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Hi! It’s wonderful to meet you all!

We’re the Pub-Craft Team, and we’re here to introduce ourselves.

The romance industry is an ever-changing, crazy-busy place, and authors need to keep so many plates spinning to see returns on their work. With authors taking a more active role in all aspects of the industry, and everything going online, we have found many authors spend most of their time on tasks other than writing. We want to fix that. Just imagine what authors – and every other person out there – could achieve if they spent more time on what they do best!


“What could you accomplish if you could spend more time doing what you do best?” – Rick Spencer

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So, who is Pub-Craft?


Pub-Craft is a team of Romance Specialists delivering virtual assistance, creative consulting, promotion management – and more! – to published and pre-published romance authors.


What do we do?


The Pub-Craft team helps romance authors increase their visibility and discoverability, build their brand and following, make more sales and reach new heights with the custom support they need. Pub-Craft’s mission is “Giving You More Time To Write.”


What services do we offer?


Pub-Craft offers several services to assist individual romance authors and multi-author collaborations including virtual assistance, creative consulting, promotion planning and management, as well as proofreading and copyediting. The Pub-Craft Team also provides emcee, hosting, and live marketing services for special events, and gives workshops and romance industry presentations specialising in branding, marketing, promotion tactics, and reader engagement.


Where are we located?


Virtually, everywhere.  😉


So, how can we give you more time to write – and do what you do best?



– Virtual Assistance


The Pub-Craft Team is here to assist you in all things you’d rather not do yourself! Our VA services include social media development and online account maintenance, creative content writing, Street Team creation and management, data entry and organization, email maintenance, reader outreach, correspondence, and much more, all for $25/hour.


– Creative Consulting


Pub-Craft’s Owner & Founder, Laurie Cooper, is here to answer your questions, be a creative partner, evaluate options, and assist you in achieving your goals. Whether you are an established author or just beginning, a consult with Laurie may be just the thing to set you on the right path and take your career to the next level! Consultations start at $100/hour.


– Promotion Management

Have an upcoming release or seek to revitalize your backlist? Pub-Craft will get your work the attention it deserves through custom marketing and promotion campaigns catered to your needs and budget. Our promotion services include online advertising and ad booking, trade show and live marketing, review outreach, and much more.

– Proofreading and Copyediting


Just finished writing? The Pub-Craft Team is here with a fresh set of eyes! For $0.005/word, our proofreaders will look for typos, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting/style errors and inconsistencies. For $2.00/page, our copyeditors will look for strange word choices, awkward sentences, excessive repetition, timing, and scene and character inconsistencies.


You have great ideas.


Let’s make them grow.


Visit us at our website, shoot us an email, or pop by our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.


Pub-Craft: Romance Specialists





Laurie Cooper


Laurie Cooper launched her own online business, “Pub-Craft: Virtual Assistance and Creative Consulting for Romance Authors” in October 2013. Since then, Laurie and her team have helped over 95 clients to New York Times and USA Today bestseller status. Laurie began working in the industry under the guidance of New York Times Bestselling Author, Opal Carew, and quickly transitioned from an independent public-relations consultant to a full-time business owner, creative project manager, and international speaker. Now, Laurie and her team of Romance Specialists deliver virtual assistance, creative consulting, promotion management and more, with the goal of “Giving you more time to write!”.

While Laurie works with authors from around the world, she calls Ottawa, Ontario her home. She loves to travel whenever she can escape her cluttered desk – even if it’s just a trip to the cottage. In between work and travel, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, scrapbooking, reading, downing pots of coffee, and plotting to rule the world, or dancing under the moon (whichever is more convenient at the time). Laurie Cooper graduated from Carleton University in 2012 with combined High Honours in Communication studies and Global Politics, Concentration in Image, Politics and Persuasion, and a Minor in Law.





Marissa Caldwell became close friends with Laurie Cooper at the beginning of their studies at Carleton University in 2008. After graduation, she went on to complete law school at the University of Ottawa, and graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in April 2015. She jumped at the chance to join the Pub-Craft Team, and became Laurie’s first full-time employee soon after.

In Marissa’s spare time, she is a romance-reading, cupcake-pushing Shakespeare-lover with the super power to fashion jewellery and tiny little figures out of clay. Her life is a too-well-cultivated collage of small-time theatre roles, comic conventions, golden foods, pugs, and romance.

Now, as Laurie Cooper’s official partner in crime and second-hand, she has become Pub-Craft’s Street Team Specialist, and self-termed ‘Queen of Talent’. Because Laurie made the mistake of letting her pick her own title. Day-to-day, Marissa assists authors with live hosting and marketing, copy-editing, ghosting, bio-writing, advertising, social media, street team management – and anything else their clients need! Pub-Craft is an ever-growing and ever-changing company, so Marissa learns something new just about every day – and loves every minute of it!

Let’s be friends.



Kate Headshot


Kate Boone is Pub-Craft’s resident Promotions Jedi and Scribe. She graduated from Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communications in 2012 with an honours degree in journalism and has worked in the online marketing industry ever since. She is very happy to be able to put her B.J. to good use here at Pub-Craft.

A certified pun-master, Kate enjoys writing copy, scripts, blog posts and has a passion for using social media to engage with others and promote content in as many different ways as possible – Facebook and Instagram being among her favourite social platforms.

As an avid book-lover, she is thrilled to now be a part of the Pub-Craft Team and is eager to learn even more about the industry. Kate also loves theatre (it’s how she met Marissa!), Star Wars, and may secretly be a cat-lady in disguise.



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9 thoughts on “Pub-Craft: Giving You More Time to Write #authors #MFRWAuthor @PubCraftTeam

  1. Thanks for the good news. You’re just what I need and want right now. Pub Craft, We need each other and we need us now. I’ve written about 24 books; I write every day and have ideas that won’t quit. I’m 84 years old, full of fun and need a boost. Actor for many years, writer now. Let’s talk.


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