Dearly Beloved, We Have One Life to Live #inspiration #Prince #affirmations

Copyright, Prince and Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“You are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.” Prince to an eighteen year old Mrs. N

Last week, Prince passed away. Like many fans, I was saddened by the news. No, that’s not accurate, I was crushed. Prince and his music were the soundtrack of my  teen and adult years. His words and music spoke to me, molded me into who I am today.

Prince grew up in Minnesota and even after he made it big, he never forgot his roots. He loved Minnesota and he was one of the pioneers in the Minneapolis music scene. He lived in Minnesota and I had the opportunity to see him in concert three times, once meeting him.

I was a shy eighteen year old college student and I was hanging out with my friend Sue while she worked at a movie theatre. I should’ve been studying for mid-terms but the thought of watching free movies and helping out at the concession stand was too tempting to pass up.

Anyway, after the last movie had let out, it was time to watch a pre-screening of the upcoming movies. Sue whispered to me that a celebrity will be watching it with us. I asked her who and before she got a chance to answer, in walked Prince.

My mouth dropped open in surprise. I closed it just as quickly as I watched Prince and his entourage stop to talk to the manager. Time stood still as I stared. A smile tugged at Prince’s lips as he glanced in my direction. I blushed and dropped my gaze. Sue nudged me in the side.

I looked up to see Prince and his friends enter the theatre. I exhaled. I followed Sue and we sat in our normal spot (middle of the theatre, aisle seats). Prince and his group were in the back. The movie started and I was nervous the whole time.

When the movie was done, I told Sue I had to go to the washroom before the next one started. I made a beeline for the washroom. When I came out, there, leaning against the concession stand was Prince. He held out a box of Milk Duds.

“Want some?”

I cleared my throat and nodded. He handed me his box and leaned over to grab another one.

“Hi,” was all I manged to get out.

He chuckled. He stared at me with those big soulful eyes of his for the longest time.

“What’s your name?” he asked after a long time.

I answered him with a shaky voice. Then I said, “I’m a huge fan. You’re a true artist, Mr. Prince.”

He didn’t say anything for a long time.

“You’re shy, like me.”

I blushed and nodded, head down.

“I-I-I’ve always been shy, I guess.” I stammered. “Guess that’s why I wanna be a writer someday.” I peeked at him through my lashes.

“Yo Prince, you ready for the next flick?” one of his buddies asked from the doorway.

Prince nodded, never taking his eyes off of me.

“I guess we better go back,” I offered and turned away. I exhaled, releasing the tension in my body.

Right as we got to the door, Prince whispered in my ear, “You are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.”

I never forgot his kindness and encouraging words. Here was a mega superstar who took a moment out of his glamorous life to encourage a shy girl.

So today, in honor of Prince, I’m here to encourage you. You are beautiful and never let anyone tell you differently. Sure, life can be challenging and there are times when you feel like giving up. We all have our struggles (even Prince did) and problems. But together, we’re getting through this crazy thing called life.

Do you know someone who needs encouragement?

Give them a hug, kind word or even a smile. Let them know they’re beautiful.

Prince, thank you for your music and your kind words. You saw the Light inside me and I look forward to seeing you jamming up in Heaven. 🙂





7 thoughts on “Dearly Beloved, We Have One Life to Live #inspiration #Prince #affirmations

    1. Awww, don’t cry. He firmly believed in the power of music and inspiring others. He lived a rocky life and I was fortunate enough to have that one personal experience. Now, I inspire others. Full circle, I guess.


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