Gratitude for Everything Attracts What You Desire #inspiration #affirmations #grateful



What are you grateful/appreciative for?

This morning, I woke up feeling grateful. We had a health scare last night and my worst fear consumed me. MR N hit his head hard on the sharp corner of a kitchen cabinet door. He clutched his head and screamed in pain. I helped him to sit down and tried to ascertain the injury. I was instantly concerned because he has had a concussion or two in his past.

Is this another concussion? What if I lost him? I love him too much to be without him! Please help, God!!!!

Dangerous thoughts warred with fierce prayers. I poured all my Light and Love into MR N. I did everything I could to help him including taking care of him last night, ignoring the panic inside my heart.

This morning MR N woke up with a slight headache but feeling better. He assured me he was fine and went off to work.

I am filled with gratitude for so many things but the number one thing is that my beloved MR N is okay. He’s still with me, alive and cracking jokes. 🙂 He’s the most important thing to me and my love for him grows each and every day.

Again I ask, what are you grateful for? What people matter in your life? 

Appreciate them and thank them for being a part of your life. Appreciate the things in your life. It’s the act of gratitude that propels more things you desire into your life. An important lesson that each of us needs to remember.

I’m grateful for MR N and for each of you! Thank you for being a part of our online family!

Spread Light and Love,



6 thoughts on “Gratitude for Everything Attracts What You Desire #inspiration #affirmations #grateful

  1. I’m ot writing this to scare you, Mrs. N. It’s just that I’ve been there before. About 10 years ago, Ihad something similar happen to me. Hit my head hard. I went to the ER, who examined me, took CAT scans — the whole ball of wax. They told me there was no damage. Unfortunately, the CAT scans didn’t pick up the slow bleed in my brain, triggered by the impact. Six weeks later, I collapsed and had to have emergency surgery to remove the blood clot on my brain. I was extremely lucky — if I had waited another 24 hours, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. PLEASE, give it a few days, then arrange for a CAT scan.

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  2. So glad Mr. N is okay. There’s nothing worse than when your loved ones are injured. Did he need stitches? Head wounds bleed so much, it’s scary.
    I’m grateful every day DH makes it home safe from work, and my diabetic grandson has no highs or lows to endanger his life.

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    1. Thanks Jacquie! Thank goodness, no blood. I would’ve freaked out for sure. lol! He’s got a bit of whiplash and his head hurts. Time will heal. Of course, he jokes it’s proof he’s got a hard head.

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