#TBT: My First Blog Post #amwriting #blog

Today is Throwback Thursday all over social media and I thought it would be fun to share with you my first blog post.

I remember writing this blog post and feeling such fear. Fear of what? Fear of rejection, fear of people laughing at me, fear of the unknown. I know it’s funny now, after the hundreds of posts I’ve written since, but back then I was petrified.

I had a dream and I shared it with the world. Now, my dream is a reality and I’m dreaming bigger dreams.

My advice to all: never give up and believe in yourself.

Enjoy the walk down memory lane. Let me know what you think. 🙂
Posted on July 10, 2013 by MRS N, the Author

mickey writing


When I was six years old, I wrote my very first story. It was only three sentences long but to me it was the start of my love of writing. I don’t even remember what I wrote but I remember the feelings it evoked. Pride, fear, elation and wonder filled my soul. It was better than any candy in the world! I was hooked!

As time went by, I learned how to be a better writer and storyteller. I loved taking an idea in my head and creating something out of it. Moreover, people enjoyed my stories and that was the best part.

When I graduated high school and went onto higher learning, people asked me what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. First it was the guidance counselor. I replied simply that I wanted to become a writer. She wrinkled her nose at me and said that I better become a journalist instead.

I knew that being a journalist was realistic but it wasn’t me. I hated the news and my stomach turned at the mere sight of blood. So I told her that journalism wasn’t for me.

My family asked me and since I didn’t want to seem different, I replied, “Maybe a psychologist.” They seemed satisfied with that and I liked learning about how people click. I had been to a few in my teen years and they all seemed to be nice people with fancy cars and houses.

I was studying for finals one night and was feeling miserable. My soul was not happy and I knew that I needed to write. So, I started writing and two hours later, I had written a short story. I put it in my desk drawer and went to bed.

That night, I had a dream. I was in a bookstore and I was signing books. The people were so excited to meet me and I looked happy. One person after another said how much they loved my book and how they were making changes in their life to become better.

I woke up smiling and knew that one day I would be a writer. I didn’t know how or in what way but I was determined to become a writer.

Years have passed since that day and I have taken many detours. Many people thought that I would not become a writer and even tried to drive it out of me. It wasn’t practical and the failure rate was huge.

I searched inside myself and found that no matter what went on in my life, I always had my gift of writing. It got me through some very hard times and made me a better writer.

Today, I am so proud to call myself a writer and am writing my first book. I have always believed in myself and here I am, living my dream!!!

Thank you, Walt Disney, for inspiring me to dream!!!!


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