What Inspires You? #inspiration #inspirationalthought


What inspires you?

Every morning, as I’m getting out of bed, I think how lucky I am and I give thanks to the Universe. I’m living the life I’ve always wanted, married to a man who loves me unconditionally and I couldn’t be happier.

January is the month of resolutions, healthy eating and exercise, not to mention cold weather.

If you resolved to get in shape and exercise more, take my advice and write down one sentence that will motivate you.

The day will come when you’re exhausted, the weather is nasty and the lure to skip a workout will be a siren call to you. Instead of giving in, read your motivational sentence and be inspired.

This will become your mantra and it works for more than resolutions. Brainstorm and discover your inspiration. Trust me, it works.

Inspiration is all around you; you have to reach out and grab it. Find your inspiration and let it be your beacon of light.



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