You, the Magician by Josh and Jodi Carothers #bookreview #inspiration @YoutheMagician

You the Magician


Title: You, The Magician

Author: Josh Carothers (Author), Jodi Maestas Carothers (Author), Kendra Shedenhelm (Illustrator)

Genre: Children’s Book, Inspiration, Self-Improvement


Book Blurb:

A collection of positive, thought-provoking reminders, “You, the Magician” is a book that speaks to everyone, literally. The first line is, “Since you are reading this book, it is written for you.” Each page is vibrantly written and illustrated to remind you, the reader, that you already have all the tools needed to be the best you. We want to nudge people back toward themselves, to trust themselves. You are intentional, and you are a part of everything!


My Review:

I’m a big supporter of the power of positive thinking and from the time I was little, I saw life through the eyes of Dr. Seuss. Life is a game, full of adventures just waiting to be discovered. On my website, I try to inspire people to unleash their inner light and try new things.

You, The Magician by Josh and Jodi Carothers is inspiring and while its genre is children’s books, people young and old will love this book. While I was reading it, my mind was captured by the fun rhyming, excellent illustrations and positive thoughts. Each page is filled with life lessons: self-worth, trying new things, don’t be afraid, science, seize the magic inside and allowing your heart to dream. As I turned the pages, I was reminded of Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. Trust me, it’s that good!

As the first line states, “Since you are reading this book, it is written for you.”

This is a quick read and the illustrations are worth the price alone. Do yourself a favor in 2016 and get this book. Whenever work, school, kids, parents or anything else gets you down, open a random page and let the inspiring words soothe your soul.


Favorite Quote:

“Look at life as a game. You can choose your adventure; you star in your play. Quest and be curious, there’s nothing to lose.”


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Reviewed by: MRS N


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