A Day That God Made by Best-Selling Author Mike Masi #BookReview #Survival #Aviation



Title: A Day That God Made

Author: Mike Masi

Genre: Aviation, Novella, Short Story


Book Blurb:

In a remote area of southwest Alaska a small cargo plane in heavy weather slams into the frozen ground at nearly two hundred miles per hour and disintegrates. Nine hundred square miles of white, empty tundra separates the crash site from the nearest human being. The airplane’s sole occupant is it’s gritty, discontented pilot and, improbably, he’s alive, coherent and hopelessly trapped. This novella is a provocative, true story and evokes the short works of Jack London, while offering the possibility that luck may have another name.


My Review:

A survival (quick read) novella and if you are a fan of the aura of the Alaskan Wild, this book is for you.  The story is of a pilot who crashes a plane while on route to a small Native American village and the story that unfolds from that.


I found the flashbacks excessive.  With just over 60 pages available, the time spent on the past should be limited in my view.  The steady referral to the pilot as only ‘Pilot’ (until very late) kept reminding me of the Seinfeld episode ‘The Jimmy’. I kept expecting the pilot would say ‘Pilot doesn’t like crashing planes’ ‘Pilot wishes he was on a tropical island’ ‘Oh now Pilot isn’t well’.


The sudden ending was sudden.


I did really enjoy the scene when his family is told of the crash and the emotion displayed.  That was brilliant and touching.


Too much flashback and too much ‘The Jimmy’.  I can give this only 3.5 stars.  A great premise, needs work.


My Rating:  3.5 stars


Buy it now:

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/DAY-THAT-GOD-MADE-ebook/dp/B012XDPMCW


Mike Masi


Author Biography:

Mike Masi began his adult life as a dancer performing in nearly every major concert hall in the United States including Carnegie Hall and Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Knee damage led to stints as a waiter, accountant, oilfield roustabout and commercial airline pilot. He lives in an ancient hilltop village near the Adriatic Sea where life’s most important things are at his doorstep: good food, good coffee, good wine, good people and a soundtrack of church bells marking the graceful passage of time. A violent donkey crash is highly unlikely. A DAY THAT GOD MADE is his first book. He is currently at work on a novel.


Social Media Links:

Blog http://author-mike-masi.blogspot.ca/

Amazon Author Page http://www.amazon.com/Mike-Masi/e/B012YBA1GK/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0


Reviewed by: Mr. N


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