4 Simple Hacks that Speed up Attraction: Guest Post by @Ladiesmanifesto #books #dating

4 Simple Hacks that Speed up Attraction

When I started my dating journey I really noticed that whenever I used these social hacks it would dramatically increase the attraction between me and a woman. I learned these hacks from research conducted by Braxton- Davis on Love and Attraction. I also applied several techniques which I learned from personal experience which I go into extreme in my book The Ladies Man-Ifesto from which I gathered interpersonal data from person experience (dating over 40 women in 10 months) and research conducted by leading experts in interpersonal science’s such as Ph.D Mrs. Palmer from UCS. I used what I learned from proven research in effective and persuasive human engagement and added my modern take on the subject. Original, refreshing and potent information that leads to tangible results. I am a results kind of guy, if something isn’t producing results I simply won’t use it.


So if you want immediate results in your romantic life when seducing a woman, look no further. I will show you simple yet effective ways you can attract any woman you want.


Lets begin.


  1. Get her to talk about herself

The Problem

Now you’re probably saying well duh, of course you need to do that, however most men do this ineffectively. Allow me to explain… When a woman is around a man she is observing your every word and every action like sand under a microscope. Women right away are trying to figure you out. Just as much as you are trying to figure her out.


The problem with men is that they may get nervous and will tend to talk a lot about themselves or just ramble on about a bunch of non sense because they are having a difficult time to get her to talk about herself. The problem mainly lies in the inability to read her social ques and incorrectly timing the conversation.


Yes I literally have it down to timing as an essential factor. Whether you struggle to know when to stop talking about yourself or struggling with topics of conversation or perhaps don’t know to how to pass a conversation back to her I have the answer for you.

The Solution

You must become an adaptability machine. What do I mean by that? That means you need to give her the mic after you’ve made your point. An effective way I do this is by asking a woman “okay so let me ask you this then” that line is doing two things. One it’s passing the mic back to her and two you are controlling the frame of the conversation, you are displaying control. You see when you say that simple phrase with women genuinely, you will make her feel important, If are able to make her feel important and that she is contributing she will want to talk to you longer.


Why? Because you are engaging her, just like in school when the teacher asks a question and everyone raises their hand and the teacher calls on you that made you feel special. The teacher knows the answer to the question but one simple law of psychology states that when you engage your audience they go from cold listeners to active listeners because you made them feel special and part of the group. When you engage with her you want to make sure you ask her points of view on topics. Don’t judge her if it doesn’t correspond with your way of thinking, remain open minded and hear her out.


The reason you don’t want to judge (out loud) is because disagreement is a form of confrontation. No women wants’ to feel confronted by a man she just met. Instead just say “that’s an interesting way to put it” or something along those lines you will make her seem that you and her have common interest and she will more likely want to see more frequently.


  1. Piggyback


The Problem

Piggybacking is one of the most effective ways I’ve personally come across when speeding up the attraction. You may have never heard of the concept before. What piggybacking means is simply asking her continuous open ended question in reference to the last statement she made. Think of it as active listening on steroids. Most men know how to ask a few questions here and there but keeping the conversation entertaining and engaging at the same time seems to be the challenge.


After a while since your questions are not being asked in the manner that she feels as genuine, the conversation can quickly get monogamous and boring. At the same time If you are not displaying excitement in a genuine manner she will think you don’t have the social skills necessary to keep things fluid and natural. Women look at your ability to handle the tone and topic of conversation and the more natural it is and the easier you  make it the more attracted she will be. So then how should effectively piggyback?

The Solution

First and foremost you must have a genuine interest in her; it’s hard to piggyback if you really don’t find your company that interesting. Here’s an example from my book of how to piggyback effectively and genuinely.


You:   Hey so I noticed the other day you posted a picture doing tons of homework, what are you studying?


Girl: I’m going to school right now as biology major.


You: Oh that’s great, I know that’s a very tough field, why biology? (Piggyback on biology)


Girl: Well I want to work for the CDC one day; the make-up of the human body fascinates me so I want to find cures to diseases.


You: Wow that’s incredible! I’ve never met a woman, wanting to work for the CDC, would you have to do an internship for that type of job? I don’t imagine they just let anyone in? (Piggyback off CDC)


Girl: Yeah I really want to help people and what better way than to protect their health! It’s funny that you ask that, I’ve been recently looking into programs that offer internships, but they’re tough to get!


You: That’s very noble you, making me re-evaluate my goals now! (Laugh) No but really that is incredible to hear!  Yeah I could imagine, what makes them tough the application criteria or theirs just intense competition? (Piggyback off internship)


With practice and repetition you will be able to mold any situation you want to a point of power and leverage. The more effective you are at piggybacking the faster the rapport is going to build. Women find it incredibly attractive when a man has power to make the attraction and chemistry seem effortless.

  1. Initiate Touch


The Problem

Most men don’t know how to escalate touch in a timely manner. Either too soon and turn off the girl or too late when the door of opportunity has passed. Most guy’s may want to go into the first kiss and skip all the steps that lead to it. Read and understand her body language if there are signs of discomfort or agitation such as avoiding eye contact for an extended period of time, or if she is constantly on her phone these are indicators of avoidance in body language. Here is a good article from VKOOL for an in depth look at understanding a Woman’s Body Language. Most men tend to over optimize their situations leaving the completely blindsided when a women stops seeing them or texting back out of the blue.

The Solution

Steps such as casually rubbing her arm should, holding her hand , caressing her hair, rubbing your leg against hers,. These are the must do’s. Initiating touch is key in letting her know you want much more than a friendship. Pay a tremendous amount of detail to her facial expression, eye contact and energy warmth, and when you feel that things may be taking a turn in an unfavorable direction then you must quickly spark attention by getting her to talk about herself longer or by suggesting you take things to a more exciting environment. This displays spontaneity and I have found that when I am in a tough spot with a woman who may be attractive but there is not much in common I tend to make the environment more upbeat. By changing the environment to a more upbeat location you and her will both adapt to the high energy making the chemistry seem more electric.

  1. She Must Crave Your Time


The Problem

For some reason most guys want to put a women on a pedestal before she has rightfully earned that position. As most men get a women’s phone number that are always trying to make dates as soon as possible and are texting her as if she is already a girlfriend. And the logic is that you have a beautiful women showing you the time of day, you must capitalize on your opportunity. Well men forget that it’s a TWO WAY opportunity.


You are special as well and you can’t lose sight of who you are. By putting a woman on a pedestal before she has earned that spot makes you look needy. No woman wants’ a man that throws all of their attention to them right away. She has to know that you are desirable by other women and that you are not just some average guy, you do not put women before your valuable time, unless she’s earned it first.

The Solution

Whenever you get a woman’s phone number you must play it, cool don’t look to hangout with her right away. I go by the 7 day rule. Basically after a get a women’s phone I always text her the next day in the morning, shows that I’m confident and not over thinking the situation and wait 2 days to text as if I read that in a book. I text her the following day but I don’t arrange an actual get together until at least 7 days has passed.


Allow me to explain in detail,


  1. You got her phone number whether in person or online.


  1. Text her the next morning I usually wait until 11 am as my standard messaging time. It’s not too early and it’s not too late.


  1. Have entertaining, flirty messages with her showing her you are interested. However using your flirtation sporadically, otherwise you it will lose it’s potency.


  1. When the weekend comes around keep the conversation casual and DO NOT ask what she is doing for the weekend. Maybe she will ask what your plans are and tell her something adventurous. This is where the GOLD lies.


  1. 99.9% of guys want to take a woman out right away. Well we live in a different world today, today a woman has plenty and I mean plenty of options, you have to do things completely different than every other guy.


  1. By not bringing a get together or even remotely wondering about her plans that coming up weekend shows that you are different than every other guy. This plants mystery and makes her question her own vanity. She becomes quite curious with you and grows her desire to see you.


  1. After you wait those initial 7 days then you ask what her schedule looks like for the following week and 10 times out of 10 she will give you a day that she is free, she craves your presence by this time and you will avoid the whole banter of ” well I’m not free this or that day” you skip that brutal negotiation.


  1. While you do this it’s important that you keep your texting game with her very much alive! She has to know that you are interested the kicker here is that you are not eager to see her right way.


You’ll start to notice right away that her eagerness to see you will start to increase. I have received messages from women that said, “so when do I get to see you again? :(” and by the way some of these women are models, who have men throwing themselves at them. You see I am not being a jerk at all, I simply know how to leverage my attention to a woman and increase desire.


In today’s dating world you have to do things completely different than you used to do them. With social media pioneering the majority of communication it’s important to realize that the new way of approaching women has evolved into a more subtle yet less direct approach. That is not too say you the direct approach has died out completely, it hasn’t and in fact is too very much alive. These hacks act as tools of leverage for you to remain on her mind, without coming off as needy or too eager.


By doing these simple social hacks you will start to see a dramatic increase in the attraction level between you and the girl you are courting. This is not knowledge that the average guys knows. By having this as a reference point it becomes a valuable resource for you.


If you enjoyed this, I highly recommend you take a look at my attraction blueprint, “The Ladies Man-Ifesto” it’s extremely concise and will serve as a significant resource in your future romantic endeavors.  See what one of my students has to say about the book


“Before reading The LadiesMan-Ifesto I was always that guy that would meet a nice girl, but struggle with moving past a first date. Girl’s seemed to always loose iinterestin me fast and it was really discouraging after awhile, I even considered never dating again.. But I was able to get out of the slump fairly fast after iimplementingSebastian’s confidence building techniques and used the “Love Optimization strategy to see a night and day difference in my romantic life. This book is truly a pure gold, I highly recommend anyone this resource to any guy wanting to know where to meet women, how to attract women and lastly how to date them. Thanks for everything!!” –Shane


The Ladies Man Ifesto


Title: The LadiesMan-Ifesto

Author: Sebastian Castaneda

Book Blurb:

In the modern world, dating is almost down to a science now. For men meeting, attracting and dating women has become more complicated than ever before in history. The primary purpose of this book is to bring light to some these questions;

Are you tired of being single? According Freud we as humans look to avoid pain and actively seek pleasure and reward, automating your neuro-reward mechanism.

Do you draw blanks when determining what to text her and are you familiar with the power of the dirty text? Texting is now down to a specific science that need’s to be leveraged.

Has a women ever left you completely confused, maybe you had great first date then out of nowhere she cuts you off? Read her signals of attraction with extreme detail.

Do you want the power to unweb her mixed signals? The consideration factor coupled with the different process of information interpretation and our evolutionary development.

Do you want to make a women absolutely crave for your attention? Growing her desire is essential, scarcity is key.

Do you want to know how to turn on any girl? You have to identify what her appetite triggers are.

Do you get approach anxiety? Fear must be used as a source of absolute power.

Do you want the power to hand select any girl you want? The power lies in abundance on several key platforms.

How would your life look if you got at least 1 new girls phone number a week? Setting up your love optimizer mechanism.

Do you want to blow her away on the first date? Establishing rapport with any woman by piggybacking and utilizing your BOLD moves.

Are you stuck in the friend zone? Develop your seduction sequence.

Do you want confidence to become automated system, instead of having to consume tons of energy trying to hype yourself up what if I told you, this process can be automated? Applying the inversion theory and rewiring your amygdala.

Do you lack self confidence with women, maybe just through lack of experience? Harnessing your inner power and presence by engineering social ambiguity.

Do you want to get something from a woman without even having to ask? Institute charm and know social timing to leverage your power.

Do you want to meet women online? Understand and apply my law of isolation.

These are just a small fraction of the questions I answer for you with extraordinary detail. If you want to be ahead of the many men you are competing against, just know its not the strongest, fittest nor the smartest guy that gets the girl. It is the guy that can adapt, engage and innovate with extreme presence and precision. Absolute knowledge will give you absolute power.

When you realize that 99% of men don’t know the actual science to attraction, you have immeasurable advantages over the masses of men.

This blueprint was not designed for you to compete with other men, it was designed for you to dominate over them.


Get FREE chapters and more: http://theattractionblueprint.instapage.com/


Sebastian C.

Author Biography: 

Sebastian is a member of the National Academy of Neuropsychology. He uses his expertise interpersonal studies, mating proofs and psychology triggers which leverage the actual science of attraction to produce tangible results. The system he created such the “Love Optimzer” is a innovative new way to meet women. Sebastian implements all his strategies on neuro-science and adopts them to a concise system so any man can easily implement, in order to leverage exponential growth in their romantic endeavors.

Sebastian has become an engaging leader that has established a large fellowship of men wanting to transcend their love life and is one of the most sought after romance coaches in the dating industry today. He is founder of the powerful program “The Ladies Man Academy” which he designed to reach a broader audience giving only the most concise and applicable information and step by step guide equivalent to what you would get with over 30 1:1 sessions. Though he focuses on romance he bestows a higher purpose for all his clients, to begin living life on your terms. Sebastian truly believes that greatness lies within everyone and it just takes the right mix of knowledge, attitude and shift of perception to unlock your true potential. He is an advocate of a higher calling and pushes client’s to limit’s of growth that both disrupt and engage their natural order of things to sprout rapid growth. Sebastian has touched the lives of 1000’s of men at his in person conferences, online courses and one on one coaching’s. In his own words “Without my mentors I wouldn’t be on the path I am now, helping men transcend their love life is my way of paying it forward, we are all in this together.”


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