Need a #Graduation Gift? Friday Book Round-Up’s Got You Covered #books

Friday Book Round Up


Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Book Round Up! Today, I reviewed a superb book perfect for a graduate and it got me thinking of all the graduations coming up. Finding an inspiring gift is always difficult so here is a list of five great books for the graduate:

Seuss-isms! A Guide to Life for Those Just Starting Out…and Those Already on Their Way by Dr. Seuss

A New York Times bestseller!


The one and only Dr. Seuss dispenses invaluable advice about life in this collection of his most memorable quotes. Featuring over sixty pages of cherished Seuss art and quotes from such classics as The Cat in the Hat, Horton Hatches the Egg, Green Eggs and Ham, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, and many more, this humorous and inspiring collection is, indeed, a perfect gift for those just starting out . . . or those who are already on their way!


Stuff Every Graduate Should Know: A Handbook for the Real World by Alyssa Favreau

Everything you need to take on—or take over!—the real world

Just because you’ve got a diploma in hand doesn’t mean you know everything! This ultimate pocket-sized guide for life after school is filled with information for every step of the road to adulthood, including:


  • How to Find Your First Apartment
  • How to Write the Perfect Résumé
  • How to Survive Living with Your Parents
  • How to Make (and Stick to!) a Budget


Plus tips for staying in shape, building a professional wardrobe, throwing a real dinner party, and everything else a newly minted grown-up needs to know.


Partial TOC:

Personal Stuff:

How to Build a Grown-Up Wardrobe

How to Take Care of Yourself When You’re Sick

How to Stay in Shape

Medical Care

How to Handle Depression

Living Stuff:

Apartment Hunting

How to Coexist with Roommates

How to Deal with Living with Your Parents

How to Make a Meal Plan and Grocery Shop

How to Clean House

Job and Money Stuff:

How to Write a Résumé

How to Nail an Interview

How to Understand Your Paycheck

How to Make (and Stick to) a Basic Budget

How to Buy a Car

Social Stuff:

How to Make New Friends

How to Host a Dinner Party

How to Ask Someone Out

How to Break Up with Someone

How to Attend a Wedding


The Universe-ity: A Spiritual Education using the Law of Attraction by Michael Samuels

The Universe-ity: A Spiritual Education Using the Law of Attraction is a new curriculum on life. This guidebook challenges the widely conceived notion that in order to be successful, we must have a standard education.


Having received a formal education, Samuels knows what it’s like to conform to society’s standards and complete over two decades worth of schooling. But with two bachelors’ degrees and a master’s degree to his name, the author can’t help but wonder if education helps us live a happy, successful life.


In “The Universe-ity,” Samuels examines whether or not years of formal education actually teach society how to become successful. The author, who has created his own successful business as well as published his own book, explains how you do not have to have years of education to live a prosperous, fulfilling life.


“The curriculum I’ve included in ‘The Universe-ity’ teaches you about you,” says Samuels. “This is a new education system to learn from in order to live a better, more thriving life.”


Samuels believes the ideas, beliefs and strategies discussed in “The Universe-ity” will appeal to anyone looking for something more out of their life. He hopes that his words will help everyone, from business people wanting to improve their careers to mothers looking to reinvent themselves to high school students confused about what to do after graduation.


The Universe-ity is a stunning new concept in education. Class is officially in session.


I Just Graduated … Now What?: Honest Answers from Those Who Have Been There by Katherine Schwarzenegger

The new go-to book of advice for graduates, with insightful advice from:


Eva Longoria

“Your degree is just a stepping-stone.”


John Legend

“It’s not wrong to be afraid.”


Bear Grylls

“The path less traveled always makes for a more interesting journey.”


Andy Cohen

“When I got my first job, I felt like a success.”


Lauren Bush Lauren

“It may take three or four jobs to discover your true career path.”


Blake Mycoski

“When you are good at something, the money always follows.”


And many more . . .


Graduation is a time of tough questions whose answers we don’t—and sometimes can’t—know the day we receive our diploma. Determined to power through the uncertainty of post-gradua­tion, bestselling author Katherine Schwarzenegger embarked on a yearlong quest to gather the best guid­ance possible from more than thirty highly success­ful people working in fields like business, media, fashion, technology, sports, and philanthropy.


Along the way, Katherine uncovered the essential and often surprising advice they have for graduates, including answers to questions like:


  • How do I find my first job in a tough economy?
  • How do I decide between a career that pays well and one that I’m passionate about?
  • How do I balance work with friends, relationships, and family?
  • Should I take a “gap year” before starting my first job?
  • What should I do about my student loan debt?


Drawing on the stories and real-life experi­ences of contributors such as Anderson Cooper, Eva Longoria, Blake Mycoskie of TOMS shoes, Lauren Bush Lauren, Andy Cohen, Meghan McCain, Gayle King, and more, Katherine has written the must-have guide for recent and soon-to-be gradu­ates as they prepare to seek success and fulfillment in their work, relationships, and lives.


Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School?: 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By by Cary Siegel

Bestselling 5 Star Graduation Gift for both College and High School grads! Why do high schools and colleges require students to take courses in English, math and science, yet have absolutely no requirements for students to learn about personal money management? Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School? 99 Personal Money Management Lessons to Live By was initially developed by the author to pass on to his five children as they entered adulthood. As it developed, the author realized that personal money management skills were rarely taught in high schools, colleges and even in MBA programs. Unfortunately, books on the subject tend to be complicated, lengthy reads. The book includes eight important lessons focusing on 99 principles that will quickly and memorably enhance any individual’s money management acumen. Unlike many of the personal money management books out there, this book is a quick, easily digested read that focuses more on the qualitative side than the quantitative side of personal money management. The principles are not from a text book. Rather, they are practical principles learned by the author as he navigated through his financial life. Many are unorthodox in order to be memorable and provoke deeper thought by the reader. Not only an excellent graduation gift for high school and college students but also a great read for any adult! ALSO AVAILABLE IN SPANISH – “POR QUE NO ME ENSENARON ESTO EN LA ESCUELA?”


What book would you recommend for a graduate? Share in the comments below.


Happy Reading!


MRS N, Book Addict


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