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Title: Chump Change

Author: Jeff Lee

Genre: Humor Fiction, Satire, Crime Fiction

Book Blurb:


You gotta love this town.

You think it’s easy being the Bounty Hunter and Repo Guy to the Stars? Just ask “Fish” Fishbein. If he isn’t trying corral a heavily lubricated ex-rocker, he’s flying down the freeway in a repoed Wiener Mobile, chased by the pistol-packing deadbeat who owns it.

A bail bondsman hires him to track down a crew of unwise guys who blew off their court date to snatch L.A.’s monthly parking meter take — 300 grand in quarters. Then they start dropping like flies. And Fish has to catch the killer.

Maybe it’s the city’s armed and dangerous Parking Meter Czar. Or his brother-in-law, a corrupt televangelist who needs some serious coin to bankroll his foray into Bible-based porn. Or the Rev’s wife and co-minister, who’s bat-shit crazy about toddler beauty pageants. Or, it just might be the defrocked talent agent who’s dying to make Fish a reality TV star.

With more than seven tons of quarters at stake, bodies are dropping faster than turn-downs on America’s Got Talent. And if Fish and his hog-riding buds, Kenny and Einstein, don’t nab the killer in a hurry, they could get eliminated themselves.

Chump Change is author Jeff Lee’s third book in his Fish Fishbein series, following The Ladies Temperance Club’s Farewell Tour and Hair of the Dog. If you enjoy the whacko characters, situations and fast pace that Janet Evanovich, Carl Hiaasen and Elmore Leonard bring to the party, check out all of Fish’s big adventures.

WARNING: Contains some of the most hysterical explicit sex scenes ever written.


My Review:

We first met Fish and his two buddies in The Ladies Temperance Club’s Farewell Tour (my review is here). Fish is a triple threat: bounty hunter, repo hunter and lawyer. He owns Doberman Recoveries and while at first glance he appears to be the tat-covered repo man we all know and love on various reality shows, he’s got layers.

Fish’s latest client wants him to find the criminals who stole an armored truck filled with money from parking meters. Sounds easy enough but hijinks ensue and in a city like L.A., hijinks are usually taken to a new level. Fish has to track these criminals but before he can nab them, they start dying off. Suspects are piling up faster than you can “I’ll have a triple caramel latte with foam”. Fish and his buddies better act fast because they’re swimming with invisible sharks and there’s blood in the water.

I loved this book! Filled with wise-cracking characters and quirky circumstances, Jeff Lee has a gem on his hands. The plot moves fast and I read it in one afternoon. Jeff Lee has a knack for comedic timing and I swear this should be on television.

If you’re a fan of Dog the Bounty Hunter or the Stephanie Plum series, grab this book!

Favorite Character:

Fish is my favorite character. I love how he’s a bounty hunter with a valley accent, cares about people and his inner thoughts made me laugh so hard I fell off my chair. Really. No, really. Fish deserves his own show and I’d bet it would be uber-popular.


Favorite Quote:

If you’re trying to get from one end of Los Angeles to the other during rush hour, you’ve got two choices.

Assuming you’re the head of Disney, ABC or 20th Century Fox, your corporate helicopter can whisk you where you need to be before the Grande, half­caf two­pump Chai Latté in your cup holder has a chance to cool off. But if you’re anyone else, you’re stuck sharing the Ventura, Santa Monica or San Diego Freeways with three or four million of your closest friends.

Which means, sometimes the best way to get where you’re going in L.A. is just to be born there.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Jeff Lee


Author Biography:

Born in New York State, Jeff Lee was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and has spent his entire writing career in Los Angeles.

For more than thirty years he has been a copywriter and creative director for some of the advertising industry’s most recognizable agencies, winning numerous awards for his creativity. None of those ad agencies are still in business, but Jeff appears to have a solid alibi.

Trained as a cook in the Army, he still enjoys being creative in the kitchen and admits that few things in life compare with the thrill of discovering you have just given a nasty case of food poisoning to 140 heavily armed men.

Jeff lives about halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, in a house he shares with his two sons and a cat that’s part golden retriever.

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Twitter: @jfredlee



3 thoughts on “Chump Change by Jeff Lee #bookreview @jfredlee #satire #fiction

  1. Mrs. N – Thanks sooo much for that fabulous review! I’m completely tickled that you liked CHUMP CHANGE, and I’m just plain thrilled with your generous comments. Thanks again!


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