Are You Creative? Fling Off Restrictions and be Creative! #inspiration #artists #affirmations

creative people

Are you a creative person?

I am the happiest when I am wearing my creative hat. The restrictions of society are flung off and I am free to be myself. When I embrace my creative side, I allow myself to play.

The quote above from Henri Matisse describes what it means to be creative. Imagine for a moment what the world would be like if everyone embraced their creative side for a few minutes a day. Imagine what an innovative society we’d become.

Many people are embracing their creative side. All you have to do is look at the popularity of adult coloring books. People from all walks of life are coloring. It’s simply wonderful.

I encourage you to embrace your inner creative side. Not only is it a good stress buster but when you are wearing your creative hat, you are free to play. Doesn’t that sound like fun?



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