Desert Sheikh vs American Princess (Jewels of the Desert Book 2) by @TMorganAuthor #bookreview #romance

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Title: Desert Sheikh vs American Princess (Jewels of the Desert Book 2)

Author: Teresa Morgan

Genre: Contemporary Romance (Sheikh Romance)


Book Blurb:

When he kidnapped a princess, he didn’t count on her…


Walid Al Kalam’s plan is simple. The American Celebutante Noelle Oldrich will remain in his palace until her father pays his debts. Without the money her hotel magnate father owes him, Walid cannot fulfill his commitment to the pipeline that represents the future of the small middle eastern country of Askar.


But Noelle isn’t the passive, agreeable guest that she should rationally be. Instead, the willful American princess disrupts the peace of his home, and his peace of mind. Whether she is running through his courtyard in skin-tight gear or braiding together a rope to lower herself out a window, the intelligent beauty threatens his very sanity.


Enter the pirate princess…


No way will any sheikh keep Noelle Oldrich captive, even if she does want to rip the stuffy suits off the hot Arabic David Beckham clone.


She might be good for nothing but spending money and wearing clothes, but Noelle will escape the sexy sheikh’s palace, no matter what. She has to—no way will her father pay his debt. The only help she’s going to get is from her childhood imaginary friend, a pirate princess who is ready to make the stupid, sexy sheikh walk the plank.


A fabulous jewel…


Noelle’s one chance to pay her own ransom and escape the sheikh’s control is to find the legendary jewel, the Palm of Askar, lost for decades.


If she finds the diamond, Walid will have to let her go, but his drugging kisses threaten to turn her into a willing captive…


My Review:

Noelle is being held captive by a very wealthy, very sexy Arabic king and she’s none too happy about it. Even, if like Walid says, all her comforts will be taken care of, she’s no one’s pawn. Sure, her father owes Walid and the country of Askar a ton of money but Noelle knows the truth: her father will never pay, not even if her life depended on it. Her only thought is escape and her only ally is her childhood imaginary friend, Pirate Princess Bonnie, who lives in her head.


Walid’s inherited a kingdom in ruins and with the pipeline payment due, he must have that money Noelle’s father owes. He is a reasonable man and under normal circumstances, he’d never condone kidnapping. When he explains the plan to the luscious Noelle, she refuses to stay put. She flees every chance she gets and it only infuriates Walid more. But underneath the fury, he wants Noelle, and that frustrates him more. He has responsibilities and he can’t let his desire for Noelle to over-ride his duty to his kingdom.


Neither of them understands what’s really going on and the longer they stay under the same roof, the stronger their connection grows. Walid instinctively knows when she escapes and brings her back. Noelle fights Walid at every turn, yet is drawn to him, like a moth the flame. The more they resist each other and the attraction they feel, the stronger the bond becomes. Will they both succumb to the inferno or will it burn them alive?


This is one hot romance! Who knew that sheikhs were so sexy and that the desert was the perfect oasis for romance? But it’s more than romance that makes this one of my favorite reads. I loved how tortured both Walid and Noelle were by their stations in life and what was expected of them by their fathers.


I loved how Noelle discovered so much about herself and what she wanted to become through this whole experience. It wasn’t about getting Walid into bed or feeling his perfect bum, although delightfully fun, but at the core this story is about channeling her inner pirate princess. It reminded me of the time when I was little and being told I couldn’t draw. It took me a long time to rediscover my inner artist.


Teresa Morgan creates such a vivid world through her writing, I swear I could feel the sand in my face. She creates moving, emotional, very real characters that you can’t help attaching yourself to and rooting for. She has a special gift for adding tension to the plot at exactly the right moment, not to mention the sizzling love scenes.


I loved it and highly recommend it! I’m now addicted and have to read the rest of the series.


Favorite Character:

Noelle. I loved how when we first met her, she appeared to be a rich, spoiled woman who did nothing but spend money. But the more I got to know her, the more I adored her, faults and all. I loved her conversations with Bonnie, her inner pirate princess. I loved how insecure she was in some areas and brash in others. I loved how she gave herself fully to everything, except herself.


Favorite Quote:

And yet, seeing Noelle dangling in a treacherous position in the air high above his courtyard… Seeing her courageous and defiant… Some part of him had desired her success, even as he feared for her and cursed her stupidity.


My Rating:  5 stars


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Author Biography:

Hello, I’m Teresa Morgan. I believe in fun, in fantasy, and that the power of love can heal most wounds.


I’m pretty boring in real life. I’m Cool Auntie to two fabulous nieces who love waterslides, and my boyfriend is a Vibration Engineer, which will never stop being funny. I live in a cold, dark city and dream of the desert.


The most interesting thing about me is that I write romance novels. Inside my head, there are whole worlds waiting to get out. I write about sexy, but damaged, heroes who are willing to do anything to get what they want. And of course I have to pit them against belligerent heroines (okay, they might not be belligerent at the start of the story, but they are by the end!) who can stand their ground against anything–or anyone–who gets in their way.


I’m inspired by love triumphing over evil, little old couples who walk around holding hands, and Tom Hiddleston dancing.


My boyfriend introduced me to the love of Formula One racing and sexy cars, which is fantastic, and to jogging, which I will never forgive him for.


For me, romance novels are about getting away from harsh realities and diving into universal truths. That we are all more alike than we are different, and that at the core, we all want the same things. Happiness. Security. Love. To build things that last for generations.


Most of the time I’m at my local coffee shop writing about hot sheikhs and dancing with the cruel mistress caffeine. When I take a break, you can find me driving a MINI Cooper named Alice, watching Orphan Black, reading fantasy or romance novels on my Kindle, scuba diving, whipping up award-winning dulche de leche cookies, and planning my next trip (Prague? Singapore? Playa del Carmen?), but not all at the same time.


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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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