Laughing is the Sensation of Feeling Good All Over #inspiration #laughter #affirmations


When was the last time you made someone laugh?

I love to laugh! It’s one of those natural cures that really works for me! No matter what’s going on, when I laugh, all the stress/pain/hurt flees.

Yesterday, I challenged myself (and others) to go 24 hours without complaining. At first, it was difficult. I was faced with situation after situation that tried my patience. I had to mentally stop myself from complaining.

One thing that helped me was to laugh. I started laughing and my body responded by releasing happy endorphins. Was I crazy for laughing out loud at nothing? Maybe but it worked. 😉

This same methodology works for others. Make someone laugh. Tell a joke. Share a funny story. Watch a funny show/movie.

When you make someone laugh, you are not only helping them but yourself too. Laughter is infectious. So go ahead and make someone laugh! 🙂

😀 MRS N 😀


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