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MH More Than I Wished For--Winter4 BARNES AND NOBLE



Author:  Merry Holly

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Publisher:  Lan-Hop Press


Book Blurb:

In a season filled with secrets, Noelle’s got a big one—it will change their lives forever. How will Chase react to the news?


More Than I Wished For is the holiday trilogy of Noelle Barnes and Chase Clayborne.


In the first novella, Noel Noel Noel, The sparks fly when Chase takes a seat at Noelle’s table. When a playful flirt turns into love, can they survive a long distance romance?


In the second novella, A Wedding and a Promise, Noelle is jittery, as she tries to pull together a wedding in only 63 days. Chase drops the bomb. The reason he’s rushing her into a decision. His work is taking them out of the country for a year. What will she do in a place where she knows no one? What about her career at the bank? How could he ask her to leave friends and family? What if they don’t get along once they live together? At every turn, her thoughts and reasons for not marrying him out weigh the reason she should-love. She loves Chase more than life. Is she making the right decision?


In the third and final book of Chase and Noelle’s trilogy, Noelle’s Surprise, she finds married life isn’t what she thought it would be. To make matters more difficult, she’s cut off from family and friends as they settle out of the country, on a beautiful tropical island. It’s as foreign to her, a New Englander, as living on the space station. Once again she’s questioning her rash choices.


As most newlyweds do, they mapped out their lives, where they’d live, how many children they’d have and when. But life’s altering their master plan. Can they adjust and accept each other and the compromises thrown at them?



Soon she’d have to call nine-one-one if her body didn’t cool down.  For lack of anything to say, she sipped her latte and watched him over the rim of her cup.


“I can leave if I make you uncomfortable.”


How cute is that? His brow furrowed, giving her the sudden urge to trace the lines with her fingertip.


“No, I’m sorry.  I get tongue-tied sometimes.” Oh, great, why’d I have to bring my tongue into this?


Pointing to his bags, her lip tugged up at the corner. “Let me guess.  Shopping for your wife?”




Ah, he’s going to make me work for this. “A girlfriend?”


“Same answer.”


Now he had her curiosity piqued.  The purple bag was definitely from Lynn’s Lingerie Shoppe.  Noelle’s sense of humor got the better of her. “A cross-dresser?”


A deep, loud bellow had her laughing along with him.


“Now there’s an idea, but no.” A rakish grin had her heart pounding. “Would you still love me if I was?”


Love him.  Lordy, who is this guy? “Maybe.”


“Would you like to know what’s in the little purple bag?”


He shook it to entice her and it worked.  Now she needed to know what was inside. Hmmm! Methinks he’s played this game before


“Yes.” Flirting came easy with him.


“Lynn’s signature perfume for my mother.”


Oh yeah, who’s the dummy now, Noelle? He’d bought his mother a personal gift, not a toaster.  Why is this guy single? Heat cooked her cheeks.  Where was the extinguisher when you needed one?


“I don’t see any bags for you.”


“That’s because I’m an early shopper and it’s all done.”


“Cripes, that’s not fair.  I bet you even have them all wrapped?”




“Where’s the fun in that?”


Chase reached over, wiped her lip with his thumb.  A million bolts of electricity raced through every nerve ending in her body causing sparks to ignite and jump in the air.  Her nether region reached five-alarm status.


“What?” She jerked back.


“You had some froth on your lip.  It was kind of cute.” He winked.  Down girl.  The man’s only flirting.


She picked up her napkin and wiped her lip. “Is it all gone?”


“Yes.  You haven’t told me your name.  Is it a secret?” His head tilted to the side, his eyes narrowed. “Let me guess…  Peyton…no.  How about Paige? Nope, I’d say Charlie.  You look like a Charlie.”


“All wrong.  Give up?”


“Nope.  Lizzy, Loretta, Georgie?”




“Okay, I give up.”


“Noelle.  Noelle Barnes.”


“Ah, a Christmas baby?”




“Christmas day?”


“Christmas Eve.”


“A special gift.  I bet your parents were thrilled.” She’d been waiting for his next question. “Are you married?”


“No.” Grinning, she said, “I’m saving myself for Santa.” She picked up her cup and sipped, hoping he ignored her last statement.  Not able to help herself, she giggled.  This was fun.


“So… if I show up at your house tonight in a full Santa suit you’re mine?” He started humming a Christmas carol, “No-el, No-el, No-el.”


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Author Biography:

One of ten children Marian Lanouette/Merry Holly took up writing to explore new and adventurous places. While her friends traveled on planes for vacation, Marian/Merry traveled in books. With an overactive imagination she started creating her own characters and stories. Romance and mysteries are her favorite genres.


The Season of Anthologies are Marian/Merry’s brain child. The books in the series include the following; Season of Magic Holiday Box Set (2014), Season of Love (2015), Season of Surprises Holiday Box Set (2015) and Season of Thrills mystery/suspense/ thriller box set (2015). Marian plans many more books in the Season of Series.


An avid reader, she discovered her love of mysteries by reading the Daily News as a youngster. Intrigued by the real life crimes, and how the police worked and eventually solved cases, ignited her imagination beyond the ordinary. She’s working on the third book in her Jake Carrington Mystery series titled Mated for Life.


Season of Promises Holiday Box Set will be released in the fall of 2016.


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40 thoughts on “More Than I Wished For by @AuthorMarian #BookPromo + #Giveaway! #romance #MFRWAuthor

  1. Great idea to have a book devoted to Chase and Noelle! All Christmas stories of love growing between two characters making a life for each other. Yeah, “the chase” of romance is fun, but the deeper story is how the couple makes a life together. Bravo! Er, I mean, brava! 🙂


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