Ever Feel Like a Circus Sideshow? #inspiration #motivation #organization


Ever feel like you’re a circus act? Are you juggling all of the balls in the air or spinning plates, hoping that one doesn’t fall?

I sure do and this week, four of my plates came crashing down. I was oozing stress and when the plates started to crash around my head, I felt so defeated.

Why wasn’t I able to do this?

I’m organized. I have a planner and every minute of the day is scheduled.

It took my confessing all to MR N on Wednesday for me to realize what was at the heart of the matter.

I had taken on too much and the time had come to reset my priorities.

Confession: I have a big heart and I love helping people. When people come to me, it’s hard for me to say no.

I realized today that the time has come to set up some boundaries and to restore balance to my life.

How about you?

Has the time come for you to reset your priorities in your life and to restore balance to your life?

No matter what your line of work is, you need balance. It’s okay to say no if someone asks for your help. Be kind in your reply and let them know you have a lot going on right now.

Be like me and stopping those plates spinning. Close your eyes and repeat after me:

I am balancing my life. It’s okay to say no. I have peace flowing through my veins and I am at peace.

Say this to yourself when you are feeling stressed and off-balance. Peace will take over and you will be gliding across that tightrope of life.



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