#ThrowbackThursday: STOP! Step Away From the Computer! #writers #authors #IARTG #tbt

This reblog is especially for all writers, authors and bloggers. I wrote this over two years ago and the message still applies today.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about people replying to reviews and as an author/reviewer I feel I need to send this message:


I beg you, please stop the insanity!

(Read on…)

Book Reviewers

Hey everyone!  I thought I would touch on a very sensitive topic to most writers and authors… book reviews.  GASP  I know I know, it’s a taboo topic but I feel this needs to be addressed.

As most of you know, I love Twitter.  I am on it for most of the day and I use it for work as well as leisure.  Anyway, I have noticed lately more and more authors are tweeting to book reviewers.  It’s not a simple, “Hey thanks for the book review”.  It’s more like, “why did you give me a bad book review” or “why are you ruining my life” or “you suck”.

As an author of an upcoming book, I can sympathize with authors who attack reviewers for a bad review.  I mean, I get the gut-wrenching pain that comes with a bad review.  But the reality is, bad reviews happen.  I hate to burst your bubble but not everyone is going to love your book.  In fact, some will loathe it.

How do you deal with a bad review?

Take a look at the quote above and visualize it.  Now take a snapshot of it in your mind and think of that every time you see a bad review.

Here’s another way to deal with a bad review: go onto Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Goodreads and look up your favorite book.  Now read through the reviews.  You will find some people love it like you do and some will hate it.  It’s called subjectivity and it’s a reality in the publishing industry.

Whatever it takes to gain some perspective, do it!  Having a bad review will not change how fabulous your book is.  In fact, the more people rip your book, the more intriguing it is for a reader to read it.  Controversy has always ruled the top of the bestseller charts!

Do NOT under any circumstances respond and/or retaliate against a book reviewer or a bad book review!!!  Not only is it unprofessional, it is simply in poor taste.  Be the better person and ignore it.:-)

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Keep smiling!

MRS N, the Author


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