Scarab: A Colt Wilder Adventure by @NKarstulovich is a Must-Read! #bookpromo #books



Title: Scarab

Author: Nathan Karstulovich

Genre: Action/Adventure


Book Blurb:

A woman who doesn’t exist. A daring prison escape. And a chase through the desert.

In 1941 a young spy’s mission to deliver a powerful package to the Allied Forces during World War II is derailed when an explosion rocks her train.

More explosions. Disappearing teens. And a chase through ancient cities.

In 2018, Colt Wilder becomes a boy on a mission when he is thrust into action as part of the CAPE team of teenaged special agents, travelling the globe and solving the mystery that is the villainous Kaan and his secret weapon.

All actions, no matter how small, have an effect on others, in this fast paced tale of villains and heroes.



He pulled out the oval shaped package from his jacket pocket and placed a jewelled scarab on the desk in front of him.

“What is it?” asked Falcone.

“This, my learned friend,” Kaan began to brag, “is an ancient Egyptian scarab. My research tells me that it originally came from the sarcophagus of the pharaoh Kufhu. I understand that the woman who gave it to my grandfather was a spy working with the Allies. She told him that immediately upon her receiving it, the train she was on exploded. Her rail car was damaged but she was unharmed. My grandfather was meant to deliver it to someone important. I don’t remember who but he never made it there. Everywhere he went things exploded and he walked away.”

“Have you found any information that documents these explosions?” Falcone asked.

“None,” said Kaan. “As you have seen, though, it is true. My father received the scarab from my grandfather. He made many enemies but also tons of money working as a contract-for-hire with many well-known terrorist groups. You name it, he was there.”

“Really?” Falcone said skeptically.

Kaan began to rhyme off a list, “1981 Pan-Am airlines terminal in New York. An explosion in the toilets kills one. My father walked out without a scratch. 1983 the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon. A suicide bomber drives a van into the building. What they didn’t tell you on the news is that the bomber himself was never found. My father walked away. His last job was in 1998. The United States Embassy bombing in Kenya. Kills hundreds and injures thousands. My father walks away. You see, no one suspects a tourist carrying nothing more than an old souvenir scarab.”

“I find it very hard to believe an old cursed scarab is responsible for all of these things,” said Falcone, as Crissy continued to simply listen to the conversation. “How do you control when this scarab of yours makes things explode?

“It doesn’t matter what you believe, Falcone,” Kaan snapped. “What matters is that you know that I have been responsible for bombing all of the houses and land around this area. You know that I have bought all of that land at a really great price. You know that I have been using school children to dig tunnels and a lake on my land so that I can re-route the underground rivers and control all of the fresh water in Croatia and Slovania. I don’t need to be involved with terrorist organizations. Fresh water is the new oil. If I control fresh water, I control the world.” He became louder and louder as he spoke of his fresh water monopoly.

“Kaan, I don’t know what you are talking about,” said Falcone, honestly but with anger in his voice as he understood now what Kaan was really up to.

“Don’t lie to me Falcone,” Kaan retorted. “Three boys drowned in my tunnels yesterday.


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Author Biography:

Author, teacher, runner, and adventurer, Nathan Karstulovich lives on the shores of Lake Ontario Nathan’s love of history, world geography, fun, and story-telling led him to a career in teaching, where he is energized by the inquisitiveness of his students. A kid at heart, Nathan loves a journey and takes the opportunity each summer to explore distant countries and cultures. He combines this with his passion for running by competing in running events wherever he can find one. He brings all of his interests to the classroom, incorporating travel, writing and a fervent curiosity into lessons and activities for his students. Nathan writes both fiction and nonfiction that inspire his colleagues to take a more creative approach and his students and young readers to seek, to create and always to live free and love the journey.


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