Navy Blues by @JulieBCosgrove is Heart-Warming! #Romance #ChristianRomance #books

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Title:  Navy Blues

Author:  Julie B Cosgrove

Genre:  Christian Romance Novella


Book Blurb:

Naval Doctor Ryan Mackenzie knows how to treat heartburn, but when a heart-broken woman sits next to him in a plane, he’s not sure how he can help her. But something inside his heart tells him he must, whether it means reconciling her and her ex-fiancé or not.



I shot the Navy officer a semi-warm grin. “That was nice of you to trade seats so he could sit with his family, um, Lieutenant, is it?”


“Actually, it’s Doctor.”


My mouth formed a small “O.”


He whispered in my direction. “And it was a purely selfish act. Why would I want to sit next to his kid while she blubbered the whole trip?”


My tongue readied to spill my thoughts about his brash remark, until I saw his wink. Instead, I inched my lips to the right in a fake chuckle. “Very funny.”


“I had you. Admit it.” Those crystal blue pools twinkled with mirth. He extended his hand. “Name’s Ryan MacKenzie. Lieutenant in the Navy, for another 48 hours or so.”


I kept mine in my lap and nodded. “Emma West. My friends call me Em.”


“M? For mystery woman?” The sides of his mouth curled upward. His attention briefly focused on my left hand. It was bare, though it had yet to feel that way to me.


“Hardly.” The words croaked from my throat. I placed my right hand on top and blinked the tears back into my eyes. The white mark around my ring finger where the sun had not hit for four years screamed my plight—rejected for another, not good enough.


I closed my eyes and shut out the cabin noises. The horrid scene, which caused my decision to board this flight, replayed in my mind. I’d tossed the two carat, blue-diamond solitaire— courtesy of my father’s checkbook so his daughter would wear a decent stone—at Trey’s head as it lay tousled on the bed pillows next to another’s, obviously not mine.


He broke the silence. “You okay? Your face seems rather blue.”


Had I put on navy liner and mascara that day? Did it streak down my face? I wiped my finger across my under-eye skin then peered at it. No, not very smudged.


He chuckled. “I meant blue as in down. You know, perturbed. If I offended you.”


I returned my gaze to the wisp of clouds. The sun’s rays infused them with gold. The delicate celestial waves shimmered like a pearl-seed edged lace veil, one I’d never wear now. “It’s not you. I just hated to leave, that’s all.” I turned to him with a forced smile. “But, Spring Break’s over. Back to the grind.”


“Are you, uh, in school?” His eyes narrowed inside his scrunched eyebrows.


“Is that so hard to believe?”


He coughed into his fist. “Well, I mean people go back all the time, I…”


His stumble-stepping over his words brought a chuckle to my lips, though a small one. “I teach at the community college.” With a tilt of my head, I parroted his previous jab. “Admit it. I got you.”


His facial muscles relaxed. “Touché.”


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Author Biography:

Freelance writer, award-winning author and professional speaker Julie B. Cosgrove leads retreats, workshops, and Bible studies. She writes regularly for Light from the Word, Faith-filled Family Magazine, Thoughts About God,, Good News Daily and The Journey. Julie has published three Bible studies, a devotional, two inspirational guides, and has nine faith-based fiction novels published or contracted to be published by 2017, including a new cozy mysteries series, The Bunco Biddies Mysteries. All can be previewed on her website.

Awarded one of the 50 Writers You Should Be Reading by the Author’s Show in 2015, and Best Religious Fiction by Texas Ass’n of Authors in 2016, Julie is a member of Texas Association of Authors, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Toastmasters International.

Julie is widowed and lives in Fort Worth, Texas where she is a church secretary, involved in mission funding, women’s ministries, and servant to two house cats. She is mystery aficionado—especially British ones—and loves word games.


Visit her blog: Where Did You Find God Today?



Amazon:  Julie B Cosgrove

Twitter: @JulieBCosgrove



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