Are You Taking Care of Yourself? You Should! #Inspiration #MondayBlogs #Health

taking care of yourself

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For the past few weeks, MR N and I have been battling stress and fatigue. Our  summer vacation is 32 days away and we know we can make it. This past weekend, we pretty much unplugged from the world because we knew our bodies needed rest most of all. So, we listened to our bodies and rested.

Do you listen to your body?

I saw this graphic online and I thought to myself how accurate it was. So many of us chalk up our health as another thing to do on our ever-increasing list of appointments in our planner. It doesn’t quite work that way.

Being healthy is the foundation of life, not an afterthought.

I walk every day and the main reason why I walk has nothing to do with losing weight. I walk to stay healthy. My lung capacity is stronger than most women my age and I’m proud of that fact. I walk because I want to be around for a long time.

Listen to your body. Tune in and get to know your body. See what makes it hum like a beautiful machine. Take care of your body because it’s the only one you get.

Do you have any tips for staying healthy? I’d love to hear from you! Comment in the box below and together we can all be healthy.



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