We Need to Stop the Hate! #Inspiration #MondayBlogs #LoveisLove



My soul hurts.

I woke up Sunday morning to violence and hatred bleeding from my television. The place: Orlando, Florida. The death toll: 50 and numerous injured. The cause: radical terrorism. One man, in the name of a terrorist group walked into a nightclub and killed as many as he could. His reasoning? Hate.

My spirit weeps.

Each person who died was special. They were someone’s son, father, brother, uncle, friend, lover. It doesn’t matter to me that they were gay. They’re human beings, just like you and me. They cry when they’re sad. They laugh when they’re happy. They dance when music is played. They love. They spread the Light.

My voice will not be silent anymore!

The hatred and violence needs to end. Blah, blah, blah, gun rights. You show me one reason why a person needs an assault rifle in this world. You don’t need it to hunt. You don’t need an assault rifle to protect yourself and your family from a criminal.

Assault weapons are banned in the UK and Canada. They should be banned in the US.

We are all created equal, no matter what race, creed, sex or sexual orientation. We are all human beings. Stop with the hate and outstretch a hand in understanding. Do not judge others; it’s not your place to judge. All evil acts will be punished, in due time.

“If you and I are having a single thought of violence or hatred against anyone in the world at this moment, we are contributing to the wounding of the world.”

Spread love and Light, not hatred and darkness.



4 thoughts on “We Need to Stop the Hate! #Inspiration #MondayBlogs #LoveisLove

  1. Yes, the world is wounded. And it is up to each and every one of us to shine our light upon this world. To see it whole and healed…for indeed, we are co-creators. For some, that will mean getting politically involved in an effort to remedy the rampant violence. For others it will mean holding prayer vigils, offering acts of kindness to others. Like you, some may choose to write and encourage the goodness and common sense to emerge from each of us. Let us all act in whatever way we can best serve this world. For I do believe it begins with every individual to transmute the negativity and fear in this world into loving kindness and acceptance.

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  2. I also wrote a blog about this today, Mrs. N…just shocking, frustrating, deeply upsetting, totally wrong, and utterly, utterly reprehensible. I do not understand it, I do not condone it, I wish the man had been swallowed by a black hole before he’d _ever_ done this…that so many bright souls went out of this world because of him disturbs me so much, it’s all I can do not to burst out in tears at any given moment.

    That said, I want to make the world a better place. So I’m standing in solidarity with my LGBT friends. I’m trying to let them know that I am with them, that I love them, that they did not deserve this, that none of us — not _one_ of us — deserved this…that love is stronger than hate, and that somehow, some way, we *will* prevail.

    Your motto is apt. We must — MUST — spread the light. Particularly now.

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  3. It’s sad, it’s upsetting, it’s a waste of lives of so many wonderful people. We need to teach people to accept “different” opinions, may this be religion, nationality, colour of skin, or sexual preferences. We’re all the same, but our different outlook in life make us special and thus unique …. that should be celebrated and not killed.

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