Price Slashed on Thirsty for Water by @NNP_W_Light #timetravel #books #99cents

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Last weekend, we offered Thirsty for Water FREE and it was a great success! So many downloads, we couldn’t keep up with it. So, we’ve slashed the price of our super short story to 99 cents! Mr. N says I’m crazy and will probably raise the price back up to its regular price of $2.99 at any moment. So hurry and get your copy now:

If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, it’s FREE for you!

Here’s the blurb:

Juliet can’t wait to graduate from high school and finally move on with her life. Five more days and she’s free. She gazes out the window while her history teacher, Mrs. Johnson, drones on about war, famine and lack of water in Africa.

A gong rings, startling Juliet out of her daydream. She looks around to see if it was one of her classmates pulling a prank when a little boy carrying a spear appears. Is he a ghost or something more? He pleads for her help and before she can argue, she is transported to a small village in Africa. History comes alive like never before and Juliet must decide how she can help Noko and his village before it’s too late.

Thirsty for Water tells the story of Africa and the need for water in an approachable way for children of all ages. A great learning tool for teachers, parents and libraries.

Here’s an exclusive excerpt:

Juliet lifted her head and saw a little boy with a spear in his hand standing on Mrs. Johnson’s desk.  Her eyes widened as he began to speak.

“Don’t you find my country’s plight troublesome?” He spoke perfect English and he looked no more than eight years old.  His dark skin and hair contrasted with his white tunic.  He had four painted red lines across his cheeks and his spearhead glinted as he aimed it at her.

She looked around but no one seemed to notice the boy.  She turned back to him and shook her head.  “This can’t be real. I must be dreaming this. Wake up, Juliet.”

The boy sighed and climbed down from the desk.  He walked towards her.  “I am real, as real as you, Juliet.”

“How do you know my name?” She gasped and tried to pinch her arm.

“I know all about you.  My name is Noko.” He paused and reached out to touch her arm. “Why are you hurting yourself like that?”

His hand felt cool on her arm and she stopped. If he was a ghost, I wouldn’t be able to feel him.  This must be real… but how?  She reached up and touched his thumb with her index finger.  His skin was dry yet very real.


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