Take a Moment and Give Thanks to Those Who Died For Your Freedom #MemorialDay #WeRemember

memorial day

Today in America, it is Memorial Day and we’re honoring all the soldiers since the beginning of time who have fought for freedom and died!  It is because of these brave men and women that we’re free!

Take a look at that soldier above. He’s my cousin and he is a retired Marine. He served bravely and fought for our freedoms. He protected our way of life from people who wanted to destroy it. He lost fellow soldiers and I’m so grateful he returned from war safe and sound.

Many soldiers haven’t returned and I honor them today. If I could shake their hand, I would. I would tell them,

“Thank you for your bravery, sacrifice and courage! Today I dedicate to you!!!”

Fellow Americans, please don’t forget what today is all about!  It is not about beaches, pools, bbqs and big sales.  It is about saluting our soldiers who died and thanking them for their ultimate sacrifice. They are heroes.

This Memorial Day, take a moment, bow your head and give thanks to those who gave up their lives so you can enjoy your free life. 



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