Life is a Roller Coaster… #inspiration #happiness #affirmations

true happiness

Are you seeking true happiness?

Life is a roller coaster and we’re along for the ride. We climb up, fall down, do the loop de loop and screech to a stop. We never know what is coming around the corner. It’s easy to get depressed and cynical.

I’m here to tell you the key to living a happy life is to be in the moment and enjoy whatever you’re going through. It may suck or it be fantastic. Choose to be happy and the world is your oasis! 🙂

I’m basking in the present and curling my toes in the soil!

True happiness is… to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.



3 thoughts on “Life is a Roller Coaster… #inspiration #happiness #affirmations

    1. Thanks Charles, I need to keep reminding myself lately of staying in the moment and enjoying today. Feeling burned out and looking forward to my vacation in 30 days. 😀


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