Love and Anniversaries


Today is my 9th wedding anniversary.  I have been blissfully married to the love of my life, MR N, for nine years.  Wow, time has really flown by.  I know this sounds corny but I love him more today than when I declared my love for him nine years ago.

Love like ours doesn’t come around every day.  We are each other’s soulmates and we love each other unconditionally.  He is my other half and I am his.  We complete each other and it is the most wonderful experience in the world.


I know you are probably thinking…”She is making it up.  There is no way that people can be that happy.”

We are blissfully happy, are committed to loving each other and dealing with whatever life throws at us… together.  We walk down this path of life, holding hands, and together we battle the up and down of life.  Yes, there have been challenges and struggles.  But together, we cannot be defeated.  Together, we are stronger and can conquer anything.


I woke up this morning to a sweet kiss from my husband and a poem.  My husband has written me many poems since we have been together.  Every poem is special and I have kept every one tucked safely in a scrapbook.  They come from his heart and speaks of life and love.

Love is the cornerstone of our marriage and with each day, our love grows.

“I should have told her ‘I love you’ every day because she was perfect every day.” ~Liam Neeson in Love Actually

“Love Actually” is our favorite movie of all time.  This quote really sums it all up for us.  Every day we tell each other, “I love you” because every day we feel that love.  It’s not a matter of needing to hear it but it is an outpouring of the love we share.

Love Actually

I hope and pray that you take the time every day to tell those around you, “I love you”.  Make it an outpouring of the love you have for them.  Don’t expect anything in return.  Instead, just focus on the love.


4 thoughts on “Love and Anniversaries

  1. I hope you and your soul mate have an awesome day reminiscing about that day 9 years ago that made everything you have today possible. Congratulations and thanks for the wonderful reminder that love is a verb and not a noun 😉


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