Humility: An Exercise in Staying Grounded #inspiration #humility


Are you exercising humility?

This morning, I learned all about humility. As a writer, I’m used to rejection but when I look deep down inside, I hate it. Rejection fills me with self doubt and I start to wonder what I’m doing wrong.

I had a rejection letter in my inbox this morning. I read it twice before reading it to MR N. He looked me with a serious look.

“Why do you look defeated?” He raised an eyebrow.

I shrugged.

“We talked about this already. As much as we would’ve loved to be a part of this opportunity, with our business growing, we just don’t have the time. Right?”

I nodded.

“So what’s the deal?” He looked at me with concern.

“I just wanted to be the one to tell them no.” I pouted.

He hugged me.

Sounds really selfish, doesn’t it? I wanted to do the rejecting, not be rejected. I feel ashamed for thinking this way and I almost didn’t write about this today. But we’re all friends here and I wanted to share with you my thoughts and feelings.

A little while later, MR N said something profound.

“We have to be humble, my love. If it wasn’t for this, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are right now. Humility has to rule in our hearts.”

Humility. A life lesson that every person learns, whether they want to or not. I equate it to having cold water thrown in your face. It wakes you up and makes you rethink things.

Are you exercising humility?

Life gives us teaching points and they can come from anywhere. Be open to learning new things and understand that there is always someone with more insight and experience than you. It’s not about being the best but being open to what life has to teach you.

Exercise humility. Keep in mind that there’s always someone superior than you. Even a child can teach you something new.



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