Is Apathy Infecting You? Kindness is the Cure! #inspiration #motivation #kindness


Apathy makes my skin crawl.

I look around the world and see apathy infecting humans. Apathy is nothing more than a deadly virus like Ebola. It invades people’s souls and strips them of their kindness.

This quote by Alfred Einstein is quite profound. We have seen what apathy can do throughout history. Injustices and hatred run rampant yet people turn a blind eye.

Why is that?


Don’t let apathy get a foothold in your mind and soul! Let kindness reign!

Keep your eyes wide open and when you see someone in need of help, don’t turn away! Reach out and offer to help!

Don’t be part of the problem but part of the solution!!!



3 thoughts on “Is Apathy Infecting You? Kindness is the Cure! #inspiration #motivation #kindness

  1. Guess it depends on the cause of the apathy. Some people appear to be born without empathy or at least raised to avoid it. Others develop apathy after years of trying to help people and getting flack for it. I know there are times I get fed up with mankind after seeing too much negativity. Seems to always go back to that for some reason. Maybe apathy is growing because it’s easier to get attention for being negative than positive. The two are kind of feeding each other and we’re seeing it on a global scale thanks to social media.

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