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Title: Do You Solemnly Swear? A Nation of Law-The Dark Side


Author: Lin Wilder


Genre: Courtroom drama, Thriller


Book Blurb:

What if your former girl- friend decides to use her 6- year- old daughter to punish you for breaking up with her?


How do you prove that you are innocent of the worst case of sexual perversion against a child?


Is it possible to refute the lies of a beautiful, seemingly innocent, little girl?


When Gabe McAllister, decorated former Marine and respected Texas State Trooper walked out of his condo in West Houston on a Tuesday morning to head to a meeting of the newly formed task force of the DEA, Texas State Police, and Border Patrol, he found 5 Houston cops waiting to collar him for the rape of 6 -year -old Annie Bridges. His next several days and weeks are a blur as he realizes belatedly that he has no chance against his diminutive accuser, his implicit trust in the fairness of the justice system shattered, McAllister lands in the Huntsville prison, sentenced to 3 counts of 20 to life sentences.


In the sequel to The Fragrance Shed By A Violet , Lin Wilder embroils characters in another complex web of dysfunctional family, deceit, revenge and the politics of courtrooms. Pulitzer Prize reporter Kate Townsend ‘s front page story for her newspaper, the Houston Tribune about a juror- the foreman of Macalister’s jury, stepping forward to speak about the case and her concern about why McAllister was not granted a retrial galvanizes Houstonians once again: Had a Houston jury convicted another innocent person?


Dr. Lindsey McCall, former inmate at Huntsville and now Medical Director at the Prisons and Rich Jansen, Chief Warden at the prisons are faced with the all too familiar question of just how involved can they – should they get as Townsend begins to dig into the background of little Annie Bridges and her mother. When Townsend reveals the details of her new investigative series: America’s Rule of Law: The Dark Side, Jansen is more than intrigued.




August 9, 2013 Huntsville Prison, Huntsville Texas


The more laws, the less justice.




She was rewarded with a disdainful glare, “Are you telling me, Dr. Lindsey McCall, that you don’t know who this guy is?”


Staring at her boss and shaking her head the rigid features began to relax and soften into the attractive face of the Monica Bradbury that Lindsey had come to know and love when she had been an inmate here at Huntsville only two years before.


Incredulous, Monica stared at Lindsey’s bemused expression as she breathed, “Girl, you really need to get your head out of your books, this guy is Gabriel McAllister,” and watched Lindsey expectantly.


McCall shrugged as she turned back to watch McAllister’s monitor though the glass window of the X-Ray room and felt Monica’s hand grasp her shoulder as she hissed, “He’s the guy who raped that five year old little girl, it’s been all over the news all summer, Lindsey…….If there is one criminal that I detest, it’s a pedophile,” Monica added shaking her head in disgust.


Still watching her new patient, Lindsey recalled Rich calling out to her on an evening late last week to come and watch the local television news. Her husband knew that she was cramming for her emergency medicine boards which she was scheduled to take in just over a month; rarely did he interrupt her so she knew it wasn’t a trivial issue. Lindsey had sighed deeply as she closed a massive textbook on emergency medicine and joined Rich in their bedroom to watch the late “breaking news” report.


Kate Townsend was being interviewed by the CBS news about her headline story in the Houston Tribune earlier that day. Ever on the prowl for a good story, the Pulitzer winning reporter was commenting on a Houston juror who had recently pled guilty of juror tampering. According to

Kate, the juror had sat on the jury selected for Gabriel Macalister’s jury and been concerned about the lack of evidence proving that Macalister had raped and sodomized the child. Because two of the state’s medical witnesses had stated the presence of an intact hymen in the vagina of the little girl, this juror had researched the possibility of vaginal intercourse occurring in a child with an intact hymen on her computer at home after the first day of the trial. Once she learned that an intact hymen did not preclude sexual activity, she reluctantly found the defendant guilty of three counts of rape along with the eleven other jurors.


Subsequent to the juror learning from a friend that she was expected to make her decision about

the guilt or innocence of the defendant based solely on what she heard in the courtroom, the woman wrote a letter disclosing what she had done and why to the Judge who had heard the case. The unnamed juror wrote that she would have found the defendant not guilty had she made her decision based solely on the case as presented by the state in the courtroom; asserting that there was only scant physical evidence of abuse found in the child and that her decision to find Macalister guilty was based solely on the accusations of the child.


The interview ended with the famous reporter commenting on what she called, “a worrisome trend” in divorce and break-ups between couples involving a small child. In more than 50% of custody dispute cases, there were allegations of sexual abuse by the father or live-in boyfriend.


Somberly, Kate regarded her Houston audience as she declared, “In upwards of 35% of these cases, the accusations were later proved to be false.”


Both Kate and Rich had stared at one another as they listened, wide-eyed, to their good friend.


Kate Townsend ignite yet another incendiary explosive device in the halls of Huntsville Prison.


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Lin Wilder


Author Biography:

Lin Weeks Wilder was born in Sharon, Massachusetts. She holds a Doctorate in Public Health from The University of Texas School of Public Health and has over thirty years administrative experience in academic health centers ranging from critical care nurse to hospital director. During those years, Wilder published extensively in fields like cardiac physiology, institutional ethics and hospital management. After ten years of running an online marketing business, Lin switched from writing non-fiction to fiction. Lin’s first novel, The Fragrance Shed by a Violet, was published last July. The 2nd edition, The Fragrance Shed By A Violet: Murder in the Medical Center and the sequel, Do You Solemnly Swear are available at Amazon. The third in her series of medical thrillers, A Price For Genius, will be published in spring of 2016. Her series of medical thrillers are situated in Houston, Texas with many references to the Texas Medical Center where Lin worked for over twenty-three years.


There is a red doberman by the name of Max featured in each of her novels. When asked why Max has not aged in any of her stories, she replies that Max is ageless and will remain that way- a reference to her red Doberman who dropped dead suddenly on a March evening.


Lin writes from her home in northern Nevada, a remote valley in the high desert where there is silence, stillness and solitude.


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