The Darkest Paths Lead to Light… #inspiration #spiritual #SpreadtheLight

spread the light

Have you stumbled upon a dark path and gotten lost?

It happens to us all.  We follow the directions and somehow took a wrong turn on the interstate.  Shrouded in darkness, we’re unsure where to go.  Suddenly a light illuminates the street sign and we turn onto it.  We drive a block and blessed be, we are where we are supposed to be!

Life is a lot like that.  We’re living life and then something happens.  We don’t know where to turn or what to do.  Suddenly, a light shines and we follow the light to the path we’re supposed to be on.  Is it scary?  Definitely!  But once the light is shone, we are safe.

Love and grace are the tenants to faith. 

Faith is what you need when you are in the midst of darkness.  No matter what your spiritual belief is, faith is what guides you.  Faith that the Light will come.  Faith that you are on the right path.  Faith that the truth will be revealed.  Faith that you will find your way!

That’s where people like myself come in.  We are Light Spreaders!  We help those who are in darkness find their way.  We may not even realize it at the time; we are just being ourselves.  Our Light is the lifeline many people need.

So the next time you’re lost and feel all alone, have faith and look for the Light to guide your path. I (or someone like me) may be just around the bend ready to shine our Light for you to see.

MRS N, Light Spreader


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