Inevitable Ascension by @VK_McAllister is Original and Brilliant! #bookreview #steampunk



Title: Inevitable Ascension

Author: V. K. McAllister

Genre: Steampunk, Time-Travel, Fantasy


Book Blurb:

The innocent never waver from doing what’s right, even if it means drowning the world in fire.


Violina had been burned and betrayed by mankind ever since she had sprung into existence. They named her a heretic and condemned her to a pit to live and die in agony. Though she sat stranded, starved and bloodied, she would not submit. Violina, the girl who had been mocked and hunted for rejecting the warped ideals of artificial authority, would lay down her own law.


Inevitable Ascension — A rapid-fire action/adventure novel packed with wit, humor and a host of twists that will literally make your brain explode! Actually, not literally. Otherwise that would be really gross.


Book Trailer:


My Review:

This is my first book by this husband-wife writing team and I am supremely impressed. Not only do they write in one voice but they’ve created a fantastic futuristic world filled with vibrant characters and non-stop action.


While steampunk is not my favorite genre, McAllister gives it a new twist. The more I read Inevitable Ascension, the more I was immersed in Violina’s universe. Who knew blending steampunk and time-travel would be a roller-coaster ride for the reader?


Beyond the obvious storyline, there’s an underlying morality thread to this book that I found intriguing. Spiritual themes are woven throughout the plot and yet, as a reader, you aren’t aware of it at first. Inevitable Ascension makes you think about things, especially how interconnected the past, present and future really are.


If you’re a steampunk fan, you’re in for a rare treat with this book. If you’re a fan of escaping in a good book (and who isn’t?), you won’t regret buying this one. I highly recommend it and I hope V. K. McAllister will hurry up and write more books.


Favorite Character:

Violina. She’s one of the strongest main characters I have ever had the pleasure to read and gets bonus points from me for being female. She’s a futuristic badass who when the chips are down and she’s almost to the brink of despair, pulls herself up by her bootstraps and finds a way to get herself out of whatever situation she’s in. She’s braver than I would be in her shoes and I know she will be a role model for women around the world.


Favorite Quote:

“Can we not catch a break?!” sputtered Lux. “Another psycho wants us dead!” The number of people now on the list was getting absurd.


My Rating:  5 stars


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Author Biography:

We’re a husband/wife duo with a unique approach to writing. We work simultaneously and in secret before combining what we come up with, resulting in dramatic and unexpected twists! Crazy? Yes, yes it is, but it’s surprisingly fun and effective.


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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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