I Challenge You to Complain-Free Day! #inspiration #affirmations #ThankfulThursday


Life gets complicated and before we can stop ourselves, we start complaining.

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks how easy it is for me to complain. The weather, my to-do list, writer’s block, cars in my way, book sales, etc. all send complaints spewing from my mouth. Just this morning, I went down to my building’s laundry room and some lady with a screaming toddler had taken all six of the washing machines. I caught myself complaining under my breath.

Do you find yourself doing the same?

Well, it stops today! I am going to go the next 24 hours without complaining. It will be hard to do and I’ll have to be more conscious of my thoughts and actions. Why bother doing it then? I saw this graphic and I want my outlook to change. I’m a positive person and I don’t like feeling negative.

Wanna help?

I challenge you to do the same! Take the next 24 hours and try with all your might to not complain once. Sure, we’ll slip up once or twice but making a conscious effort will make a difference (or so I’m told). LOL!

If you want to take up the challenge, please comment below. 🙂 Challenge your friends, family and co-workers! Maybe we could start a conplain-free zone. 🙂

MRS N, Former Complainer


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