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Royal Wedding Cake


Title: The Royals of Monterra: Royal Wedding Cake (Kindle Worlds)

Author: Carolyn Rae

Genre: Romantic Suspense



Reporter Danielle Dawson is excited to cover the wedding of Monterra’s Prince Dominic II and his bride Kat MacTaggart. She enjoys meeting the royal family and especially his handsome cousin, Prince Armando Fiorelli. However, after a bomb derails the reception and two of the princesses are kidnapped, she helps Armando find them, but will the dashing Armando ever consider settling for one woman?



I should have been focused on the four-foot wedding cake, dotted with silver pearls and decorated with pink roses and a pale blue bow. But what caught my eye was the man carrying it. With muscled arms and broad shoulders molding his suit, he was the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen. His brown eyes and the hint of a smile on his tanned face intrigued me. And then he winked. At me.


If only I could take my eyes off him long enough to describe the cake and Monterra for readers back in Texas, I might be able to impart the essence of this delightful country nestled in the Italian Alps.


Later, inside the reception room, in a building separate from the palace, sparkling crystal disks hung from huge chandeliers. Floor to ceiling mirrors reflected their images, setting the room ablaze with light. If I could capture the grandeur of this reception, my article and pictures might even make the front page, or at least that of the Living Section. “Shawn, get several pictures of Prince Dominic and his bride in the receiving line, and take a few of the cake.”


“Got it, Danielle”, said my lean photographer as he adjusted his glasses.


The sound of a music box playing a familiar merry-go-round tune came from a rainbow-hued ball rolling between my feet. A small, dark-haired girl in a purple dress chased it. I bent down to catch it for her, and she bumped into me.


Stepping back I tripped over the very ball I had tried to retrieve – teetering, I blinked and came face to face with the ginormous cake.


“Oh, no, she’ll knock the cake over!” a woman shrieked.


I reached out to grasp hold of the table, but my face struck the side of the cake and soft frosting touched my flushed face. The sticky confection plastered strands of hair to my cheek. A gob of frosting landed on my tongue.


The ball, still tinkling, rolled beneath the low-hanging tablecloth.


Strong arms lifted me upright. I let out the breath I’d been holding and looked into the warm brown eyes of that same gorgeous man. Elegantly clad in a tuxedo and bow tie, he looked about thirty.


“So sorry, señorita, I meant to catch you before you fell.” His mellow voice flowed over me like butterscotch syrup onto ice cream.


My heart fluttered. Almost afraid to look, I gazed into dark eyes sporting an amused look. A dab of frosting slid down toward the hollow of my neck, leaving a sticky trail. I reached to wipe it off, but his hand was quicker.


He swiped it clean with a finger, his touch electrifying me as he licked frosting from his finger. “Its sweetness dims in comparison to the nectar of your skin.” His mouth looked so luscious I wanted to kiss the smidgeon of frosting sticking to his sensuous lips.


Then he smiled. He had high cheekbones and dimples. His dark, curly hair made me want to run my fingers through it.


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Author Biography:

Carolyn Rae follows her passion, writing romantic suspense where bullets are flying, people are dying, and lovers are resisting attraction until they can escape the danger following them.


As a teenager, Carolyn Rae told stories to kids she babysat. On a long road trip, she entertained her younger sister with stories she made up. Later she worked as a researcher for a mincemeat company and met her neighbors by bringing samples of mincemeat pies.


She taught home economics, family living, and English in Michigan, Illinois, and Texas. In Texas she taught and supervised ironwork, painting, and carpentry inmates at a federal prison, where she wrote and directed videos on nutrition and fair fighting for couples. She also worked as a paralegal in Dallas and Fort Worth.


Carolyn Rae is the author of Romancing the Gold, a romantic suspense novel and has a Witness Protection Series trilogy, Hiding from Love, Protected by Love, and Tempted by Love. Her latest e-book is Royal Wedding Cake, set in the fictitious world of the Royals of Monterra. She is also an author of There IS Life After Lettuce, a cookbook for heart patients and diabetics. She enjoys tasty dishes in restaurants and then goes home to make lighter versions. Her profile and travel articles have appeared in the The Dallas Morning News and other newspapers and magazines.


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