Are You Living a Happy and Fulfilled Life? #motivation #inspiration #affirmations

reinvent yourself

Are you living a happy and fulfilled life?


You may need a reboot.

I strongly believe that the key to a person’s happiness lies in igniting a fire in the soul.

 Sometimes the fire goes out and you need a spark.  The easiest way to generate a spark is to reinvent ourselves.

After I graduated from high school, I was determined to not be the shy kid who gets bullied all the time.  I was an adult and I wanted to live a happy life.   What did I do? I reinvented myself.  I was more outgoing and projected confidence.  I made a lot of new friends and I started to discover my creative side.

Reinventing yourself is simple.  It’s about listening to your heart, trying something new, ignoring those who say you can’t do something and believing in yourself.  When I say reinvent yourself, I don’t mean to lie and create someone you’re not.  What I am saying is you have a lot of layers and you have so much potential.  The world is waiting for you!

You may be asking yourself, but how do I start?

Grab a pen and a piece of paper.  Write down ten things you’ve always wanted to do/go/see/experience but have been afraid to.  When you are done, look over your list and for each item, list the ways you could make it happen and also what is stopping you.  You’ll be surprised by the list. Now cross off all the negatives and START NOW!  You are the only thing holding you back!

Happiness is waiting for you! Grab a hold of it and reinvent yourself!



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