Is Negativity Weighing You Down? Release it! #inspiration #affirmations

Positive Affirmation
Photo Credit: Daily Dose on Pinterest

Are you holding onto negativity?  

We’ve all been hurt in the past and will be again.  Pain and sadness are a part of the cycle of life. It’s okay to grieve but don’t hold onto it and allow it to take over.


Trust me when I tell you that it will eat you up inside until there is nothing left but darkness.  It wasn’t until I let go of all the hurt, pain, grief and guilt that I was truly free!

Instead of letting the pain and sorrow weigh you down, let it go; choose happiness and peace to reign in your soul.

When you let go of the pain, the Light will flood your veins and you will float up to the sky like a balloon.

Choose to let go!



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