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Coloring books are all the rage and we both love to color. But sometimes we wish there was more to it than mandalas, trains and flowers. Do you feel that way, too? 

Bernie, the mastermind behind Romance Coloring Comic Books, has the answer. Color drama and romance with his vintage/retro comics. We have the whole collection and it’s so much fun! I begged and pleaded with Bernie to appear on the blog and he agreed. In fact, he’s so generous that he created a FREE coloring page for you to download and try out for yourself. Before you do that, get to know Bernie better. Take it away, Bernie:


Romance Comic Coloring Books, how did they come about?
I grew up reading comics. My friends and I read the monster and super hero ones. My older sister read the “girly” Romance comics. When she wasn’t around I used to sneak a peek at them because there was a lot of kissing in them and girls drawn with bathing suits and short shorts. I grew up to be a graphic designer and I learned to draw by copying comics. About two years ago, my wife Cathy and I came across several boxes of very old Romance comics at a yard sale, we got them for practically nothing. One thing lead to another, Cathy is also a Graphic designer, and here we are publishing our sixth issue already.


What authors inspire you?
Well, being a comic’s guy and growing up during the Golden Age of comics in the late 50’s and ‘60’s.
I’d have to say as a writer Stan Lee. But being I am also a graphic designer, I’d have to say Jack Kirby, his partner Joe Simon, Steve Ditko, Wally Wood, Will Eisner and a dozen more artist I’m sure. These creatives turned out an amazing amount of work every month. They are responsible for the Fantastic Four, The X-Men, Hulk, Spiderman, and Daredevil. It was Jack Kirby and Joe Simon who single handily created the Romance Comic category.


What are you working on now? What is your next project?
I always like to be way ahead of myself. I think this comes from the many years of working in Ad agencies. Everything was needed yesterday. So issue #7 is almost finished and we are planning on creating Special Comic Coloring Books focusing on different genres of Romance.


Do you have any odd creative habits?
I have Sleep Apnea coupled with Insomnia. Although I use a CPAP mask, (I can’t sleep without it) there are some nights where I don’t sleep at all. So I use all this super quiet time to get into my office and work.


If you had a super power, what would it be?
Does time travel count? That would be a great super power. Just think you could pop back a decade or two and pick-up Apple shares at $11.00 and Microsoft at $17.00! Invent the Pet Rock. Invest in Brooklyn real estate before it was hip and… Wait a minute, I guess when you have a super power like that you’re really supposed to help humanity and all that stuff.
So I would go back in time, hunt down Albert Einstein as a kid and give him some popular books from 2016. First would be Quantum Physics for Dummies. Followed by The Complete Idiots Guide to Computer Basics, The Internet and Kick Boxing.
The last one because I figured he was being bullied a lot for being so smart in school. I also thought about giving him The Complete Idiots Guide to the Ukulele to help him become more popular with the girls, but I thought that it would lead to even more bullying. My last two parting gifts to him would be, one, an iPhone and I’d tell him to “Go figure it out Al.”  Two, and this gift would really freak him out, The Complete Idiots Guide to Understanding Einstein. There, I did my good deed for humanity. Now regarding the Belmont Stakes in ‘75, give me Avatar to Win, Foolish Pleasure to Place and Master Derby Show.


If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
Definitely a Turtle.  Why? Because they are the original tiny house folks. Very small Carbon foot print and a cozy shell to catch a quick 40 winks any time you want. And best of all, you’re completely mobile. So if the fish in the pond you’re living in are driving you crazy with their noisy parties, you can close up shop move on.


What is your best marketing tip?
Just keep at it. Don’t be afraid to try anything. And keep looking for advice. Search YouTube under ever category you can think of regarding selling, shameless self-promotion and marketing. There is a vast wealth of free information out there for you. Do this during your lunch break every day and you’re going to be surprised on what you’ll find out and how you can apply it.


Have you ever been in trouble with the law?
Yes. My in-laws. But who hasn’t?


What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?
Granted Romance Comic Coloring Books may not be considered literature, but they started out as an idea and then it took a organized creative process to turn the idea into reality. Just as your book starts with the creative spark of an idea you have to then take action to nurture it and grow it, even if it means several false starts or delays. View it as step-by-step process. Break your book down into manageable bits and pieces. Give yourself deadlines and stick to them. I believe that everyone is creative in some unique way, but creativity needs organization and action.


Do you write naked?
Well, I don’t really write as a conventional Author does. But if you asked me “If I ever Photo shopped naked?” I’d have to say “No, but the night is still young.”


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Romance Comic Coloring Books #6
Genre: Romance, Coloring Books, Comics


Why Color Mandalas When You Can Color Drama!

Introducing a new feature with this issue. Love Stories, featuring a reprint of the one-page love stories that were originally printed in Romance Comics. The Coloring Covers featured in our New Romance Comic Coloring Book series was originally published during the 1940’s, ‘50’s and throughout the early ‘60’s. The stories featured in these popular heartthrob newsstand magazines were almost always told from a woman’s perspective. Soap-opera like scripts involved boy-meets girl, marriage, affairs and any other tear-jerking romantic interlude you can imagine. Although the cover titles teased risqué, they consistently delivered PG. In the end, everyone lived happily ever after. Unless of course you were a “flirty, two-timing bad girl” or an insufferable “Cad.” Then you always got your comeuppance in the final few panels. Why color Mandalas when you can color drama.


A Special Treat from Romance Comic Coloring Books and N. N. Light:

Download this free coloring page and see how much fun it is to color the drama!

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About the Author:

I grew up in the late fifties and early sixties. Being a child of the space-age I was surrounded by comics. This was due in part to my older sister, Barbara, who was an avid comic reader. But she and her friends read those “Girly romance comics.” I, on the other hand, was obsessed with super heroes, monsters, horror and sci-fi comics. But when Barbara wasn’t around, I’d seek-a-peek at her “Girly books.” After all there were plenty of beautifully drawn pictures of girls in bathing suits, Tennis outfits and short-shorts for a young boy to ogle, er, I mean appreciate the impressive artwork. When I grew older I became a graphic designer and comics, or as they are called today, graphic novels took on a whole new meaning. Actually one must now appreciate the craft that went into to creating these monthly romance masterpieces. That’s why I created the Romance Comic Coloring Book series, so these long forgotten comics can be introduced to a whole new audience. We live in rural Pennsylvania with my wife Cathy who is also a graphic designer and accomplished Glass Mosaic Artist. We share our house with a crazed Bichon, a handful of Parakeets and the yard with an occasional garbage ransacking bear.


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