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Title: The Wrong Sister

Author: Kris Pearson

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Book Blurb:

Fiona Delaporte has an impossible assignment – to care for her newly widowed brother-in-law and his tiny daughter. (The newly widowed tall, dark and delicious brother-in-law she’s secretly wanted for five long, frustrating years.)


Christian Hartley would rather spend time with anyone except the tempting woman who reminds him so much of his cherished wife. But she has six weeks leave from her cruise-liner job on the other side of the world, and seems determined to do her family duty. How can craving the wrong sister feel so right?


This is a brother-in-law romance where he’s finally available and she’s definitely willing, but their mutual love for his dead wife is holding them apart. Then they’re flung into close proximity and everything gets so much harder. It’s a tender, sexy ‘second chances’ story of family relationships and long-time unrequited love.


WARNING: Contains one hot man who always gets what he wants – in bed and out.




“What the hell have you done to your hair?” he exploded as soon as she returned to the house. His hands came up as though to tangle in the thick mass that had hung past her shoulders only a couple of hours before. Then he grimaced and dropped them to his sides again.


“I wanted a change,” she said, stung by his unflattering reaction. “I wanted to not feel like a copy of Jan.”


“You’re no copy,” he muttered. “You’re the original. I always thought Jan took her lead from you.”


This was news to Fiona. Jan was older. Jan set the standards, surely? Being two years younger, Fiona had loved and admired her sister, envying her, just a little, her handsome husband, her luxurious home, and her lively daughter.


So had she reacted by forging off in her own direction? Creating a different style? Making the most of her independence and free-wheeling life? Christian seemed to think so.


He raised his hands again and clamped them down onto her shoulders. He swung her from side to side, inspecting her with savage dark eyes. She glared back at him. This wasn’t fair—she’d done it for him, and now he was making it plain he didn’t like it. She huffed out an angry breath.


“Sets off your cheekbones,” he said brusquely, and released her as though she was red hot. And in truth she was. Burning at the touch of his fingers. Melting under his eyes. Sparking along every nerve. When he was this close, she felt in danger of dissolving into a puddle at his feet.




With a huge effort, Christian stepped back. The woman was magic. Totally transformed. He’d thought Fiona beautiful before, but now she was temptation itself. Her slender neck was barely covered. His fingertips itched to touch the tiny wisps of newly sun-kissed hair that lay close to her vulnerable nape… to continue the caress out over her shoulder. To lay his lips there and taste her skin, breathe in her fragrance.


He wanted to frame her fine-boned face with his hands… emphasize her femininity with his dark masculine grip… tilt her mouth up to his for a hot passionate exploration until she breathed faster, grabbed at his arms to pull him closer, spiraled out of conscious control with him.


But she was so forbidden that even imagining such a scene was absurd.




His shoulders tensed with the effort of not touching her again. His nails bit into his palms as he clenched his hands into hard fists.


He thanked God for the loose black T-shirt hanging over his jeans. Hopefully it disguised the fact he was ramrod stiff with lust… desperate to bury himself deep in her warm slick body and slide and plunge until they both tipped over the edge into ecstatic oblivion.


His beloved wife had been dead eight days. The shame and shock of his inappropriate reaction ran through him like needles of super-sharp glass. And still his body twitched and pulsed, barely restrained.


This woman… this woman…  


A jolt of self-disgust shot through him. Maybe every time he’d made love to his wonderful Jan, Fiona had been buried somewhere deep in his subconscious, intensifying the pleasure waves?


God, how sick!


He found the strength from somewhere to step away.





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Author Biography:

Kris is a New Zealander who writes sizzling contemporary romance, pure and simple. Well, maybe not that pure! They’re sexy stories about couples who fall in love, and into bed along the way, just like real people do.


If it’s fine, she gardens. If it’s wet, she writes. And if the writing’s going well, the garden can look after itself. She’s an advertising copywriter and a decor specialist, and the author of ‘The Boat Builder’s Bed’. More than two million of the English version of this were downloaded free, and giving away a big taste of her work kick-started sales of all her other novels.


She’s written six books and a novella in the Wellington Series (set in her home city), the Heartlands series (three novels from wild Kiwi country) – and two sheikh novels – ‘Taken by the Sheikh’, and ‘Desired by the Sheikh’. There are also three books of sweet and tender short stories. Coming up: a new series called Scarlet Bay Romance – beachy reads linked by the same large family.


Four of her books have been translated into Spanish. You can click the Spanish flag on her website to learn more about these.



Social Media Links:


Twitter: @krispiewrites



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