Dealing With Disappointment When You Least Expect It #inspiration #motivation


Disappointment happens to everyone, including me, and it can come when you least expect it. 

Disappointment was the theme of our vacation. The spa hotel we stayed at was a five star six months ago and it is now a one star. Everywhere we turned, disappointment ran rampant (food, room, pool, spa, staff).

Did it ruin our vacation? Were we unable to rest and relax?

No! Sure, we were disappointed and at times were feeling ill but we coined it the Twilight Zone vacation. Neither one of us had to work (or even think about work) and we spent every minute together. It was bliss.

What’s your reaction when you encounter disappointment? Do you freak out or do you roll with it?

Read the quote above and remind yourself that in order to achieve real greatness, you need to go through disappointments and failures.

Only when you have gone through the deepest valleys can you possibly relish in the astounding beauty atop the highest peak.



4 thoughts on “Dealing With Disappointment When You Least Expect It #inspiration #motivation

  1. That is SO true. When I’m mired down in the boggy valleys, I have to remind myself, that “this too, shall pass” and usually what’s on the other side was worth all the struggle. 😀 Glad you had a blissful vacation with the ones you loved. 😀

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  2. Hey, I think I’ve lived my own version of your experience! A month or so back, we went to a highly touted spa/hotel and discovered it had completely changed — and those magnificent pictures did not represent a single aspect of our experience. That said, we had a wonderful time laughing about it and deeply savoring the few little things that did go right: a location deep in the mountains where the stars blazed, absolute silence at night, incredible hiking trails (that no one else used), and a few undiscovered jewels of rooms in this enormous historic hotel. For us, it’s a connection to a strange time when we made the best of what we could and laugh about it now….easier since we wound up fleeing for home much earlier than planned!

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    1. Ha ha ha, so glad we’re not alone in our experience. It’s amazing to us how a disappointing experience can draw us closer together. We’ve coined it the Golden Earring vacation (Living in a Twilight Zone) and it’s one we won’t soon forget. One positive of the spa vacation was the bed was so comfortable and we slept really well. When we got home, we realized just how thankful we are to have a beautiful home with all the amenities. Thank you so much for commenting, Louise, and have a great week!


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