What’s in Your Writer’s Tool Box? My Go-To Tool is Twitter #writingtips #amwriting

Writer's ToolBox

What’s your go-to tool, writers?

In every profession, there is a “tool box” of skills and resources.  You utilize these tools every day and with each new skill, you become more proficient at your job.  It is the key to being successful.  The same is true for a writer.

Four years ago, I made the decision to become a writer full-time.  I did my research and gathered some tools for my tool box.  They included, but was not limited to, a computer, dictionary, internet, notepads, pens and the idea for my debut book.  I went online and googled a few websites to help me.  I reached out to my friends who were writers and asked for any advice.

My writer friends were only too happy to dispel horror stories and warnings about the pitfalls of being a professional writer.  I nodded and my heart was soon filled with dread.  I know that my friends meant well but all it did was cause me to doubt.


The same is true when a woman gets pregnant or married.  All of their friends and family regale them with horror stories and what not to do.  The woman in question is soon filled with so much trepidation that she is rethinking her decision.  Her friends and family meant well but didn’t really help.

I reached out to a writer friend of mine and he gave me this advice, “You should be using your Twitter account.”

I asked him, “What do you mean?”

He said, “You have a Twitter account and so does every writer, agent and publishing house.  In today’s world, everything is done via social media.”

I took his advice and after signing up to follow a bunch of people, I realized that Twitter is amazing!  Twitter is the one place where you can not only interact with successful writers but agents and publishing houses too.  I learned so much and it made me a better writer.

start writing quote

Not only can you advertise your book when it is released, but you can learn how to be a better writer.  There are so many writers on Twitter who offer their support to you.  Their insight is really needed, especially when you are a novice writer.

The first Twitter handle I recommend following is Writer’s Digest.  They post articles about each aspect of writing from outlining your book to editing to landing an agent to marketing.  It is all free and invaluable!


When writers ask for my advice on getting noticed or marketing, I tell them the first thing they need to do is to get on Twitter.  Create an account and start reading all the ways you can become a better writer.

Okay fellow writers/authors, what’s your go-to tool sitting in your tool box? What’s your favorite thing about being on Twitter? Share in the comments below. 


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