Want to be on the Cover of a Romance Novel? Enter to Win Today! @shailstock #MFRWAuthor #Contest

How many romance novels have you read? For me, it’s been thousands. Before I began writing, I was a 20-book a month reader. Now, I spend time writing, reading and promoting my romance novels.  I’ve written over thirty-five novels and novellas and have a wealth of ideas for books still to write.

There are several questions always asked of writers. One of the most common has to do with the cover of the book. Who’s the model? Did you (me, the author) choose the model? And the one question I love; Did you pose for the cover? (Answer: no.)

However, this last question sparked an interest for me and I came up with a promotional idea that would make that dream a reality for one lucky winner.

At this moment, I’m promoting a contest that will garner the winner a place on the cover of one of my romance novels. They’ll also get an expense paid trip, a make-up session, photo shoot, and more. The contest runs from now through April 30, 2016.

Have you ever wondered about the models on the cover of romance novels?  Are they professionals or regular people?  You could be one.  I’m running a contest to choose a person to appear on the cover of one of my novels.  You can find all the details at http://www.yourfaceonaromancenovel.com?link_list=2079324 where you can read the official rules and find the entry form.

If you want to be on the cover, know someone who does, have a daughter, son, child, grandchild, niece, nephew, son, or other friend or relative interested in the contest, keep reading…

Before you go to the link, here are some of the perks.  The contest is open to anyone (male/female) 18 years or older, regarding of size, age, color or ethnicity, from the forty-eight contiguous states of the United States of America.  We’ll fly you to the Princeton, NJ area.


Add ground transportation to get you around the cities, towns, and municipalities of our state. Then we’ll install you in a beautiful hotel.


Where you’ll relax and eat at the best restaurants.  (There may be a couple of surprises related to the meals, but I can’t say what they are now.)



At this point, the real fun begins.  First the makeover.  A professional makeup artist will apply your makeup to perfection.





Next is the photo shoot.  (smile.)  We’ve hired a professional photographer to spend time taking your picture from every angle.  He/She will get the best shot(s).


And a little while later, you’ll find yourself on the cover of a romance novel. Tentatively, the romance is titled Having the Genius’s Baby.  (Of course, that is subject to change.)  Give it a try. There’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


Go to the website http://www.yourfaceonaromancenovel.com and sign up.  Be sure to read the official rules.



Title: Having the Genius’s Baby


Author: Shirley Hailstock


Genre: Romance


Book Blurb:

Dr. Elizabeth Stone’s biological clock is ticking and she wants to have a baby.  Not just any baby, a genius child.  The product of genius parents herself, her child will mark a third generation.  After researching genius men, she approaches Hunter Thorpe with an indecent proposal.  They should have a child together.  She knows he’s not interested in children, so afterward he’s out of the picture and the child is totally hers.  She has a contract ready for him to sign forfeiting any parental rights.


As drunken college sophomores, Hunter made a pack with four of his buddies that they would all be married or have been married by the end of their ten-year reunion.  If not, they’d have to donate half of their current net worth to the other three.  As the hero had a serious girlfriend at the time, and he was drunk, the agreement meant nothing to him.  Now as he appropriates the end of his 31st year and the reunion is looming, he gets a letter reminding him of the stakes.  With a net worth in the billions, Hunter needs a wife to keep his empire and to complete a very lucrative deal.

Will her plan work?  Will his?  Or will Hunter and Elizabeth discover there a relationship is more than the sum of its parts?



Elizabeth Stone’s heart hammered as if she’d run a marathon.  Perched on the edge of the chair, she closed her eyes and exhaled a long breath.  With her hand on her chest, she tried to quiet the insistent pounding.  She wanted to run, escape into the anonymity of the hall and down the elevator to the freedom of the crowded New York street.  Instead she sat in the reception area outside Hunter Thorpe’s office.  She’d already spoken to his secretary and been announced.

Thorpe knew she was here.

The point of no return was behind her.  It had happened the moment she dropped the letter in the post box a full week ago.

She had to go through with it now.  She crossed her legs but one foot began to bounce, so she planted them flat on the sage colored carpet.  Elizabeth hadn’t been this nervous since she stood before the thesis committee defending her doctoral dissertation.

Sitting still and waiting was not her forte.  Elizabeth was more comfortable in her lab, working out biochemical combinations, than waiting to talk to a man she had never met, yet with whom she would become intimately connected.  Her fingers drummed on the chair arm.  Maybe she should have asked for this interview at another place.  Her first consideration was to see Hunter Thorpe at his home, but the place was a fortress.  Then she figured his home would give him too much of a social advantage.  Restaurants or bars were too noisy and she was apt to be overheard.  What she wanted to discuss with him required privacy.  Mentally shaking herself, Elizabeth gathered her courage.  After all, she had a business deal to present.  It should be conducted in a business office.

With confidence.

And courage.

She silently scolded herself for lacking both areas.

Standing up she walked to the huge set of windows overlooking the city.  Thorpe’s office was on the fortieth floor.  It was the top one and forty stories was short by New York skyscraper standards, but he owned the entire structure.  Rent alone would put him in the billion dollar club.

Elizabeth squeezed and released her hands.  What was taking so long, she wondered?  She had a mind to leave.  She could go to the desk and tell the secretary she remembered another appointment and that she’d reschedule.  Or she could offer no explanation – cancel and leave with an attitude of annoyance for being kept waiting.  She checked her watch.  It was only three minutes past their appointed time.  Changing her mind, she decided she couldn’t retreat after coming this far, after going through all the planning and research and decision making.

Hunter Thorpe was the one.

Returning to her seat, Elizabeth focused on the man.  A month ago she’d sat on the floor of her living room, looking at photos.  She hadn’t wanted to be influenced by physical appearance, so all her prior evaluations had been clinical, done without visuals.  Priorities and eliminations made on scientific details.  Finally she’d come to the point where she needed to see the candidates.  Thorpe’s was the fourth 8 x 10 glossy she’d laid out on the white rug in front of her.  She looked at the face of the man staring up from the photo.  “Oooo,” she breathed, her reaction coming of its own accord.  He had good bone structure, a strong chin, a direct stare.  But more than that, he was delicious.  His eyes bore into hers.  What was his name?

Turning to the notes on the back, she read – Hunter Thorpe.  “Wow, even his name is sexy, strong sounding.  And look at those shoulders,” she said aloud wiggling her own shoulders and thinking of being enclosed in his arms.  Just what she needed.

In the photo, he wore a business suit, dark gray with pin striping.  It had to be made for him.  No one could get those exact body specifications off the rack.  And the  specifics were all in the right places.  Gorgeous and highly intelligent, she thought reading his I.Q. of 170.  Other than the building, he owned his own business, a global energy company whose technics and products were becoming the market leader.  Elizabeth put him in the review pile, and after several days of prioritization, the list was sorted and Hunter Thorpe remained at the head of the class.

Elizabeth glanced at the door to his office.  It was intricately carved, made of polished wood and contained a gold plate with only name on it.  No title.  No word “private” printed in bold and italics under his name.  Only the block letters announcing to the world that this was his private sanctuary.  Of course, everyone knew who he was.  A title would be superfluous.  And apparently he was confident enough not to need one.

She wondered if his personality would live up to the reports she’d read on him.  Written reports couldn’t take the place of actual physical observation, but it appeared that Thorpe was a man who knew his mind and often got what he wanted.  He was a leader and a genius.  According to her requirements, he had everything she was looking for.  All she needed to do was convince him to fall in line with her plan.

And that was about to happen.


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Author Biography:

Shirley Hailstock began her writing life as a lover of reading.  She likes nothing better than to get lost in a book, explore new worlds and visit places she never expected to see.  As an author, she can not only visit those places, but she can be the heroine of her own stories.  A past president of Romance Writers of America, Shirley’s has authored 35 books and won many awards and accolades for her work.


Social Media Links:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ShirleyHailstockFan/

Twitter – @shailstock

Tumblr – https://www.tumblr.com/blog/shailstock

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/shailstock/

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*** All images in this post were given to the blog/website owner by Shirley Hailstock and this blog/website is not responsible for copyright(s), if applicable. ***


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