Are You Making Time for What Matters? #timemanagement #MondayBlogs #entrepreneur

time management

Are you making time for what matters?

Our days are filled with people and projects pulling us in all directions. Time management is more important than ever. My question above get to the crux of the issue. Work is important and deadlines need to be met.

But are you sacrificing something else in the process?

When I’m scheduling my day, I make sure to leave my evenings free. Why? This is the time I spend with MR N. Come 5:30 pm, my priority is relaxing and spending quality time with him. Not only is it healthy for my stress level but it solidifies our relationship.

Today, make a list of five ways to incorporate what matters into your schedule. It could be spending time with your significant other, children, best friend, sibling, family, etc. It could be spending quality time by yourself. No matter what it may be, make time for it.

When you make time for what matters, you create balance in your mind, body and soul.



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