Everything I Learned in Life, I Learned from a Movie #inspiration #affirmations #movies

major league II

I love Major League II and there’s a scene that really sticks with me. Rick Vaughn (Charlie Sheen) is a pitcher struggling to get out of a slump and doesn’t know what to do. He chucked his “Wild Thing” persona in an attempt to be more presentable and lost his ability to pitch effectively. Jake Thomas (Tom Beringer), the manager, knocks on his door. Jake is trying to be supportive and see how his pitcher is holding up under the pressure. The conversation goes something like this:

Jake: I’m gonna need you for a couple of innings from the bullpen.

Rick: I’m ready.

Jake: I mean it. the pitching staff is really worn thin.

Rick: What? Don’t you think I can do it? I can do it.

Jake: Listen Rick, I don’t know what’s happened to you but you’ve gotta find what makes you you and be that person.

(Jake walks out the door and Rick looks at himself in the mirror)

Rick: What a prick.

Rick’s lost his identity when he tried to become something he wasn’t. He tried to over-think baseball and for anyone who has played the game, you know that’s the worst thing you can do.

What makes you unique?

Each of you has a unique set of skills and abilities. You’re special and please don’t ever change! Find what makes you unique and hold onto it!

I learn a lot from Major League II every time I watch it. As an author and reviewer, I’ve been comparing myself to others recently. The truth of the matter is that I’m a unique reviewer and author. I’ve been blessed with the talent to tell a story and inspire others in the process. It took a baseball movie for me to see it.

Never, ever compare yourself to others! There is no one alive or dead who has the same thoughts, feelings and life experiences as you! Be unique!



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