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Title: Summer Lovin’ (Wounded Hearts #5)

Author: Jacquie Biggar

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance


Book Blurb:

Rebecca’s job as secretary of Cascade Elementary, the same school she attended as a child, is rewarding. She has a great group of friends, many of whom are married now. And if sometimes she wished it were her up there in that sparkling white dress…


Except, wait—she did get to wear bridal white. Granted, it was a slinky party dress and the justice of the peace was Elvis in a gold lame jacket, but still, the deed was done.


She’d tied the knot.


Mitch Taylor doesn’t do regrets. It would be a waste of energy bemoaning the mistakes he’d made in his life. The end of his promising football career taught him nothing in life was a guarantee.


Like love.


What were the chances two people from the same po-dunk town in Washington would end up together in a nightclub in Las Vegas? A few too many drinks later, a hasty ceremony performed by the king of rock ‘n’ roll, and they’d been hitched. The night that followed lived on in his dreams, but when he’d woken the next morning she was gone.


Can these two mismatched lovers find a way past their mistakes, or will they keep their lonely hearts forever guarded?


My Review:

Rebecca Sorenson loves her life in Tidal Falls and wouldn’t change anything… well, maybe one thing. On a whim in Las Vegas, she tied the knot with Mitch Taylor. She made him promise to tell no one but she never thought in her wildest dreams they’d be living in the same small town again.


Mitch Taylor is a bad boy and trouble seems to follow him around. Just when he gets his life back together, in walks the one woman who’s stolen his heart: his wife, Rebecca. His wife haunts his dreams and he’d give anything to be with her but she doesn’t give him the time of day.


When Rebecca helps a young boy named Tommy and runs into trouble, Mitch sees red. He jumps in to protect her and almost winds up getting killed by Tommy’s no-good guardian. There’s something familiar about him and when the pieces fall into place, Mitch pleads with Sheriff Jack to rescue Rebecca before it’s too late.


Another great story from the Wounded Hearts series by Jacquie Biggar. I love how Mitch is the black sheep of the Taylor family yet tugs at my heart strings. Rebecca thinks she knows what she wants but it isn’t until she’s in grave danger that she sees the truth. Tommy’s so-called uncle is a real piece of work and I hated his guts. Lol!


If you love romantic suspense with a sexy bad boy and an equally defiant heroine, please pick up this story. While I was a little disappointed by how short it was, it makes for the perfect beach read.


My Rating:  4.5 stars


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Jacquie Biggar


Author Biography:

I write Romantic Suspense w/Attitude. My heroes are tough, alpha males who know what they want. Until they get gob-smacked by heroines who are strong, contemporary women willing to show them that what they really need is love. I’ve been blessed with a long, happy marriage and enjoy writing romance novels that end with happy-ever-afters.


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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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