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Livia Quinn’s Storm Lake East and West: First Book in each series FREE


Welcome to Storm Lake.



Imagine a world where inexplicable circumstances and high emotion conspire to bring a man and woman together.  Love happens when they least expect it, or want it, but they might as well get on board, because the die’s been cast… their fate inevitable. Whether contemporary or fantasy, that’s what we call MAGIC!


Welcome to my world, a place where anything can happen…


On the west side of Storm Lake in the middle of a super pulse of leylines lies Destiny, home to the Destiny Paramortals, a group of tempestaeries, fae, djnn, and others who are bound by an ancient pact to protect weaker species – like humans.  Unknown to the other communities outside of Destiny is the role the Paramortals have in keeping them safe.


The Destiny Paramortals series is southern urban fantasy/romance and should be read in order as it is the continuing saga of the recurring characters. In each Paramortals book, questions are answered and new ones arise but it’s romance so you know my heroes and heroines will get their happy ending…eventually.

Storm Crazy EBOOK NEW 09242014 copy


Title: Storm Crazy

Genre: Southern Urban Fantasy/ Cozy Paranormal


First in the Storm Lake West, Destiny Paramortals series. Special Price $0.00.



My name is Tempest Pomeroy, and my human job is delivering the mail in Destiny, Louisiana. I’m also a Paramortal like my family, or I’m supposed to be. If I didn’t have a few little talents, I’d think I was adopted. To say I was having a bad day would be like saying Katrina dropped a little rain on the Gulf Coast.


First, River’s amphora went missing—that’s genie bottle to you mere-mortals. Then, one of my customers had a stroke while reading me the riot act over a piece of mail, but I saved the old grouch with a zap of my Zeus juice! It was the first time I’d actually called my power on purpose, and Destiny’s hunky new sheriff almost saw me use my magic—big no-no. He showed up again when the local florist filed a complaint against me for dropping a seventy-five-pound box on his foot. Yeah, I did it, but it was kind of an accident. He put his hand where it didn’t belong, and my fingers… sorta slipped. Then, I discovered a dead body in the clubhouse and rescued my brother’s amphora from a locker, bashing it in with a Greg Norman wedge. Guess who showed up? Again. You guessed it.


Now, my brother is missing, my mother’s AWOL, and the sheriff and my ex-lover are squaring off like yard dogs staking a claim over a poodle. I am no one’s poodle. Is it any wonder I’m calling this the worst M.A.L.E day of my life?


Oh, and the sheriff? He thought he’d settled in a normal small town to raise his teenage daughter—like Mayberry?! We’ll see how that turns out… Things better settle down soon, ‘cause I’m about to go Storm Crazy.



I heard a quiet click of metal behind me, spun around and swallowed a startled gasp. I was staring into the barrel of a mean looking gun, and at the other end of that rigid grip was an even meaner looking Jack Lang, the one I hadn’t met until now, a cold-as-ice predator. His knuckles were white but his arm was steady as a granite mountain.
“Where’s…my…daughter?” he growled. One eye actually twitched as silver eyes whitened into pure frost. If he was trying to scare me, he’d succeeded.
A sound rumbled up from his chest like that of an animal. “What have you done with Jordie?”
Recognition came in a flash. I smacked my hand against my forehead. “I knew I recognized her.”
His eyes seemed to take on an angular appearance, brows winging up, but the gun never wavered.

“Woman, you’d better start talking or you’re not going to like my next move.”
Not an animal—a papa-bear.
I’m sorry.”
He gave a snarl of pain and grabbed me. “What do you mean you’re sorry?”
“I mean…” I squirmed in his bruising grip… “I’m sorry I didn’t put it together.”
He roared, “What the hell are you talking about? Where is Jor—”
“She’s at your parents’.” It finally dawned on me; he thought I’d kidnapped his daughter. Zeus’ newborn godling!
“You’re lying. I was just there.” He recoiled when I put my hand on his arm, but thankfully, he was professional enough not to pull the trigger. My guess: he was probably tempted.
“Call her,” I suggested.
He pointed his finger at me and said, “You. Don’t. Move.”
This time, I obeyed.
He eyed the amphora I clutched to my chest but said nothing. Pulling out his cell, he spoke into it, “Call. Dad.” I could tell when Jordie came on the line. His shoulders relaxed and even in the dark his eyes shone with relief.
He spoke deliberately, “We’re going to have a talk when I get there about getting into vehicles with strangers.” The word strangers was more of a snarl than a word. Then, “I know. Still goes. I lov—.”
His lids lowered briefly as a frustrated sound escaped his throat and he squeezed the phone. He lowered the gun. I thought he was leaving. Just like that. Then he spun around toward the house his face in profile, planted his hands on his hips and looked up at the sky like he was waiting for some kind of divine intervention. The whole time I watched his aura change and vent, like colored steam pouring from a teakettle.
I saw the minute he’d made his decision, his shoulders relaxed, his aura turning a cool Caribbean blue. Now that I knew he was Jordie’s father, I wasn’t as intimidated as I’d been looking down the barrel of his gun.
“You’ve done a wonderful job with Jordie, Sheriff. She’s a great kid.”
He holstered the gun with more force than necessary. “And you’re an expert on parenting, I suppose.”
Low blow. I should have expected that I guess. So much for a truce.
“I know a bit. Now, if you’ve come to arrest me, do it. Otherwise, I’ve had a hell of a day. I want a long hot bath and a cold glass of sweet tea.”
“You think you can just walk away after what you did? I ought to haul you off to jail.”
Anger flared, “I gave a teenager a ride—your teenager, an act of kindness that may put the nail in my employment coffin in the morning.”
That serpentine glare returned. I seemed to bring out his inner dragon. “You…escaped custody,” he gritted.
“Hello…” I threw up my hand. “I don’t remember being arrested, just illegally detained.” I punctuated that with a poke to his chest.
Big mistake.


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Page Foundry
24 Symbols


Storm Lake East- At Knights Production, Inc. there are heroes on the cover.


Hard Days Knight new cover



Title: Hard Days Knight (Under-Cover Knights, book 1)

Genre: Contemporary and Military Romance


First in the Storm Lake East series. Special Price $0.00



Is he a real hero, or just a pretender?


The tall, dark and deadly looking mercenary Delilah Burke confronts at the robbery scene is sexy as sin, and apparently “saved the day”, but is anything about him real?


Ex-Navy officer Luc Larue knows how it looks when the sexy cop and her partner respond to a silent alarm at the grocery where he stopped for a six-pack after work. Luc’s job with KPI requires certain…attire, and equipment.


Once she finds out what he does for a living, and that he’s not a real hero, she probably won’t agree to see him again, much less hear his proposition.


Each day reveals more to Del of the enigma that is Luc Larue. The guy is golden, perhaps too good to be true. Then, trouble arrives from out of his past and Del is faced with a choice – does she believe the evidence against Luc, or trust her heart?



Luc ran his hand through his hair. He’d be glad when this shoot was over. He clomped down the hallway in the heavy boots to his dressing room.


“Lu-uc,” Mercy whined, “we could practice during the break.” The damn woman had followed him to the wardrobe room. Luc didn’t want the photographer thinking he couldn’t do his job. It was going to come down to embarrassing the woman—if that was even possible. Who would believe him if he said he didn’t want the attentions of a woman with Mercy’s looks and sex appeal?


Mercy’s antics were getting to him more today. And it was Delilah Burke’s fault. Delilah. Her name suited her. He’d only gotten a hint of her beauty in that uniform, but…


“Damn it, Mercy.” He’d been trying to get into the wardrobe room, but when the hall emptied she’d twined her arms around his neck from behind and pushed herself against him, rubbing his back with her hard…fake…breasts. With his cheek pressed against the door, he ran through his options.


Luc knew enough women that some might consider him an expert. He appreciated and respected them too much to ever use force against one. But Mercy Love was unlike any of the other women in his life, and he was getting desperate. She had him in an awkward position, and she knew it. If she persisted, the only way he’d be able to get her off of him was to toss her against the opposite wall. Then she’d make a scene and accuse him of using his superior strength and size to assault her. He’d heard about her from a friend over at Victor Films. She was trouble. This would be his last shoot with her if he had anything to do with it. “If you don’t leave me be…”


“Oh, shut up, Luc. You’ve been making eyes at me, rubbin’ that hard body against mine. I know you want this.” Her hand moved down to cup his groin.


He reached down and grabbed her wrist. “Enough. I mean it.”


She ignored him, grinding her pelvis against his butt. “Oooh, the big man wants me to beg. I can have you begging for it in just ten minutes. Give me a chance, please, Luc” her voice whined and her other hand roamed.


The bitch was too much. “I’m. Not. Interested.” He spun her around and crossed his arms over her chest, his only option, but a big mistake.  Now his groin was taking the abuse, and much as he was becoming disgusted with himself, he was aware that only a dead man would be able to remain unaffected by her thrusts. He was stronger than her, though. He should be able to end this somehow.


“Uh, excuse me. Do you know where I might find Luc Larue?”


Luc stilled but Mercy was good on the fly. She jerked a hand free and then it was in his hair. “Luc, honey. I know you want me bad, but a ten-minute break just isn’t enough time to do a girl justice. Let me go freshen up and we’ll take this up after the shoot.”


Luc released her wrist and all five-nine of lusciousness slithered away. Like a snake in Regency clothing.


Delilah Burke stood in the hallway in her cop uniform staring at the woman flouncing away and humming. Then she turned narrowed eyes on him.


“Well. That was certainly…”


“Shocking?” Luc asked, resigned.


“Entertaining,” she said.


“Embarrassing,” he said.


She raised one eyebrow. “I’m not embarrassed.”


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Author Biography:

I’m Livia Quinn, a DC native and transplant to Louisiana where the people and environment inspired my Storm Lake series. On Storm Lake West you’ll find the Destiny Paramortals, a cozy paranormal series with a cast of quirky characters. And on the East end, contemporary military romance and romantic suspense – ex-military guys and sexy cover models who are committed to their community.


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