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I’m so excited to have author Cadence Denton here today. She’s accomplished so much in her life and she’s one of my favorite authors. If you love gritty suspense with splashes of romance, you’ll devour her Wetwork series (like me). She took time away from her very busy life to sit down with me for an interview. So, grab your favorite beverage because you’re in for a treat. Take it away, Cadence:

What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?

As a writer, I’m most proud of my decision to self-publish. More than that, I’m pleased to overcome my fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of the unknown and achieving my goal of publishing four books in 2014. While I’ve published four books in 2015, I have two manuscripts in the editing stage and am plotting another. Fighting through my fear has definitely been my greatest accomplishment.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Definitely writing. Of course the dream is to write for a living, but if that never happens then it’s fine by me…as long as I can continue to create unique worlds and interesting characters who demand to have their stories told.

Have you always liked to write?

I’ve always been a voracious reader. I discovered Jane Austin at the age of fifteen and lost myself in books ever since. My first book was a Christmas story I wrote at age ten. I continued to dabble in creative writing and journaling throughout my teen years. Writing to a back seat to child rearing (although I continued to journal) and higher education. I began to write in earnest after my daughter left for college and have yet to slow down. Writing has become my refuge.

Are you a plotter or a pantster?

I’m a hybrid. I start out plotting every scene down to dialog. I write the beginning and the ending and leave the middle a fuzzy blur. After all the detailed plotting, when I sit down to actually write, I find the characters will often hijack the story. My series, WetWork, is the first that I’ve completely pantsed. While exhilarating, I’ve found myself scared spitless.

What is your next project?

I’m working on the edits for Heart of Fire, book three in the Immortal Firewalkers, and edits for book one in another new series.

Do you write naked?

No. PJ’s are best for creativity.

Do you drink? Smoke?

I appreciate a good chardonnay and am not opposed to a crisp sauvignon blanc…especially if it’s Nobilo. I gave up smoking twenty years ago. It was the best thing I ever did for my health, the hardest, too.

Where is the one place you want to visit that you haven’t been before?

I’d love to see the Rockies. So, Colorado. Definitely, I’d love to visit Colorado. I’m a daughter of the Deep South and used to living at just above sea level. I’d like to see American mountains.

What secret talents do you have?

Photography. For the day job, I take photos of models and clothing for advertisement and social media. I love finding unusual and unexpected sites to take pictures. I like pictures to tell a story. (Duh. I’m a writer) We have a deserted jailhouse in my small town. I’m working on scheduling a photo shoot in one of the jail cells featuring models in evening gowns.

Do you have any scars?

My left shoulder was shredded in a car accident. It left me with a wicked set of scars.


The Place Where Danger Meets Desire…

Enter a shadow world of espionage and counter espionage. Where killing is a career path that pays according to your level of expertise, where you are only as good as your last hit.

Enter a world where competition is fierce and growing eyes in the back of your head is a requirement, where you could be the shooter one day and the target the next.

Enter a world where this moment, this breath could be your last.

WetWork is a gritty, action-packed romantic serial (25k). Filled with pulsing passion and heart pounding intrigue, it is the first episode in this hot, new series by author Cadence Denton. Each installment ends in a cliffhanger.


WetWork, Dark Man Case Files, Episode 1

WetWork WEB 12112014 

Someone is killing Department hunters one-by-one. Dark Man, the Department’s best hitman, is determined to find the assassin and take him out.
The Archangel is known throughout the globe for her body count. Now her employers, the Chernyy Group, Russia’s super-secret counter intelligence agency, have aimed her at its rival, the Department…and DM.
When DM captures the illusive Angel, sparks fly and passions explode.
When she asks his name, he replies, “I’m your future.”
But is he her future lover or executioner?
He has questions. She has the answers. He knows what he should do, but why not do what he wants—seduce her and get the answers that way?



The soft cough of Gamer’s gun as he double-tapped the target finalizing the contract, an octogenarian with a paunch and bald head, brought DM out of his stupor.

“Did you catch my shadow?” Gamer’s voice sounded in his ear.

DM’s gaze tangled with the woman’s. He watched a single dark eyebrow lift in question and scowled in response. He was torn, and furious that he found himself torn. He shouldn’t feel conflicted. Hell, he should turn her ass over to the Medic, whoever the fuck she was.

“Dark Man—?” Gamer hissed.

“Dark Man?” she gasped.

His scowl deepened. DM’s exploits had become an urban legend in the small world of assassins and hitmen. Hell, they’d been embellished to the point you’d think he could frickin’ sprout wings and fly while shooting laser beams from his eyes.

She attempted to slide from his loosened grip. Automatically, he tightened it, crushing her to him. She exhaled, then went slack as though saying, Do what you want.

“Dark Man—?”

DM’s jaw flexed once, twice.

“No,” he answered, eyeing her. “Your shadow got away.” He inexplicably loosed his grip, freeing the woman and stepped back. He was setting her free. Why?

She reached up on her tip toes and pressed her lips to DM’s, running her tongue lightly over his bottom lip. Then she stepped back and disappeared into the night.


“I just don’t get it,” Gamer said for the thousandth time running a gloved hand over his close cropped head.

DM clenched his teeth and breathed heavily through his nose. Breathed—not sighed. He did nothing so limp wristed as “sigh”. He hit the door when the security light turned green, lengthening his stride to fit his six foot six inch frame hoping to leave Gamer and his questions behind.

Gamer’s stride wasn’t far off DM’s still he quickened his pace to keep up with the bigger man, his rubber soled boots squeaking on the polished tile floor. DM’s heavier boots thundered out a steady military-smart rhythm.

“You say you had the tracker in your sights…and he got away?” Gamer asked in that incredulous tone that had DM grinding his teeth in frustration.

DM picked up the pace, his black ankle-length duster flapping behind him like the cape of the super-hero he was supposed to be. More like anti-hero he thought darkly.

“I didn’t let him get away,” he growled. Better to let Gamer think the person tailing him was male. Much better.

“See…that’s where it doesn’t make sense,” Gamer insisted. “My shadow escaped untouched and unharmed…from you.”

“Dammit, Gamer, you act like I’m fuckin’ Wolverine.”

“But you never miss a target.”

DM stopped so suddenly the skirts of his coat circled his calves. Gamer continued a couple steps further before stopping. He turned to face the big man his expression expectant.

“Listen,” DM growled, “I don’t know what you want from me. I guess I zigged when I shoulda’ mother fuckin’ zagged and the son of a bitch got away.” His big hands curled into sledge hammer-sized fists.

Gamer lifted his hands, palm side out. “Fine…okay…sorry.”

DM exhaled again and no, it sure as hell wasn’t a sigh, before continuing down the hallway with Gamer trailing him.

“Still…you have to admit that isn’t like you, DM.”

“I’m not fuckin’ Superman, dude,” DM growled and paced off leaving Gamer at the desk to sign in his equipment.

DM’s scowl was aimed squarely at himself. How the fuck did he think he’d possibly convince the Chief that Gamer’s shadow had the chops to escape him when he couldn’t even convince Gamer? This had to be the first time his legendary reputation worked against him. Another deep breath. Why? Why had he let her go?


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Author Biography:

I’m an odd mixture of one part dreamer, one part realist, and two parts stubborn—which can be a positive thing if you’re a writer. Not content to write in just one genre, I write dark paranormal romance, time travel, light science fiction, romantic comedy, and gritty romantic thrillers. Told you I was stubborn (that and a little crazy!). Besides, doing the same thing day after day can become boring and we can do with a little less boring, right?

Visit my website for more information on all my series and upcoming projects. You may not find everything to your liking but you won’t be bored.

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