, she took an interest in both Bruno and Sarah for themselves, not just because they both decided they had to rescue Roberto—or else.

Then a Dark Elf gets involved. This Dark Elf tries to subvert Sarah’s family. And the plot thickens.
The point is, family matters. And friendship matters. So of course you’re going to make friends and gather allies, even when you’re under enormous stress…maybe especially when you’re under enormous stress.

Now, Michael’s thought processes were slightly different in his novella “Columba and the Cat.” He felt Princess Columba, while royal and honored, would have a family that did not understand her. So she’s a magician and scholar, and that’s what makes her go—but because she’s royal, all the suitors she’s run into have been after her title rather than herself.

Columba, though, wants a romance with a man who actually understands her. And he finally arrives…in the form of a shapeshifting cat.

How does this happen? Well, Columba needs a magical familiar, so she “rescues” this cat—she thinks the rescue is legitimate, but he knows it’s not. And because she likes this cat, she tells him everything that’s on her mind.

In this way, the cat gets to know her. But how will she ever get to know him?

Fortunately, Michael had a plot-device in mind. Dreams.

Even though Columba doesn’t remember word-for-word what happens in her dreams, she does remember that she gives her permission for this dream-man to court her and get to know her.

Again, though, the nature of family is omnipresent. Columba can’t become a Master Sorceress until her brother becomes old enough to officially become the heir. When he does, she’s finally free to become who she wants…and free to find the right man—er, shapeshifter!—for her.

Finally, the importance of family and friends comes into sharp prominence with my recent novella, “To Survive the Maelstrom” (based on 2,000 words left behind by my late husband; story was completed in 2014). Command Sergeant-Major Peter Welmsley of the Atlantean Union (space-based) Marines just got through the horrifying Battle of Hunin. Though his actions were heroic, he wonders why he lived and so many others died, including his fiancée Lydia and his best friend Chet. And because he was in a medically induced coma for a while due to his injuries, he now looks much younger than his real age—which truly vexes him.

Peter’s plight is exacerbated because his own family doesn’t understand him any more. They seem to think looking young is a good idea. They don’t even understand how upset he is that his fiancée is dead, when his sister was Lydia’s best friend.

So he’s gone off into the woods to recuperate, as he can’t deal with any of them. And once he’s there, an empathic, sentient creature called Grasshunter’s Cub (a weremouse) becomes very important to Peter.
You see, Grasshunter’s Cub’s family does not understand him, either. Which is why he’s out there, looking for solitude…but finding Peter.

The main thing to remember here is, Peter loves his family. But they don’t understand, at all, what he’s going through.

So I had to introduce someone who did. Which is why the 2,000 words Michael left behind were so important; I knew exactly who (or what) would help Peter, and why, and what the outcome of that help would be.

In all three of these tales, family is important, even if they’re deceased or are complete idiots or just don’t have any understanding at all. And friends often become the family of your heart in these situations, even if some of them aren’t always formed like us or even the same species.

Because isn’t that the way of the world?

1000 x 1500

Book Blurb:

Meet Princess Columba of Illinowa. She’s a magician, a scholar, and is currently the heir to the throne…but she wants no part of it. Because she’s royalty, she’s had trouble meeting men, and she’s tired of dealing with people in search of a title rather than herself.

Into her life comes a mysterious cat. She rescues the cat, takes him into the palace, and starts having unusual dreams — dreams of a man who understands her, cares about her, and loves her. Not her title.

Unbeknownst to Columba, the cat is a shapeshifter. He, too, is royal, albeit from far away. And he’s the man of her dreams…that is, when he’s not in the form of a cat.

Then the dream-man shows up, and the cat disappears. Columba must decide whether or not to believe in her dreams — and hope that somehow, the magical romance she’s found is here to stay.

Note to readers: This is a novella.

Buy it on Amazon:


Book Blurb:

Command Sergeant-Major Sir Peter Welmsley of the Atlantean Union has lost everything he holds dear. He wonders why he lived, when so many others died at Hunin — including his fiancée, Lydia, and his best friend Chet.

Into his life comes Grasshunter’s Cub, an empathic, sentient creature known to those on Heligoland as a “weremouse.”

Weremice are known for their ability to help their bond-mates. But how can this young weremouse find a way to bring Peter back from the brink of despair and start living again?

Note for readers: This is a novella.

Buy it on Amazon:


Book Blurb:

One Elfy for an entire planet?

He’s supposed to be the Watcher for his people, the representative on Earth from his dimension, but the small being known to his enemies as “Jonny-Wonny” wakes up to big trouble — trapped in a bizarre house in Knightsville, California with humans straight out of reality TV. Jon knows that something has gone dreadfully wrong — he’s starving, lonely and dressed in funny clothes.

Enter the couple’s ten-year-old diminutive daughter, who is “Not Daisy!” but is brilliant, sweet…and using high level magic with ease. She’s also desperately in need of a friend.

Insisting her name is really Sarah, and christening him Bruno, his new friend asks him how they’re going to get out of there.

The only thing that comes to mind is for Bruno to ask his teacher, Roberto the Wise, for help. But Roberto’s attempt at help only enmeshes all three of them further in a web of deceit and treachery. Bruno finds out that, unfortunately, most of what he thought he knew about himself was very wrong…and much of what Sarah knows about herself is also wrong, including her age.

Worst of all, a Dark Elf is on the scene and is intent on corrupting the local Humans, including Sarah’s parents.

New names, new locations, a new mission–Bruno is going to get to the bottom of all the craziness, and Sarah will be there for him every step of the way.

Watch out, universe–an Elfy is on the loose!

Buy it on Amazon:


Author Biography:

Barb Caffrey is a writer, editor, and musician from the Midwest. She holds two degrees, is an inveterate and omnivorous reader, and is the writer of the comic urban fantasy romance AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE.

Her stories and poems have appeared (or will appear) in many places, including the forthcoming STARS OF DARKOVER, HOW BEER SAVED THE WORLD, BEDLAM’S EDGE, and the BEARING NORTH anthology, at the Written Word online magazine, at Joyful! Online, at Midwest Literary magazine, at e-Quill Publishing, and at Vision online magazine (a publication of the Forward Motion Writers Group). She reviews books for Shiny Book Review and, more occasionally, at Amazon for their Vine program. And once upon a time, she was an opinion columnist and arts and entertainment reporter for both the Daily Nebraskan and the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Ranger News; additional op-eds were published by the Racine Labor Paper and by the Racine Journal-Times (under the previous married name).

She’s the widow of Michael B. Caffrey (1958-2004), and has vowed that Michael’s work — his words — will live on as long as there are people to read them. It’s because of this vow that she’s republished Michael’s Adventures of Joey Maverick series, which currently consists of “A Dark and Stormy Night” and “On Westmount Station.” (More stories are forthcoming — promise.)

She follows politics, loves sports, watches far too much reality TV and finds the “Maury” show cathartic. What all this says about her is anyone’s guess. Find her at Elfyverse (AKA “Barb Caffrey’s Blog”) for discussions of all and sundry, or visit her at Facebook . . . she promises she won’t bite.

Fly Against the the Wind #inspiration #Mondaymotivation #Mondayblogs

Against the wind

Are you having a bad day, week, month, year?

I’ve been there. You try with all your might to deal with it and wind up battered and wanting to give up.

When life gets the best of me, I think of an airplane. We’ve all ridden in one. As a passenger, we don’t notice the amount of energy it takes to get the airplane in the air. It has to take off against the wind and trust me, that’s a lot of force.

What are you going through? Are the odds stacked up against you? Do you shake your fist in the air and shout, “I can’t take anymore!”?

The reality is that you can deal with anything. You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for. You are a giant 747 and you’re about the take off from the nearest airport. Stand with your feet shoulder-length apart and face the wind.

You can conquer whatever life throws at you!!!

When everything seems to going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

MRS N :)

Friday Humor: Cancel Credit Cards Prior to Death #funny #bank #creditcards

This is hilarious!!! :) MRS N

Note to self: ‘Cancel credit cards prior to death! 

Be sure and cancel your credit cards before you die!
This is so priceless and so easy to see happening – customer service, being what it is today! 


A lady died this past January, and the Royal Bank billed her for February and March for their annual service charges on her credit card, and
Then added late fees and interest on the monthly charge. The balance had
Been $0.00, now is somewhere around $60.00. 


A family member placed a call to the Royal Bank:

Family Member:
‘I am calling to tell you that she died in January.’

Royal Bank:
‘The account was never closed and the late fees and charges still apply.’

Family Member:
‘Maybe, you should turn it over to collections.’

Royal Bank:
‘Since it is two months past due, it already has been..’

Family Member:
So, what will they do when they find out she is dead?’

Royal Bank PAC:
‘Either report her account to the frauds division or report her to
The credit bureau, maybe both!’

Family Member:
‘Do you think God will be mad at her?’

Royal Bank:
‘Excuse me?’

Family Member:
‘Did you just get what I was telling you . . . The part about her
Being dead?’

Royal Bank:
‘Sir, you’ll have to speak to my supervisor.’

Supervisor gets on the phone:
Family Member:
‘I’m calling to tell you, she died in January.’

Royal Bank:

‘The account was never closed and the late fees and charges still apply.’

Family Member:
‘You mean you want to collect from her estate?’

Royal Bank:
(Stammer) ‘Are you her lawyer?’

Family Member:
‘No, I’m her great nephew.’
(Lawyer info given)

Royal Bank:
‘Could you fax us a certificate of death?’

Family Member:
fax number is given 


After they get the fax:

Royal Bank:
‘Our system just isn’t set up for death. I don’t know what more I
Can do to help.’

Family Member:
‘Well, if you figure it out, great! If not, you could just keep billing Her. I don’t think she will care.’

Royal Bank :
‘Well, the late fees and charges do still apply.’

Family Member:
‘Would you like her new billing address?’

Royal Bank:
‘That might help.’

Family Member:
‘ Rookwood Memorial Cemetery , 1249 Centenary Rd, Sydney Plot Number

Royal Bank:
‘Sir, that’s a cemetery!’

Family Member: 
‘Well, WTF do you do with dead people on your planet?’……..

The Secret to a Balanced Life #inspiration #rejuvenate #lifelessons

rejuvenate refresh and recover

What’s the secret to a balanced life?




We all lead crazy busy lives. We’re being pulled in a million different directions. It’s easy to feel unbalanced.

MR N and I work hard all week long and come the weekend, we need help to restore our balance. We make a conscious effort to spend quality time with one another, sitting out on our solarium and watch the world go by. We take our books, magazines and put our feet up. With our favorite music blasting or a baseball game playing, we enjoy the afternoon (both Saturday and Sunday). It’s exactly what we need to rejuvenate our mind, body and soul.

What do you do to refresh your mind, body and spirit?

It could be the same as us or it could be different. Each person is unique and has their own way to decompress. I don’t care what you do as long as it helps you live a balanced life.

The secret to a balanced life is recover, refresh and rejuvenate.

What do you do to recover, refresh and rejuvenate? Share in the comments below. :D


I’d Like To Introduce You To…@CarolePRoman #kidlit #giveaway #books #IARTG

If you love children’s books, you’re in for a treat today. Best-selling author Carole P. Roman is featured today. She took time out of her hectic schedule to sit down with me for an interview. She’s holding a huge giveaway too! Please welcome to the Princess of the Light blog, Carole: 


What is your writing process?

If it is a Captain No Beard book, I usually get inspired by something the kids do, and then I sit down and write it up. I read it to my brother, then fine tune it. It has to be submitted to illustrator Bonnie Lemaire and the process of production begins. With the culture books, I choose a country, do research on the web, call the consulate in Manhattan, and then find someone who lived there for interview. I submit the work to illustrator Kelsea Wierenga and that begins a chain of emails for production.

Do you have any odd writing habits?

Only that I am very fast.

What book do you wish you could have written?

The Girl with the Pearl Earring. Loved that book. It was the essence of romance and unrequited love. It’s a story of sacrifice.

Just as your books inspire authors, what authors have inspired you?

Margaret Mitchell, Tracey Chevalier, Laura London, Bernard Cornwell, Jodi Piccoult,  Phillippa Gregory, James Cavell. I love adventure, and I think Captain No Beard represents that.

If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaptation of your book, who would play your characters?

They are based on all my grandchildren- so I can’t think of anyone better.

How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose the names based on liking the way it sounds or the meaning?

Alexander is my oldest grandson, Hallie is my oldest granddaughter, Cayla is my youngest granddaughter, and Zachary is my baby grandson.

What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?

Raising wonderful, thoughtful and successful sons that are the best husbands and fathers to their own families.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

As a recognized and respected author of children’s books.

Have you always liked to write?

I have always dreamed of writing, but never had the time or the courage.

What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

Don’t be afraid and welcome the critics. Listen to the constructive ones.

If you didn’t like writing books, what would you do for a living?

I work full time in our family business.

Are you a plotter or a pantster?

I think a plotter.

Do you read your reviews? Do you respond to them, good or bad? Do you have any advice on how to deal with the bad?

I love all reviews. The bad ones do make me squirm, but I will consider what they are writing and try to keep it in mind as I write the next book in my series. I don’t like to respond to them, but I always remember them- good or bad.

What is your best marketing tip?

Facebook will get your name out there. It is the best and most direct marketing tool. Also, bloggers are a terrific way to both get reviews and create an audience.

What is your least favorite part of the publishing / writing process?

Waiting for other people to complete what they have to do. The illustrators, the editors, the formatters. Then my other least favorite is finding we missed an error and the process of fixing it. When you self-publish you can go back and fix the errors.

Is there one subject you would never write about as an author? What is it?

Religion. In my culture series, I stay away from it. I am afraid of offending anybody with a mistake.

Do you have a favorite spot to write? What is it?

Anywhere, anytime. I’m easy.

Is there a certain type of scene that’s harder for you to write than others? Love? Action? Racy?

I have to be mindful of my audience- so I want to be entertaining for adults and fun and understandable for children. It’s a narrow ledge to walk.

Is this your first book? How many books have you written prior (if any?)

I am up to twenty-six.

What are you working on now? What is your next project?

I just submitted If You Were Me and Lived in…Italy. Kelsea recently had a baby and asked for me to slow down to one or two books a year. I am thinking of tying in the origin of the Olympics with Captain No Beard.


What is your biggest failure?

Not eating the way I should to stay healthy. That was just plain stupid, letting food dictate my health. I wish I could do that part of my life over again and make better choices.

Have you ever gotten into a fight?

Every day- I work with my entire family- Need I say more?

Do you drink? Smoke? What’s your vice?

My whole family loves to gamble. I love craps and am a serious player.

What is your biggest fear?

I worry about the world and what’s going on. Take your pick, pollution, terrorism, and the multiple wars all over the globe. I worry about my children and grandchildren.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Keeping people healthy. Making people happy.

If you were a super hero, what would your name be? What costume would you wear?

I think Mum’s are superheroes already.

What literary character is most like you?

Cinderella, of course. Always has been and always will be.

What secret talents do you have?

I’m a mother. We read minds.

Where is one place you want to visit that you haven’t been before?

Taj Mahal. I want to be beamed there, like in Star Trek.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Lovable Llasa Apso.

What’s on your bucket list (things to do before you die)?

No bucket list. Everyday is a bucket list.

If you could have any name in the world, what would you choose?

My name was my grandmothers, and her  grandmothers’s as well. I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s an honor to be entrusted with it.

Do you have any scars? What are they from?

Multiple surgeries.

What were you like as a child? Your favorite toy?

Quiet, always helpful and always reading. My grandmother lived with us and I was always being instructed by her. She was an amazing woman. I miss her. She was a wonderful storyteller and constantly told me about her life in Europe. It created my thirst for knowing history.

What do you dream? Do you have any recurring dreams/nightmares?

I dream of my parents. When I do- I feel them around me and that makes me happy.


Here are the first books in each series. Aren’t they fantastic? I love them! I will be reviewing them in August and September so stay tuned!



Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate’s Life

Captain No Beard and his pirate ship The Flying Dragon set sail for a voyage of the imagination with his fearless crew of four: First Mate Hallie, Mongo the Monkey, Linus the loudmouthed lion, and Fribbit the floppy frog. Normally a young boy named Alexander, his cousin Hallie, and three stuffed animals, once they board his bed their world is transformed into a magical vessel, sailing the seven seas on dangerous and exciting adventures!

Captain No Beard – An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate’s Life named to Kirkus Reviews’ BEST OF 2012 for Children’s Indie Books, and garnered the star of remarkable merit!

“Roman charms with an imaginative, whimsical picture book that will entertain even the oldest pirates.” Kirkus Review

Exclusive Excerpt:

 CNB Pg 1


CNB Pg 2


CNB Pg 3


CNB Pg 4


CNB Pg 5


CNB Pg 6





If You Were Me and Lived in… Mexico: A Child’s Introduction to Cultures Around the World



If You Were Me and Lived in …Mexico-A Child’s Introduction to Cultures Around the World is the first entry in an exciting new children’s series that focuses on learning and appreciating the many cultures that make up our small planet. Perfect for children from Pre-K to age 8, this book is a ground-breaking new experience in elementary education. Interesting facts and colorful illustrations help children realize that although the world is large, people all over the globe are basically the same.


Exclusive Excerpt:


Mexico Pg 1


Mexico Pg 2


Mexico Pg 3


Mexico Pg 4


Mexico Pg 5






Author Biography:


Carole P Roman is a children’s book author and has two series, Captain No Beard and the non-fiction hit, If You Were Me and Lived in…

In the Captain No Beard book series, all the books take place in the imagination of a young boy who pretends he and his friends are pirates.  Each book teaches valuable lessons, such as sharing, bossiness, bullying, responsibility, and stranger danger.

Roman’s If You Were Me and Lived In… culture book series takes children on a journey around the world.  This award winning series introduces customs and cultures to children ages 3 – 8.


Social Media/Buy Links: Carole P. Roman Website, Carole P. Roman Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, B&N, Goodreads


Open to US/Canada only

Grand Prize – Complete set of the Captain No Beard and complete set of If You Were Me and Lived In…

Ten lucky winners will receive any book by Carole P Roman

Just leave a comment below and you’re entered to win. Winners randomly drawn on Monday, July 6th.



All images are copyrighted © Carole P. Roman and all rights reserved.

Friday Book Round-Up: Top Five Fabulous Children Picture Books #kidlit #books #amreading

Friday Book Round Up

Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Book Round-Up! We’re celebrating children’s picture books today on the blog and I thought it would be fun to name my top five favorites. I’m a huge fan of picture books. It’s probably due to being an art lover or it could be because picture books were the first books I ever read. I cherish these books and read them often. Without further ado, here are my top five:

1- Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak


Where the Wild Things Are is fifty years old! Let the wild rumpus with Max and all the wild things continue as this classic comes to life as never before with new reproductions of Maurice Sendak’s artwork. Astonishing state-of-the-art technology faithfully captures the color and detail of the original illustrations. Sendak himself enthusiastically endorsed this impressive new interpretation of his art before his death in May 2012. Winner of the 1964 Caldecott Medal for the Most Distinguished Picture Book of the Year, Where the Wild Things Are became an iconic book that has inspired a movie, an opera, and the imagination of generations. It continues to be one of the best loved books of all time the world over, by the one and only Maurice Sendak.

2- The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg


For twenty years, The Polar Express has been a worldwide bestseller and Christmas classic. A perfect keepsake for any family, this beautiful edition can be handed down to each new generation of readers.

In 1986 The Polar Express was awarded the prestigious Caldecott Medal and hit the New York Times bestseller list. Since that time, more than six and a half million copies have been sold, and every December it faithfully reappears on national bestseller lists. In 2004, The Polar Express became a blockbuster holiday movie. The DVD release in 2005 assures, that like the book, the movie will become a holiday classic.

3- The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle


This mini hardcover edition of Eric Carle’s classic story begins one sunny Sunday, when the caterpillar was hatched out of a tiny egg. He was very hungry. On Monday, he ate through one apple; on Tuesday, he ate through three plums–and still he was hungry. Strikingly bold, colorful pictures and a simple text in large, clear type tell the story of a hungry little caterpillar’s progress through an amazing variety and quantity of foods. Full at last, he made a cocoon around himself and went to sleep, to wake up a few weeks later wonderfully transformed into a butterfly!

Brilliantly innovative designer and artist Eric Carle has dramatized the story of one of Nature’s commonest yet loveliest marvels, the metamorphosis of the butterfly, in a picture book to delight as well as instruct the very youngest reader or listener. Cleverly die-cut pages show what the caterpillar ate on successive days, graphically introducing sets of up to 10 objects and also the names of the days of the week in rotation, as well as telling the central story of the transformation of the caterpillar. The final, double-page picture of the butterfly is a joyous explosion of color, a vibrant affirmation of the wonder and beauty of Nature.

4- Corduroy by Don Freeman


A picture book classic!

One of School Library Journal’s “Top 100 Picture Books” of all time (2012)

One of the National Education Association’s “Teachers’ Top 100 Books for Children.”

Don Freeman’s classic character, Corduroy, is even more popular today then he was when he first came on the scene in 1968. This story of a small teddy bear waiting on a department store shelf for a child’s friendship has appealed to young readers generation after generation.

5- The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper


Double Tap to Zoom.

Everyone loves The Little Engine That Could, that classic tale of the determined little engine that, despite its size, triumphantly pulls a train full of toys to the waiting children on the other side of a mountain. Now the great Loren Long (Mr. Peabody’s Apples) has brilliantly re-illustrated this classic story, bringing it exuberantly to life for today’s child. Get on board for the publishing event of the year.

“Long pays respectful homage to George and Doris Hauman’s compositions in his visual interpretation of the classic tale of determination and perseverance…. Yet the artist adds a lushness to the spreads and injects even more personality into the characters…Both faithful fans and newcomers will enjoy this triumphant ride and eagerly climb aboard for repeat excursions.” -Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Long has enriched this new edition with bountiful illustrations that take their palette and inspiration from the original, but are greatly enhanced by imagination and inventiveness.[T]his will travel proudly next to the one that first thought it could.” -Kirkus Reviews, starred review

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