Feeling Frazzled? Take Time to Relax and Meditate #inspiration #longweekend #meditation




Has your life suddenly become chaotic and you’re wound up tighter than a coil? 

Last week was completely draining for me.  There was so much going on and I was being pulled in a million different directions.

Friday, my nerves were frazzled and felt so out of control.  I got a lot done on Friday and by the time MR N came home from work, I was feeling pretty good. It was the start of a long weekend and dinner was fabulous. But then, our toilet handle broke. We were having people over (read my mother-in-law) Saturday morning and we needed to have a working toilet. Calling the Super was out of the question since it was a long weekend; they wouldn’t fix it until Wednesday. What to do? What to do?

My nerves fizzled out and all I wanted to do was to curl up in a ball and cry. I knew I needed to meditate, to center myself. While I did that,  MR N got on Google and found a solution. He came up with a brilliant plan (wake up early and head to Walmart) and we went to sleep Friday night. We got the part from Walmart in the morning and it took seconds to fix it. Now, we have a toilet that works better than before.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and centering ourselves. It was exactly what we needed.

When life gets to you, how do you handle it?  Do you exercise, drink, cook, watch television, listen to music?

Sitting out on our solarium is a form of meditation.  I sit out there and put my feet up.  I look out at the trees and watch the trains go by.  I breathe in and out.  I empty my mind of all the thoughts that are swirling around like a hurricane.

According to the Dictionary, Meditate: to spend time in quiet thought for religious purposes or relaxation.

Every religion and spiritual practice incorporates meditation.  Even if you do not believe in any religion, deep breathing exercises are healthy for your body.

The next time you are dealing with a crazy day, take a few moments and meditate.  There is no right or wrong way.  Your spirit/soul will be refreshed and you will be ready to take on another day!

What do you do to relax? Share with us in the comments below.



One thought on “Feeling Frazzled? Take Time to Relax and Meditate #inspiration #longweekend #meditation

  1. I used to meditate regularly and life seemed to go smoother when I did. Then I got ‘too busy’ and gradually stopped. The first of May I chose to begin again & have been spending the first 30-45 minutes every morning with meditation, followed by gratitude journaling. Just finished. I’m glad to see your post here!
    Have a wonderful day!

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