Stop Worrying About the Potholes… #inspiration #worry #affirmations


I’m a worrier.  It’s been a part of me ever since I was a little girl.  What if the restaurant doesn’t have cheeseburgers?  What if the kids in school don’t like me?  What if I don’t get this job or ace this test?  What if that guy I like doesn’t feel the same way about me?  What if the dentist/doctor causes me pain? What if I don’t sell another book?

Life is filled with ifs and I believe the key to living a great life is not worrying about what might happen.

It’s a daily struggle for me to push down the worry and enjoy life. Whenever a worry pops into my head, I combat it with five positive thoughts and/or gratitude statements. They include:

I’m living my dream life.

I have all my basic needs taken care of and am truly blessed.

If they don’t have cheeseburgers, maybe I’ll get a chicken sandwich.

Pain is my friend and luckily, it’s only temporary.

There’s no need to worry so let’s quit worrying and just enjoy what happens! I’m going to embody the quote above and celebrate the journey!

Who’s with me??



6 thoughts on “Stop Worrying About the Potholes… #inspiration #worry #affirmations

  1. Why did my phone send that comment early? I was going to say it’s doable and a key factor is taking time to calmly consider the potholes. I keep thinking about an actual pothole near my house. It’s on a side alley that many people use to get into a shopping center. You can’t be afraid of it, but you need to remember that it’s there and make sure the car is aimed correctly.

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  2. Hi Mrs. N,

    I live – mostly 😉 – according to the Churchill quote/story. He shared how he had a chat with a man on his death bed. The guy recounted all of his life’s worries, almost all of which never happened 😉 Fab message here! Focus on appreciation, feeling thankful for the journey, celebrating it, and understand that you’re always supported, and cared for, by something bigger than all of us.



  3. Without a foolish naivety it is much as you wrote: Many people get trapped in their routine or fester a sometimes growing fear blocking them from living-up to their own ideals and wishes.

    Preparing for the potholes because we enjoy the journeying is my blend of wisdom with craving for new experiences…

    Thanks for the #inspiration

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