#MondayBlogs: How to be More Confident #inspiration #motivation

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Photo Credit: mrbolero.com

Are you confident?

I don’t mean cocky and thinking you are the best thing since sliced bread. Confidence is nothing more than seeing yourself for who you are. Every person on the planet matters and has special talents.

When I was growing up, I didn’t think I mattered much. Earth would still rotate and people wouldn’t notice me if I wasn’t there. That was my perspective. It wasn’t until I started being more confident in my abilities and helping others did I realize how wrong I was.

I matter and so do you!

So, how do gain confidence? Start with this list and see what happens.

No matter what you do, you are spreading your Light and the world would be lost without you!


The Brother’s Keep by @TessaStockton Pre-Order NOW! #BrotherPromo #books #YA



Publication Date: May 6, 2015



Genre: YA Romantic Fantasy



Series: The Brother’s Keep (Four Novellas in One)



Four brothers are appealing in appearance and stature. Yet beneath the striking features, magnitude and charm, they are monsters, for each one of them have fallen to darkness and are cursed for all time. Possessed with unique power, along with the wrath to destroy, the brothers consume all in their paths …until unlikely maidens challenge them apiece.



Each of the four young maidens ventures out, vulnerable and alone, to battle unknown elements, demons, and strange magic. Risking all for the journey, they are set to find the demise of their monster. But the question of motive begins to infiltrate each of their minds. Are they really trying to save their people from the harm of the monster or redeem a heartless being for the sake of love? Because somehow, while daring, their own hearts are stolen in what could be the quickest path to destruction, the greatest betrayal of all.



Along the way, meet Lily of the Valley, Bright & Morning Star, Promise the King, and The Messenger, characters potentially aiding these impressionable young women who find themselves quite lost in the keeps of alluring yet unscrupulous brothers.






Pre-Order at Amazon for $2.99!





The Vampire Sextette: Edited by Marvin Kaye #atozchallenge #bookreview #horror


Book Blurb:

Six pulse-pounding tales.

Original novellas by the modern masters of vampire fiction:


My Review:

I picked up this book at a second hand bookstore with no expectations other than it had to deal with vampires. I’m a sucker for a good old-fashioned vampire story. None of the Twilight fluffy love kind of stories for me. I lust after something I can sink my teeth into. This book included six novellas by some of the best authors in the vampire genre (as of 2000). Each author stayed true to the Bram Stoker genre while adding their own little twist. My favorite story was Vanilla Blood by S. P. Somtow. If you love vampire stories, grab this book and maybe a clove of garlic or two.

My Rating: 4 stars

Buy it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Vampire-Sextette-Marvin-Kaye/dp/0739411543

Have you read this book? What did you think about it?


#BookReview: The Umpire Strikes Back by Ron Luciano #baseball #atozchallenge


My Review:

A terrific read written through the eyes of one of the most popular baseball umpires to ever be in the game.  He gives a funny yet honest peek into the life of a baseball umpire.  It is not as glamorous as one might think.  In fact, it is sad and often lonely.  A must read for any baseball fan!

My Rating: 5 stars

Buy it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Umpire-Strikes-Back-Ron-Luciano/dp/0553230840

Have you read this book? What did you think about it?


To Be Creative… #inspiration #affirmations #artists

Photo Credit: holidaypictures.org
Photo Credit: holidaypictures.org

Unleash your creative side and create something beautiful! 

Don’t think you’re creative?

Strap doubt and insecurity in their car-seats, where they belong. Every being is creative; it’s a matter of discovering your creativity! :)


Friday Book Round-Up #1 #amreading #books #bookpromo

Friday Book Round Up

Welcome to the first weekly book round-up. Every week, I will discussing books I have discovered as well as the recommendations from other readers. Saddle up and let’s talk books!

Buttercream Dreams by Jeff Martin

Buttercream Dreams sounds like a fabulous new dessert right out of my imagination and this new cookbook lives up to the name. I’m a HUGE fan of cupcakes, have been ever since I was little. Cupcakes are fun, fit in your hand and bring a sense of nostalgia to dessert or tea time.

The author Jeff Martin is the owner of Smallcakes and has been featured on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars (love that show). His whimsy for creating mouth-watering works of art comes across in this adorable cookbook. The photographs are gorgeous and the recipes are easy to follow. Being a baker myself, I had to try a few (okay who am I kidding, I tried them all) recipes. Some of my favorites include:

Cookies ‘N’ Cream cupcakes

Key Lime cupcakes

Orange Creamsicle cookies

Red Velvet Whoopsie pies

The best thing I can say about this colorful cookbook is that each recipe turned out even better than the picture. In the world of food, that is a big deal! :)

This cookbook is ideal for any baker or someone who loves cupcakes. Mother’s Day, Weddings, Birthdays are just a few dynamite gift-giving occasions that are a perfect reason for buying this book.

The James Beard Cookbook by James Beard

If I was stranded on an island and could only take one cookbook with me, this would be it! In the culinary world, James Beard is renowned as a god. He revamped what it meant to be a chef/cook and this is the latest edition.

Inside, you will find a comprehensive cookbook (without any photographs) detailing the exact way to cook and prepare most anything in the world. The instructions are easy to understand and offers tips on how to clean, cook and store food. One of my favorite sections talked about herbs and spices.

I recommend this to any chef/cook as it is as invaluable to the food world as the Bible is to Christianity.

I salute you, Sir, and I thank you for penning this amazing cookbook!

Here is a list of books I’m currently reading right now:

Alfred Hitchcock: The Man Who Knew Too Much by Michael Wood

Dragons Are People Too by Sarah Nicolas

Cat in a Golden Garland (Midnight Louie #8) by Carole Nelson Douglas

Dream of Me (Dream Maker #1) by Quinn Loftis

Here are some excellent book recommendation from fellow readers:

– Judith Keim’s Talking Tree series. The Talking Tree, Sweet Talk and Straight Talk. She also has a series of middle grade books that I love. I read them with my grandson. (Stephanie Berget, author of Sugarwater Ranch www.stephanieberget.com)

– I’ve been reading a great book by one of my very favorite authors, Suzanne Brockmann. The story is called, Do or Die, and features some of the people (notice I don’t say characters. She makes them come alive for the reader) from her much-loved series, The Troubleshooters. This book is full of funny, sarcastic (in the best way), fast-paced action that won’t let you set it down. ( Jacquie Biggar, author of Tidal Falls Series http://jacquiebiggar.com)

– I would love to nominate two books in two different genres: Crazed Reckoning by Valerie Clarizio is a romantic suspense set during a St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Detective Spinelli’s love interest, a red-headed Irish social worker, is kidnapped. He battles the parade crowds and packed streets to find her in time. The plot is fast-paced with humorous dialogue and the mystery surrounding an Irish feud is both clever and entertaining. It is the third in the Nick Spinelli series. Loving Lady Azuli by Shehanne Moore is a Regency romance that challenges the reader to enjoy characters outside their comfort zone. It is one of the darker stories I have read in a long time. Yes, it’s romantic. No, it is not what you expect from a typical Regency. I thoroughly enjoyed it. (Author Aubrey Wynne Aubrey Wynne)

– The Likeness byTana French. Tana French’s writing style is beautiful with details and descriptions near perfect. I felt drawn into the story so much, I felt somewhat lost after I finished the book.(Author Iris Blobel, www.iris-b.blogspot.com)

– I’d like to recommend Twin Flames by Debbie Christiana.  The book is about love through past lives and reincarnation. (Author Zrinka Jelic, http://forromanceloversonly.blogspot.ca/)

Do you have a book you’re reading now or have just read? Share in the comments below. If you want to be included in next week’s Book Round-Up, send me the title, author, why you recommend it and a social media link to: nnlight@outlook.com before Thursday afternoon. 

The Slapstyx by @Anabel1Franklin #bookreview #kidlit #MG

the slapstyx

Title: The Slapstyx

Author: Annabelle Franklin

Genre: Children’s Literature, Middle Grade

Book Blurb:

What if the dirt and grime that appears in our homes was actually put there by goblins?

What if those goblins filled our homes with dirt that could only be removed with one cleaning product – a detergent that was poisonous to the sea?

Twin sisters Georgie and Gem are the only ones who know about black magician Zachary Zigstack’s evil scheme to make his toxic detergent a world bestseller. Luckily the twins have a magical skill – they can leave their bodies and fly around in spirit form – which means they can spy on Zigstack’s goblin accomplices and find a way to stop them.

But can they do it before all the sea creatures are destroyed? The Slapstyx Goblins are dangerous as well as dirty, and have nasty ways of killing people who cross them…

Favorite Character: Zachary Zigstack. I love a well-developed bad guy and Zachary Zigstack (say that five times fast) is deliciously evil. While appearing to be a good businessman with no ulterior motives, we know better. His plan of world domination is thwarted by the twins and I loved reading his reaction to it.

Favorite Line: “You don’t take dreams seriously?” Zigstack to Miles

My Review:

Have you ever wondered if there were dust and dirt monsters going around and making messes in our homes?

This is the premise behind this delightful children’s book by author Annabelle Franklin. Cleaning products and magic collide as Georgie and Gem discover the Slapstyx (dirt goblins) have invaded their home. Their older brother, Miles, and their parents don’t believe the twins so Georgie and Gem have no choice but to try to combat the Slapstyx themselves.

First they discover a secret dirt school and then when trying to escape back to their room, they come face-to-face with the truth (and Dr. Quagley). The Zigstack Zoom cleaning products are the only products that can get the dirt clean and coincidentally their stepdad, Geoffrey, is the best salesman in Zigstack’s company. Georgie and Gem find out the harsh chemicals are also destroying the sea creatures. They have to stop Zigstack and the Slapstyx before it’s too late.

I know this is a children’s book but I was really taken in by the plot and the characters. Both were well-developed and I could imagine everything that was going on. It had a very British flair to it but that just added to the story. The only downside would be the similar names. It distracted me as did the massive exclamation points every time Zigstack Zoom was mentioned.

The age group who is perfect for this book would be 8-12 as there are magic and monsters involved. Depending on the maturity of the child, I would categorize it more as a middle grade novel than a chapter book.

The Slapstyx is filled with many characters and I was captivated. It reminded me of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket and I can’t wait to read the next book by this talented storyteller!

My Rating: 4 stars

Buy it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Slapstyx-Annabelle-Franklin-ebook/dp/B00TQTX0UI

True Compass – Edward M. Kennedy – A Memoir #bookreview #AtoZChallenge

true compass

Book Blurb:

Edward M. Kennedy is widely regarded as one of the great Senators in the nation’s history. He is also the patriarch of America’s most heralded family. In this landmark autobiography, five years in the making, Senator Kennedy speaks with unprecedented candor about his extraordinary life.

The youngest of nine children born to Joseph P. Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, he came of age among siblings from whom much was expected. As a young man, he played a key role in the presidential campaign of his brother, John F. Kennedy. In 1962, he was elected to the U.S. Senate, where he learned how to become an effective legislator.

His life has been marked by tragedy and perseverance, a love for family and an abiding faith. He writes movingly of his brothers and their influence on him; his years of struggle in the wake of their deaths; his marriage to the woman who changed his life, Victoria Reggie Kennedy; his role in the major events of our time (from the civil rights movement to the election of Barack Obama); and how his recent diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor has given even greater urgency to his long crusade for improved health care for all Americans.

Written with warmth, wit, and grace, True Compass is Edward M. Kennedy’s inspiring legacy to readers and to history.

My Review:

Truthfully it took me a very long time to finish this book.  The book is incredible. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in a great read.  A real classic.  I just changed careers and no longer had 3 hours a day to read on my commute so my reading time has been curtailed.  But that’s no shame on a superb read.  If you want to be invited deep inside the majesty of the Kennedy Clan through Senator Ted…this is the book.  Pointedly important right now is that Senator Kennedy had to run against Mitt Romney in Massachusetts and this book tells you all you need to know about Mitt Romney.  Allow me to quote directly for this is important and every American who is going to vote on the 6th needs to read this:

Ted Kennedy writes at the time of the first Senate Campaign televised debate in 1994.  “Our first televised debate at Faneuil Hall was in the final week of October.  With Romney’s poll lead decreasing and the truth of his job creation record in deep question, Mitt had realigned himself a little.  He’d moved away from his ‘businessman’ strategy and begun to campaign almost as a Liberal reformer.  I had begun to joke at rallies that I had heard of Flip and I had heard of Flop.  But with Mitt, it was flip-flop-flip!  He’s changed positions so often that if we gave him a little more time he’d be voting for me on Election Day”

That was Mitt in 1994 and that is Mitt today.  Fema? He changes his views on that more than the wind changes.

My Rating: 5 stars

Buy it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/True-Compass-Edward-M-Kennedy/dp/0446539252

Have you read this book? What did you think of it?




I’m excited because Princess of the Light is being featured on the lovely Barbara W Daille’s blog. Please take a moment and check it out:


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I thank you for you unending support! Together we are spreading the Light and making a difference!

MRS N aka N. N. Light

Hey You, Here’s a Reminder To Get You Through the Day #inspiration #beauty

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Photo Credit: http://pinterest.com

You’re beautiful!

I just wanted to tell you in case you didn’t know. Your beauty shines from deep inside you and it’s breathtaking how much Light you have!

Never forget that!

:) MRS N :)