Is Your Life Stuck in the Spin Cycle? #inspiration #affirmations #motivation


Did you wake up this morning feeling like life’s problems are piling on top of you like dirty laundry?

I feel you!

I woke up yesterday morning to our refrigerator on the fritz. I called the repairman and he couldn’t make it until Tuesday morning. I spent the rest of the day moving what I could to our box freezer and throwing out all the dairy products that went bad.

I didn’t need this, not after dealing with a stressful week last week and getting over a bad flu. My mental/emotional state was stretched beyond its limits and MR N was right there with me. Last night, we felt like two shirts in the washing machine of life, forever stuck in the spin cycle.

Sure, we all have problems.  Sure, those problems can overwhelm us.  Your body and soul get kicked around with no end in sight.

But what if you looked at it from another angle?

Think of your problems like a washing machine.  It may hurt at first but the end result is a better and more improved sparkling clean you!

The repairman will be here shortly and I, for one, am ready for our frig to be fixed so I can get back to my daily routine.

Hold on tight, here comes the rinse cycle!

😉 MRS N 😉


One thought on “Is Your Life Stuck in the Spin Cycle? #inspiration #affirmations #motivation

  1. I got an infection and those feverish pseudo-nightmares which can be unpleasant. In my own humor I noted that I felt a bit like King Leonidas without his 300. Still it is true, focus on recovery and claiming one’s life are usually the best option left…

    Sometimes people simply fail to realize that some of their ‘better options’ are things of the past, or have become burdens which trap them in the same old cycle, for the price of never escaping their proverbial demons.

    Have a nice day!


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