Here’s a Life Tip: Schedule a Relaxing Appointment This Week #MondayBlogs #Stress #Monday


Did you have a relaxing weekend?

MR N and I had a lovely relaxing weekend. Last week was a very stressful week for us and we knew we needed to totally relax. The Kentucky Derby was on Saturday and we celebrated by having a few cocktails with our feet up. When I mentioned what we did with a friend of mine, her response surprised me.

“How do you have time to relax?” she asked.

“We make time.” I shrugged.

“I should do that, too.”

It got me thinking, maybe people should incorporate some time in their busy schedule to relax. We all live insanely busy lives and have a million things to do. We have people clamoring for our attention and as a result, are utterly exhausted.

Read the quote and ask yourself when was the last time you scheduled some time to do nothing. Yesterday? This past weekend? Last month? Can’t remember?

It’s about time to schedule a relaxing appointment. Whip our your planner and book an appointment with yourself. Then shut off your phone and/or devices and just relax. Take your favorite beverage to a serene spot and relax.



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