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Title: Everything and a Happy Ending

Author: Tia Shurina

Genre: Memoir, Inspiration, Self Improvement


Book Blurb:

A memoir about 3 interconnected relationships & 3 special men in my life. The fact that you’re reading this makes me happy. Maybe you’ve mistaken this for a how to give a good happy ending sexual self-help book. Maybe you’re reading because you have a genuine interest in another’s journey. Either way, I’m good.


My journey almost destroyed me. Almost. Boy, have I come to like that word. What a pleasurable word almost can be. You may almost be ready to buy my book. You may almost be ready to begin an amazing new journey of your own. You may almost be over that rainbow Judy Garland sings about. What great potential almost can hold, if you can flip your way of thinking. Just imagine controlled pessimism, doubt, and fear flipped into blind optimism, faith, and love.


My Review:

I fell into this book, was caught up in it immediately and couldn’t stop until the end.  Tia’s style may strike some as odd but the main feature of her bravely sharing a very difficult period of her life with the world is how cathartic the writing must have been for her.  She had to get all of that out and it just pours across the pages.  The section dealing with her relationship with her Dad and his final passing brought tears to my eyes.


That is one reason I really enjoyed this read – in a lot of ways I have shared many experiences that Tia has and could totally experience her feeling her way through them.  I have to say Tia has a wacky sense of humor and really gives you a full look into her soul with this work.  Her courageously ending an unhappy marriage was telling and her emergence into the relationship with ‘Emilio’ was really a Ray of light in the book.  By the end of the Emilio section one feels that everybody must love…Emilio.


The learning to love oneself is a powerful message.  I would add that loving oneself must be tempered with following the Golden Rule.  I think this book is a great read for anyone who has dealt with a family loss, a relationship issue, a job issue, the loss of a friend, a troublesome search for a soul mate, etc.  This book is just a great read and you will learn a bit about your self by learning all about Tia.  Just having read this book, I feel a connection to her and would be proud to call her my friend.


A Ray of sunshine from every page!


My Rating:  5+ stars


Buy it now:

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Everything-Happy-Ending-Tia-Shurina/dp/0578166038

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26264353-everything-and-a-happy-ending

Publisher https://mascotbooks.com/mascot-marketplace/buy-books/nonfiction/bios-and-memoirs/everything-and-a-happy-ending/

Press Release http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/will-tia-shurina-give-ray-romano-a-happy-ending-new-memoir-reveals-relationship-and-unveils-transformation-300212049.html


Author Biography:

I live in Queens, NYC, and I still talk to my dad each and every day. I still spend time on the Jersey Shore, where I feel safest in the bungalows I spent my childhood summers. I am, on most days, real-ly filled with joy. I am, every day, true-ly filled with peace. I look forward to a “happy ending” each and every day now, as I enjoy my own happily ever after however it unfolds, whomever it holds, and in whatever way the universe molds.


Sam and Mac continue to take baby steps and leaps, when the time is right and perfect for each, towards their dreams and desired futures with faith, confidence, and joy, as I move forward with my own.  I move in gratitude as I keep the faith every single step I’ve taken these last six years has been just as important, positive, and life changing for Sam and Mac as for me.  Thank you, Daddy. I love you, too!


I remain grateful for and connected to the trifecta of important men I co-created with who have helped move me through the pages of my life.


Social Media Links:

Website https://everythingandahappyending.com/

Twitter https://twitter.com/everythingaahe


Reviewed by: Mr. N


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